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A person with just one interest would seem rather flat and two-dimensional, não? I am an occasional programmer, translator and all-around fansub jack-of-all-trades who also edits and remixes music (especially 80s and 90s music), and has been dragged into theological matters. I have interests in anime, dance music, folk and fairy tales, and old computers and video games. I also maintain a small but growing IRC network, promote my not-yet-published The TTT Translation New Testament on a special purpose blog (ugh, I hate that word), and develop compressed and hard-disk friendly modifications of old games for the Apple ][, the first computer I used and one I still have a lot of love for.

In mid-2002, I updated the spelling of the Geneva Bible (from 1560; you can read more about it on Wikipedia), using the text of a 1587 edition with the revised New Testament from 1576 translated by Laurence Tomson. I have uploaded an HTML version of this edition as well as a text file for offline perusal. Keep in mind that these files have not been touched in ten years, apart from removing advertising from the former host.

While I generally do not translate for it, a small fansubber collective called The Moonlighters (which I started back in 2005 when I quit my first fansub group due to external politics) has become the main group subtitling the long-running anime "Detective Conan" (also called "Case Closed"). I have been more involved in other projects which the group has done. I also have begun new edits (restoration/preservation) of the series "Robotech" and "CardCaptors", putting these edited anime into high definition for possibly the first time. This is all, of course, unofficial work.

Additionaly, I did a modern-spelling update of the King James Version of the Bible, getting up to Jeremiah done before I lost my work in a hard drive failure. The New Testament has survived in a PDF, and the Minor Prophets exists in a computer printout. I may return to this project at a later date, as it does differ from current editions of the KJV in several places. Work on this, and on the Tomson New Testament, is part of what spurred me on in my own translation efforts.

Lost are a couple translations I did of folktales from Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm. I may attempt to retranslate Perrault at some time in the future as some of his tales are well-known classics (the best-known version of Cinderella, for example, is his). I made a few aborted efforts to write a new version of Cinderella; I may try again soon, as the story always struck a special chord with me.

I would be interested in supplementing my New Testament with a translation of the Old Testament. Unfortunately, it is not really in my means to produce such a translation on my own, but I would be willing to work with other translators to produce one. It would also be useful to provide a corresponding edition of the Apocrypha, and the often referenced 1 Enoch, Jubilees and the Gospel of Thomas.

A friend of mine hosts a radio show weekly on college FM station WKUF, which occasionally airs edits and remixes I created, as well as other music in the same genres.

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