Note On This Folder

About 10 years ago now, I stumbled upon a complete machine-readable copy of the Geneva Bible, based on a print edition from 1587. I copied the text to a file, which I then split into separate files because in those days of PCs at public libraries, with often 32 MB or less of RAM, it was hard to hold a file that big open in a browser or in a word processor. (It had all of the infamous marginal notes.)

Having nowhere else to stash it, I created a site on the first available freehost I could think of - Tripod. The site remained untouched, although I did keep copies of the material, and sometime later I created an edition of the New Testament in modern spelling, to make comparisons with the King James Version easier.

All that I have been able to find so far was a text file containing my text based on this edition, and a full copy of the text from the database, which I have provided here, as reacquired from the old site. The updated text is dated May 14, 2002. I will attempt to upload anything else related as I am able to locate it or redo it.

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