THE FIRST BOOKE of the Maccabees.


1 The death of Alexander the king of Macedonia. 11 Antiochus taketh the kingdome. 12 Many of the children of Israel make couenant with the Gentiles. 21 Antiochus subdueth Egypt and Ierusalem vnto his dominion. 50 Antiochus setteth vp idoles.

1 After that Alexander the Macedonian, the sonne of Philippe, went forth of the land of Chettiim, and slewe Darius King of the Persians & Medes, and reigned for him, as he had before in Grecia,

2 He tooke great warres in hand, and wanne strong holdes, and slewe the Kings of the earth.

3 So went he thorow to the endes of the world, and tooke spoyles of many nations, in so much that the world stood in awe of him: therefore his heart was puffed vp and was hawtie.

4 Now when he had gathered a mightie strong hoste,

5 And had reigned ouer regions, nations and kingdomes, they became tributaries vnto him.

6 After these things he fell sicke, and knew that he should dye.

7 Then he called for the chiefe of his seruants, which had bene brought vp with him of children, and parted his kingdome among them, while he was yet aliue.

8 So Alexander had reigned twelue yeres when he died.

9 And his seruats reigned euery one in his roume.

10 And they all caused them selues to be crowned

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after his death, and so did their children after them many yeeres, and much wickednes increased in the worlde.
11 For out of these came the wicked roote, euen Antiochus [Note: Or, Noble. ] Epiphanes, the sonne of King Antiochus, which had bene an hostage at Rome, and he reigned in the hundreth and seuen & thirtieth yere of the kingdome of the Greekes.

12 In those dayes went there out of Israel wicked men, which entised many, saying, Let vs go, and make a couenant with the heathen, that are round about vs: for since we departed from them, we haue had much sorow.

13 So this deuice pleased them well.

14 And certaine of the people were readie, and went to the King, which gaue them licence to doe after the ordinances of the heathen.

15 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq.12.Chap.6. ] Then set they vp a place of exercise at Ierusalem, according to the facions of the heathen,

16 And made themselues [Note: [a] By drawing the skinne ouer the part that was circumcised, as Cels.7.chap.25. & mesuris.] vncircumcised, & forsooke the holy Couenant, & ioyned themselues to the heathen, and were solde to do mischiefe.

17 So when Antiochus kingdome was set in order, he went about to reigne ouer Egypt, that hee might haue the dominion of two Realmes.

18 Therfore he entred into Egypt with a mightie company, with charets, and Elephants, and with horsemen, and with a great nauie,

19 And moued warre against Ptolemeus King of Egypt: but Ptolemeus was afrayd of him, & fled, and many were wounded to death.

20 Thus Antiochus wanne many strong cities in the land of Egypt, and tooke away the spoyles of the land of Egypt.

21 And after that Antiochus had smitte Egypt, he turned againe in the hundreth, fourtie and three yeere,

22 And went vp towarde Israel and Ierusalem with a mightie people,

23 And entred proudely into the Sanctuarie, & tooke away the golden altar, and the candlesticke for the light, & all the instruments thereof, and the table of the shewbread, and the powring vessels, & the bowles, and the golden basins, & the vaile, and the crownes, and the golden apparel, which was before the Temple, and brake all in pieces.

24 He tooke also the siluer and golde, and the precious iewels, & he tooke the secret treasures that he founde, and when he had taken away all, he departed into his owne land,

25 After he had murthered many men, & spoken very proudely.

26 Therefore there was a great lamentation in euery place of Israel.

27 For the Princes & the Elders mourned: the yong women, & the yong men were made feeble, and the beautie of the women was changed.

28 Euery bridegrome tooke him to mourning, and shee that sate in the marriage chamber, was in heauinesse.

29 The lande also was mooued for the inhabitants thereof: for all the house of Iacob was couered with confusion.

30 After two yeres the King sent his chiefe taxe master into the cities of Iuda, which came to Ierusalem with a great multitude.

31 Who spake peaceable wordes vnto them in deceite, and they gaue credit vnto him.

32 Then he fell suddenly vpon the citie, and smote it with a great plague, and destroyed much people of Israel.

33 And when he had spoiled the citie, he set fire on it, casting downe the houses thereof, and walles thereof on euery side.

34 The women and their children tooke they captiue, and led away the cattell.

35 Then fortified they the citie of Dauid with a great and thicke wall, and with mightie towres, and made it a strong holde for them.

36 Moreouer they set wicked people there, and vngodly persons, & fortified themselues therein.

37 And they stored it with weapons & vitailes, and gathered the spoyle of Ierusalem, and layed it vp there.

38 Thus became they a sore snare and were in ambushment for the Sanctuarie, and were wicked enemies euermore vnto Israel.

39 For they shed innocent blood on euery side of the Sanctuarie, and defiled the Sanctuarie,

40 Insomuch that the citizens of Ierusalem fled away because of them, and it became an habitation of strangers, being desolate of them whom she had borne: for her owne children did leaue her.

41 Her Sanctuarie was left waste as a wildernes: her holy dayes were turned into mourning, her Sabbaths into reproche, and her honour brought to naught.

42 As her glory had bene great, so was her dishonour, & her excellencie was turned into sorowe.

43 [Note: Iosep. Antiq. 12. Chap.6. & 7. ] Also the King wrote vnto all his kingdome, that all the people should be as one, and that euery man should leaue his lawes.

44 And all the heathen agreed to the commandement of the King.

45 Yea, many of the Israelites consented to his religion, offring vnto idoles, & defiling ye Sabbath.

46 So the King sent letters by the messengers vnto Ierusalem, and to the cities of Iuda, that they should follow the strange lawes of the countrey,

47 And that they should forbid the burnt offerings, & sacrifices, & the [Note: Or, drinke offrings. ] offrings in the Sanctuary,

48 And that they shoulde defile the Sabbaths and the feastes,

49 And pollute the Sanctuary & the holy men,

50 And to set vp altars, and groues, and chappels of idoles, and offer vp swines fleshe, and vncleane beastes,

51 And that they shoulde leaue their children vncircumcised, & defile their soules with vncleannes, and pollute themselues, that they might forget the Lawe, and change all the ordinances,

52 And that whosoeuer woulde not doe acoording to the commandement of the King, shoulde suffer death.

53 In like maner wrote he throughout all his kingdomes, and set ouerseers ouer all the people, for to compell them to do these things.

54 And he commanded the cities of Iuda to do sacrifice, citie by citie.

55 Then went many of the people vnto them by heapes, euery one that forsooke the Law, and so they committed euill in the land.

56 And they droue the Israelites into secret places, euen wheresoeuer they could flee for succour.

57 The fifteenth day of Casleu, in the hundreth and fiue and fourtieth yeere, they set vp the abomination of desolation vpon the altar, and they buylded altars throughout the cities of Iuda on euery side.

58 And before the doores of the houses, and in [Page] the streetes they burnt incense.

59 And the bookes of the Lawe, which they found, they burnt in the fire, and cut in pieces.

60 Whosoeuer had a booke of the Testament founde by him, or whosoeuer consented vnto the Lawe, the Kings commaundement was, that they should put him to death by their authoritie.

61 And they executed these things euery moneth vpon the people of Israel that were founde in their cities.

62 And in the fiue & twentieth day of the moneth, they did sacrifice vpon the altar, which was in the stead of the altar of sacrifices.

63 And according to the commandement, they put certeine women to death, which had caused their children to be circumcised,

64 And they hanged vp the children at their neckes, and they spoyled their houses, and slew the circumcisers of them.

65 Yet were there many in Israel, which were of courage, and determined in themselues, that they would not eate vncleane things,

66 But chose rather to suffer death, the to be defiled with those meates: so because they would not breake the holy couenant, they were put to death.

67 And this [Note: Or, rage. ] tyrannie was very sore vpon the people of Israel.


1 The mourning of Mattathias and his sonnes for the destination of the holy citie. 19 They refuse to doe sacrifice vnto idoles. 24 The zeale of Mattathias for the Lawe of God. 33 They are slaine and will not fight againe because of the Sabbath day. 49 Mattathias dying commandeth his sonnes to sticke by the words of God, after the example of the fathers.

1 [Note: Iosep. Antiq.12. chap.7. ] In those dayes stoode vp Mattathias the Priest, the sonne of Ioannes, the sonne of Simeon, of the sonnes of Ioarib of Ierusalem, and dwelt in Modin.

2 And hee had fiue sonnes, Ioanan called Gaddis,

3 Simon called Thassi,

4 Iudas which was called Maccabeus,

5 Eleazar called [Note: Or, Anaran. ] Abaron, & Ionathan, whose name was Apphus.

6 Nowe he sawe the blasphemies, which were committed in Iuda and Ierusalem:

7 And he sayde, Woe is me: wherefore was I borne, to see this destruction of my people, and the destruction of the holy citie, & thus to sit still? it is deliuered into the handes of the enemies,

8 And the Sanctuarie is in the hands of strangers: her Temple is as a man that hath no renoume.

9 Her glorious vessels are caried away into captiuitie: her infants are slayne in the streetes, and her yong men are fallen by the sworde of the enemies.

10 What people is it, that hath not some possession in her kingdome, or hath not gotten of her spoyles?

11 Al her glory is taken away: of a free woman, she is become an handmayde.

12 Behold, our Sanctuarie and our beautie, and honour is desolate, & the Gentiles haue defiled it.

13 What helpeth it vs then to liue any longer?

14 And Mattathias rent his clothes, he, and his sonnes, and put sackcloth vpon them, and mourned very sore.

15 Then came men from the King to the citie of Modin to compell them to forsake God, and to sacrifice.

16 So many of the Israelites consented vnto them: but Mattathias and his sonnes assembled together.

17 Then spake the Commissioners of the King, and sayd vnto Mattathias, Thou art the chiefe and an honourable man, and great in this citie, & hast many children and brethren.

18 Come thou therfore first, & fulfil the Kings commandement, as all the heathen haue done, and also the men of Iuda, and such as remaine at Ierusalem: so shalt thou & thy familie be in the Kings fauour, and thou & thy children shalbe enriched with siluer and golde, and with many rewardes.

19 Then Mattathias answered and sayde with a loude voyce, Though all nations that are vnder the Kings dominion, obey him, & fall away euery man from the religion of their fathers, and consent to his commandements,

20 Yet will I and my sonnes, and my brethren, walke in the couenant of our fathers.

21 God be merciful vnto vs, that we forsake not the Law and the ordinances.

22 We wil not hearken vnto the Kings wordes to transgresse our religion, neither on the right side, nor on the left.

23 And when hee had left off speaking these words, there came one of the Iewes, in the sight of all to sacrifice vpon the altar which was at Modin, according to the Kings commandement.

24 Nowe when Mattathias sawe it, he was so inflamed with zeale, that his raynes shooke, and his wrath was kindled according to the ordinance of the Lawe: therefore he ranne vnto him, and killed him by the altar:

25 And at the same time he slewe ye Kings commissioner, that compelled him to doe sacrifice, and destroyed the altar.

26 Thus bare hee a zeale to the Lawe of God, [Note: Nom.25.7. ] doing, as Phinees did vnto Zambri the sonne of Salom.

27 Then cryed Mattathias with a loude voyce in the citie, saying, Whosoeuer is zealous of the Law, and will stand by the couenant, let him come forth after me.

28 So he, & his sonnes fled into the moutaines, and left all that they had in the citie.

29 Then many that [Note: Or, that hand iustly and vprightly. ] sought after iustice and iudgement,

30 Went downe into the wildernesse to dwell there, both they, and their children, & their wiues, and their cattell: for the afflictions increased sore vpon them.

31 Nowe when it was tolde vnto the Kings seruants, and to the garisons, which were in Ierusalem in the citie of Dauid, that men had broken the Kings commandement, and were gone downe into the secret places in the wildernesse,

32 Then many pursued after them: and hauing ouertaken them, they camped against them, & set the battel in aray against them on the Sabbath day,

33 And sayd vnto them, Let this now be sufficient: come forth and do according to the commandement of the King, and ye shal liue.

34 But they answered, We will not goe forth, neither will we doe the Kings commandement, to defile the Sabbath day.

35 Then they gaue them the battell.

36 But the other answered them nothing, neyther cast any one stone at them, nor stopped the priuie places,

37 But sayde, We will die all in our innocencie: the heauen and earth shal testifie for vs, that ye destroy vs wrongfully.

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38 Thus they gaue them the battel vpon ye Sabbath, and slewe both men & cattell, their wiues and their children to the number of a thousand people.

39 When Mattathias and his friendes vnderstood this, they mourned for them greatly,

40 And said one to another, If we all doe as our brethren haue done, and fight not against the heathen for our liues, and for our Lawes, then shal they incontinently destroy vs out of the earth.

41 Therefore they concluded at the same time, saying, Whosoeuer shall come to make battel with vs vpon the Sabboth day, we wil fight against him, that wee die not all, as our brethren that were murthered in the secret places.

42 Then came vnto them the assembly of the Asideans, which were of the strongest men of Israel, al such as were wel minded toward the Lawe.

43 And all they that were fled for persecution, ioyned them selues vnto them, and were an helpe vnto them.

44 So they gathered a power, and smote the wicked men in their wrath, and ye vngodly in their anger: but the rest fledde vnto the heathen, and escaped.

45 Then Mattathias and his friendes went about, and destroyed the altars,

46 And circumcised the children by force that were vncircumcised, as many as they found within the coastes of Israel,

47 And they pursued after the proude men: and this acte prospered in their hands.

48 So they recouered the Lawe out of the hand of the Gentiles, and out of the hande of Kings, and gaue not place to the wicked.

49 Nowe when the time drewe neere, that Mattathias should die, he saide vnto his sonnes, Nowe is pride and persecution increased, and the time of destruction, and the wrath of indignation.

50 Nowe therefore, my sonnes, be ye zealous of the Lawe, and giue your liues for the couenant of our fathers.

51 Call to remembrance what actes our fathers did in their time: so shall yee receiue great honour and an euerlasting name.

52 [Note: Gene.22.9,10. rom.4.3. ] Was not Abraham found faithful in tentation, & it was imputed vnto him for righteousnesse?

53 [Note: Gene.41.40. ] Ioseph in the time of his trouble kept the commandement, and was made the lord of Egypt.

54 [Note: Num. 25.13. ecclus.45.23,24. ] Phinees our father, because he was zealous and feruent, obtained the couenant of the euerlasting Priesthood.

55 [Note: Iosh.1.2. ] Iesus for fulfilling the word, was made the gouernour of Israel.

56 [Note: Num.14.6,7. iosh.14.13. ] Caleb, because he bare witnesse before the Congregation, receiued the heritage of the land.

57 [Note: 2.Sam.2.4. ] Dauid, because of his mercie obtained the throne of the kingdome for euermore.

58 [Note: 2.King.2.11. ] Elias, because he was zealous and feruent in the Lawe, was taken vp euen vnto heauen.

59 [Note: Dan.3.16,17, 18,26. ] Ananias, Azarias and Misael by their faith were deliuered out of the flame.

60 [Note: Dan.6.22. ] Daniel, because of his innocencie, was deliuered from the mouth of the Lyons.

61 And thus ye may consider throughout all ages, that whosoeuer put their trust in him, shall not want strength.

62 [Note: Matt.10.26,28, 31.Isa.40.6,7,8. and 51.7,8. ] Feare not ye then the words of a sinful man: for his glory is but dongue and wormes.

63 To day is he set vp, and to morowe hee shall [Note: Iam.1.10. ecclu.14.18. ] not be found: for he is turned into his dust, and his purpose perisheth.

64 Wherefore, my sonnes, take good hearts, and shewe your selues men for the Lawes for by it shall you obtaine glory.

65 And beholde, I knowe that your brother Simon is a man of counsel: giue care vnto him alway: he shall be a father vnto you.

66 And Iudas Maccabeus hath bin mightie and strong, euen from his youth vp: let him bee your captaine, and fight you the battell for the people.

67 Thus shall yee bring vnto you all those that obserue the Lawe, and shall auenge the iniuries of your people.

68 Recompence fully the heathe, and giue your selues to the commandement of the Lawe.

69 So hee blessed them, and was layed with his fathers,

70 And died in the hundreth, fourtie and sixe yeere, and his sonnes buried him in his fathers sepulchre at Modin, and all Israel made great lamentation for him.


1 Iudas is made ruler ouer the Iewes. 11 He killeth Apollonius and Seron the Princes of Syria. 44 The confidence of Iudas toward God. 55 Iudas determineth to fight against Lysias, whom Antiochus had made captaine ouer his host.

1 Then Iudas his sonne, called Maccabeus, rose vp in his place.

2 And all his brethren helped him, and all they that held with his father, and fought with courage the battell of Israel.

3 So he gate his people great honour: he put on a breastplate as a gyant, and armed himselfe, and set the battell in array, and defended the campe with the sword.

4 In his actes he was like a Lion, and as a Lyons whelpe roaring after the pray.

5 For he pursued the wicked, and sought them out, and burnt vp those that vexed his people,

6 So that the wicked fled for feare of him, and all the workers of iniquitie were put to trouble: and saluation prospered in his hand.

7 And hee grieued diuers Kings, but Iacob reioyced by his actes, and his memoriall is blessed for euer.

8 He went also thorowe the cities of Iuda, and destroied the wicked out of them, and turned away the wrath from Israel.

9 So was hee renowmed vnto the endes of the earth, and hee assembled together those that were ready to perish.

10 But Apollonius gathered the Gentiles, & a great host out of Samaria, to fight against Israel.

11 Which when Iudas perceiued, he went forth to meete him, and smote him, and slewe him, so that many fell downe slayne, and the rest fled.

12 So Iudas tooke their spoyles, and tooke also Apollonius sworde, and fought with it all his life long.

13 Nowe when Seron a prince of the armie of Syria, heard that Iudas had gathered vnto him the Congregation, and Church of the faithfull, and went forth to the warre,

14 He sayd, I wil get me a name, and wil be glorious in the realme: for I will goe fight with Iudas, and them that are with him, which haue despised the kings commandement.

15 So he made him ready to go vp, & there went with him a mightie hoste of the vngodly to helpe him, and to be auenged of the children of Israel.
16 And when he came neere to the going vp of Bethhoron, Iudas went forth to meete him with a small companie.

17 But when they sawe the army comming against them, they sayde to Iudas, Howe are wee able, being so fewe, to fight against so great a multitude, and so strong, seeing we be so weary, and haue fasted all this day?

18 Then said Iudas, It is an easie thing for many to be shut vp in the hands of fewe, and there is no difference before the God of heauen, to deliuer by a great multitude, or by a small company.

19 For the victory of the battell standeth not in the multitude of the host, but the strength commeth from heauen.

20 They come against vs with a cruel & proud multitude, to destroy vs, and our wiues, & our children, and to robbe vs.

21 But wee doe fight for our liues, and for our Lawes,

22 And God himselfe will destroy them before our face: therefore be not ye afraide of them.

23 And when he had left off speaking, he leapt suddenly vpon them: so was Seron and his host destroyed before him.

24 And they pursued them fro the going downe of Bethhoron vnto the plaine: where there were slaine eight hundreth men of them, and the residue fled into the land of the Philistimes.

25 Then the feare and terrour of Iudas and his brethren fell vpon the nations round about,

26 So that his fame came vnto the king: for all the Gentiles could tell of the warres of Iudas.

27 But when king Antiochus heard these tidings, he was angry in his minde: wherefore he sent forth, and gathered all the power of his realme, a very strong army,

28 And opened his treasurie, and gaue his host a yeeres wages in hande, commanding them to be ready for a yeere for all occasions.

29 Neuerthelesse, when he sawe that the money of his treasures failed, and that the tributes in the countrey were small, because of the dissention, and plagues that he had brought vpon the lande, in taking away the lawes which had bene of olde time,

30 He feared least he shoulde not haue nowe at the seconde time, as the first, for the charges and gifts that he had giuen with a liberall hande afore: for in liberalitie he farre passed the other kings that were before him.

31 Wherefore he was heauie in his minde, and thought to goe into Persia, for to take tributes of the countreys, and to gather much money.

32 So he left Lysias a noble man & of the kings blood to ouersee the kings businesse, from the riuer of Euphrates vnto the borders of Egypt,

33 And to bring vp his sonne Antiochus, till he came againe.

34 Moreouer, he gaue him halfe of his host and elephants, & gaue him the charge of all things that he would haue done,

35 And concerning those which dwelt in Iuda and Ierusalem, that he should send an army against them, to destroy and roote out the power of Israel and the remnant of Ierusalem, and to put out their memoriall from that place,

36 And to set strangers for to inhabite all their quarters, and part their land among them.

37 And the king tooke the halfe of the hoste that remained, and departed from Antiochia his royall citie, in the yeere an hundreth fourtie and seuen, and passed the riuer Euphrates, and went thorowe the hie countreys.

38 Then Lysias chose Ptolemeus the sonne of Doriminus, and Nicanor, and Gorgias, mighty men, and the kings friends,

39 And sent with them fourty thousand footemen, and seuen thousand horsemen, to go into the lande of Iuda, and to destroy it, as the king commanded.

40 So they went forth with all their power, and came and pitched by [Note: Emmaus. ] Emmaus in the plaine countrey.

41 Nowe when the marchants of the countrey heard the rumour of them, they tooke very much siluer and golde, and seruantes, and came into the campe to buy the children of Israel for slaues, and the strength of Syria and of strange nations ioyned with them.

42 Nowe when Iudas and his brethren sawe that trouble increased, and that the hoste drewe neere vnto their borders, considering the kinges words, whereby he had commanded to destroy the people, and vtterly abolish them,

43 They said one to another, Let vs redresse the decay of our people, and let vs fight for our people, and for our Sanctuarie.

44 Then the Congregation were soone readie gathered to fight, and to pray, and to desire mercie and compassion.

45 As for Ierusalem, it was not inhabited, but was as a wildernesse. There went none that was borne in it, in or out at it, and the Sanctuarie was troden downe, and the strangers kept the fortresse, and it was the habitation of the heathen: and the mirth of Iacob was taken away: the pipe and the harpe ceased.

46 So they gathered them selues together, and came to Maspha before Ierusalem: for in Maspha was the place where they praied aforetime in Israel.

47 And they fasted that day, and put sackcloth vpon them, and cast ashes vpon their heads, & rent their clothes,

48 And opened the booke of the lawe, wherein the heathen sought to paynt the likenes of their idoles,

49 And brought the Priestes garments, and the first fruites, and the tithes, and set there the Nazarites, which accomplished their dayes.

50 And they cried with a loude voyce towarde heauen, saying, What shall wee doe with these? and whither shall we cary them away?

51 For thy Sanctuarie is troden downe and defiled, and thy Priestes are in heauinesse, and brought downe.

52 And beholde, the heathen are come against vs, to destroy vs: thou knowest what thinges they imagine against vs.

53 How can we stand before them, except thou helpe vs?

54 Then they blewe the trumpets, and cryed with a loude voyce.

55 And after this Iudas ordeyned captaines ouer the people, euen captaines ouer thousands, and captaines ouer hundreths, and captaines ouer fifties, and captaines ouer tenne.

56 And they commaunded them that buylded houses, or married wiues, or planted vineyardes, or were fearefull, that they shoulde returne euery one to his owne house, according [Note: Deut.20.9. iudg.7.3. ] to the Lawe.

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57 So the hoste remoued, and pitched vpon the Southside of Emmaus:

58 And Iudas sayde, Arme your selues, and be valiant men, and be ready against the morning to fight with these nations, which are gathered together against vs, to destroy vs and our Sanctuarie.

59 For it is better for vs to dye in battell, the to see the calamities of our people & of our Sactuary.

60 Neuerthelesse as the will of God is in heauen, so be it.


1 Iudas goeth against Gorgias which lyeth in wayte. 14 He putteth Gorgias and his hoste to flight. 28 Lysias inuadeth Iudea, 29 But Iudas driueth him out. 43 Iudas purifieth the Temple and dedicateth the altar.

1 [Note: Ioseph.lib.12. chap.10. ] Then tooke Gorgias fiue thousande foote men, and a thousande of the best horsemen, and departed out of the campe by night,

2 To inuade the campe of the Iewes, and to slay them suddenly: and the men of the fortresse were his guides.

3 Nowe when Iudas heard it, he remoued, and they that were valiant men to smite the Kings armie which was at Emmaus,

4 Whiles yet the armie was dispersed from the campe.

5 In the meane season came Gorgias by night into Iudas campe: and when he founde no man there, he sought them in the mountaines: for said he, They flee from vs.

6 But assoone as it was day, Iudas shewed him selfe in the fielde with three thousand men, which had neither harnesse nor swordes to their mindes.

7 And they saw that the armies of the heathen were strong and well armed, and their horsemen about them, & that these were expert men of warre.

8 Then said Iudas to the men that were with him, Feare ye not their multitude, neither be afraid of their assault.

9 Remember, howe our fathers were deliuered [Note: Exod.14 9, 29. ] in the redde Sea, when Pharao pursued them with an armie.

10 Therefore nowe let vs crie vnto heauen, and the Lorde wil haue mercie vpon vs, and remember the couenant of our fathers, and will destroy this hoste before our face this day:

11 So shall all the heathen knowe, that there is one, which deliuereth and saueth Israel.

12 Then the strangers lift vp their eyes, & sawe them comming against them,

13 And they went out of their tentes into the battell, and they that were with Iudas, blewe the trumpets.

14 So they ioyned together, and the heathen were discomfited and fled by the plaine.

15 But the hinmost of them fel by the sword, & they pursued the vnto [Note: Or, Assaremoth. ] Gazeron, & into ye plaines of Idumea, & of Azotus, & of Iamnia, so that there were slaine of them about three thousande men.

16 So Iudas turned againe with his hoste from pursuing them,

17 And saide vnto the people, Be not greedy of the spoyles: for there is a battell before vs.

18 And Gorgias and the armie is here by vs in the mountaine: but stand ye now fast against your enemies, and ouercome them: then may ye safely take the spoyles.

19 As Iudas was speaking these words, there appeared one part which looked from ye mountaines.

20 But when Gorgias sawe that his were fled, & that Iudas souldiers burnt the tents: (for the smoke that was seene, declared what was done.)

21 When they saw these things, they were sore afraid, & when they saw also that Iudas & his hoste were in the field ready to set themselues in aray,

22 They fled euery one into the lande of strangers.

23 So Iudas turned againe to spoyle the tentes, where he gate much golde and siluer, and precious stones, and purple of the sea, and great riches.

24 Thus they went home, & sung psalmes, and praysed toward the heauen: for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer.

25 And so Israel had great victory in that day.

26 Nowe all the strangers that escaped, came, and tolde Lysias all the things that were done.

27 Who when he heard these thinges, was sore afraid, & discouraged, because such things came not vpon Israel as he would, neither such things as the King had commanded him, came to passe.

28 Therefore the next yere following, gathered Lysias three score thousande chosen foote men, and fiue thousand horsemen to fight against Ierusalem.

29 So they came into [Note: Or, Iudea. ] Idumea, & pitched their tents at [Note: Or, Bethoron. ] Beth-sura, where Iudas came against them with ten thousand men.

30 And whe he saw that mightie armie, he praied, and saide, Blessed be thou, O Sauiour of Israel, [Note: 1.Sam.17.50, 51. ] which diddest destroy the assault of the mightie man by the hand of thy seruant Dauid, [Note: 1.Sam.14. 13, 14. ] & gauest the hoste of the strangers into the hand of Ionathan, the sonne of Saul, and of his armour bearer:

31 Shut vp this armie in the hand of thy people of Israel, & let them be confounded with their power, and with their horsemen.

32 Make them afraide, and consume their boldnesse and strength, that they may be astonished at their destruction.

33 Cast them downe by the sworde of them that loue thee: then shall all they that knowe thy Name, praise thee with songs.

34 So they ioyned together, and there were slaine of Lysias hoste, fiue thousande men, and they fell before them.

35 Then Lysias, seeing his armie put to flight, and the manlines of Iudas souldiers, and that they were ready, either to liue or die valiantly, he went into Antiochia, and gathered strangers, and when he had furnished his armie, he thought againe (being prepared) to come against Iudea.

36 Then said Iudas and his brethren, Beholde, our enemies are discomfited: let vs nowe goe vp to clense, and to repaire the Sanctuarie.

37 So all the hoste gathered them together, & went vp into the mountaine of Sion.

38 Nowe when they sawe the Sanctuarie layde waste, and the altar defiled, and the doores burnt vp, and the shrubbes growing in the courtes, as in a forest, or as on one of the mountaines, and that the Priestes chambers were broken downe,

39 They rent their clothes, and made great lamentation, and cast ashes vpon their heades,

40 And fell downe to the ground on their faces, and blewe an alarme with the trumpets, and cryed toward heauen.

41 Then Iudas commanded certaine of the me to fight against those which were in the castle, till he had clensed the Sanctuarie.

42 So he chose Priestes that were vndefiled, such as delited in the Lawe,
43 And they clensed the Sanctuarie, and bare out the defiled stones into an vncleane place,

44 And consulted what to doe with the altar of burnt offrings, which was polluted.

45 So they thought it was best to destroy it, least it shoulde be a reproche vnto them, because the heathen had defiled it: therefore they destroyed the altar,

46 And layde vp the stones vpon the mountaine of the Temple in a conuenient place, til there should come a Prophet, to shewe what shoulde be done with them.

47 So they tooke whole stones according to the Lawe, and builded a newe altar according to the former,

48 And made vp the Sanctuarie, and the things that were within the Temple, and the courtes, and all things.

49 They made also new holy vessels, & brought into the Temple the candlesticke, and the altar of burnt offrings, and of incense, and the table.

50 And they burnt incense vpon the altar, and lighted the lampes which were vpon the candlesticke, that they might burne in the Temple.

51 They set also the shewbread vpon the table, and hanged vp the vailes, & finished all the workes that they had begunne to make.

52 And vpon the fiue and twentieth day of the ninth moneth, which is called the moneth of Chaslu, in the hundreth and eight and fourtieth yeere they rose vp betimes in the morning,

53 And offred sacrifice according to the Lawe, vpon the new altar of burnt offrings, that they had made.

54 According to the time, and according to the day, that the heathen had defiled it, in the same day was it made new with songs, and harpes, and lutes, and cymbales.

55 And all the people fell vpon their faces, worshipping and praysing toward the heauen him that had giuen them good successe.

56 So they kept the dedicatio of the altar eight dayes, offring burnt offrings with gladnesse, and offred sacrifices of deliuerance and prayse,

57 And deckt the forefront of the Temple with crownes of golde and shieldes, and dedicated the gates & chambers, and hanged doores vpon them.

58 Thus there was very great gladnesse among the people, and the reproche of the heathen was put away.

59 So Iudas and his brethren with the whole congregation of Israel, ordeyned that the dayes of dedication of the altar should be kept in their season from veere to yere, by the space of eight dayes, from the fiue and twentieth day of the moneth Chaslu, with mirth and gladnesse.

60 And at the same time buylded they vp mout Sion with hie walles, & strong towres round about, lest the Gentiles should come, and tread it downe, as they had done afore.

61 Therefore they set a garrison there to keepe it, and fortified Beth-sura to keepe it, that the people might haue a defence against Idumea.


3 Iudas vanquished the heathen that goe about to destroy Israel, and is holpen of his brethren Simon and Ionathan. 50 He ouerthroweth the citie of Ephron, because they denied him passage thorowe it.

1 Nowe when the nations rounde about heard, that the altar was buylded, and the Sanctuarie renued, as afore, they were sore grieued.

2 Therefore they thought to destroy the generation of Iacob that was among them, and began to slay and destroy the people.

3 Then Iudas fought against the children of Esau in Idumea at [Note: Or, Arabathane. ] Arrabathene, because they besieged the Israelites, & he smote them with a great plague, and droue them to straites, and tooke their spoyles.

4 He thought also vpon the malice of the children of Bean, which had bene a snare and an hinderance vnto the people, when they laye in wayte for them in the hie way.

5 Wherefore he shut them vp in towers, and besieged them, and destroyed them vtterly, and burnt their towers with fire, with all that were in them.

6 Afterwarde, went he against the children of Ammon, where he founde a mightie power, and a great multitude with Timotheus their captaine.

7 So he had many battels with them, but they were destroyed before him, and so he discomfited them,

8 And tooke Gazer with the townes thereof, and so turned againe into Iudea.

9 Then the heathen that were in Galaad, gathered them together against the Israelites that were in their quarters, to slay them: but they fled to the castle of Datheman,

10 And sent letters to Iudas, & to his brethren, saying, The heathen that are about vs, are gathered against vs, to destroy vs,

11 And they make them ready for to come, and to take the fortresse, whereunto we are fledde, and Timotheus is captaine of their hoste.

12 Come now therefore, and deliuer vs out of their handes: for many of vs are slaine:

13 And all our brethren that were at Tubin, are slaine, and they haue taken away their wiues, and their children, and their goods, and destroyed there almost a thousand men.

14 While these letters were yet a reading, beholde, there came other messengers from Galile with their clothes rent, which tolde ye same tidings,

15 And said, that they of Ptolemais, & of Tyrus, and of Sidon, and of all Galile of the Gentiles were gathered against them to destroy them.

16 When Iudas, and the people heard these wordes, a great congregation came together, to consulte what they might doe for their brethren, that were in trouble, and whom they besieged.

17 Then said Iudas to Simon his brother, Chuse thee out men, and goe and deliuer thy brethren in Galile, and I and my brother Ionathan, wil goe into the countrey of Galaad.

18 So he left Iosephus the sonne of Zacharias, and Azarias to be captaines of the people, and to keepe the remnant of the hoste in Iudea,

19 And commanded them, saying, Take the ouersight of this people, and make no warre against the heathen, vntill we come againe.

20 And vnto Simon were giuen three thousand men to goe into Galile, and to Iudas eight thousand men for the countrey of Galaad.

21 Then went Simon into Galile, aad gaue diuers battels to the heathen, and the heathen were discomfited by him.

22 And he pursued them vnto the gates of Ptolemais: & there were slaine of the heathen almost three thousand men: so he tooke their spoyles.

[Page 182]

23 Thus they reseued them that were in Galile and in Arbattis with their wiues, and their children, and all that they had, and brought them into Iudea with great ioy.

24 Iudas Maccabeus also, and his brother Ionathan went ouer Iorden, and trauailed three dayes iourney in the wildernes,

25 Where they mette with the Nabathites, who receiued them louingly, and tolde them euery thing that was done vnto their brethren in the countrey of Galaad,

26 And how that many of them were besieged in Bosorra, and Bosor, in Alemis, [Note: Or, Chasphor.] Chasbon, Maged and Carnaim (all these cities are strong, and great)

27 And that they were kept in other cities of Galaad, and to morow they are appointed to bring their hoste vnto these fortes, and to take them, and to destroy them all in one day.

28 So Iudas and his host turned in all haste by the way of the wildernesse towarde Bosorra, and wanne the citie, and slewe all the males with the edge of the sword, and tooke all their spoyle, and set fire vpon the citie.

29 And in the night he remooued from thence, and went toward the fortresse.

30 And betimes in the morning when they looked vp, beholde, there was an innumerable people bearing ladders, and instruments of warre, to take the forte, and had assaulted them.

31 When Iudas sawe that the battel was begun, & that the cry of the citie went vp to heauen with trumpets, and a great sound,

32 Then he said vnto the armie, Fight this day for your brethren.

33 So he went foorth behinde them with three companies, and they blewe the trumpets, and cryed with prayer.

34 Then the host of Timotheus knew, yt it was Maccabeus, and they fled from him, and hee smote them with a great slaughter, so yt there was killed of them the same day, almost eight thousand men.

35 Then departed Iudas vnto Maspha, & laid siege vnto it, and wanne it, and slewe all the males thereof, and spoyled it, and set fire vpon it.

36 From thence went he and tooke Chasbon, Maged, and Bosor, and the other cities in Galaad.

37 After these things gathered Timotheus another hoste, and he camped before Raphon beyond the flood.

38 Now Iudas had sent to espie the host, and they brought him word againe, saying, All the heathen that bee rounde about vs, are gathered vnto him, and the host is very great,

39 And hee hath hired the Arabians to helpe them, and they haue pitched their tents beyond the flood, and are ready to come and fight against thee. So Iudas went to meete them.

40 Then Timotheus said vnto the captaines of his host, When Iudas and his host come neere the flood, if he passe ouer first vnto vs, we shal not be able to withstand him: for he wil be too strog for vs.

41 But if he be afraide, and campe beyond the flood, we wil goe ouer vnto him, and shall preuaile against him.

42 Now when Iudas came neere to ye flood, hee caused the gouernours of ye people to remayne by the flood, & commanded them, saying, Suffer none to pitch a tent, but let euery man come to ye battel.

43 So he went first ouer toward them, & all the people after him: & all the heathen were discofited before him, and cast away their weapons, and fled into the Temple that was at Carnaim.

44 Which citie Iudas wanne, and burnt the temple with all that were in it: so was Carnaim subdued, and might not withstand Iudas.

45 Then Iudas gathered all the Israelites that were in the countrey of Galaad, from the least vnto the most, with their wiues and their children, and their baggage, a very great hoste, to come into the land of Iuda.

46 So they came vnto Ephron, which was a great citie by the way, and strongly defensed: they coulde not passe, neither at the right hande nor at the left, but must goe thorow it.

47 But they that were in the citie, shutte themselues in, & stopped vp the gates with stones: & Iudas sent vnto them with peaceable wordes, saying,

48 Let vs passe thorowe your land, that we may goe into our owne countrey, and none shall hurt you: we will but onely goe thorowe on foote: but they would not open vnto him.

49 Wherefore Iudas commaunded a proclamation to bee made throughout the hoste, that euery man should assault it according to his standing.

50 So the valiant men set vpon it, and assaulted the citie all that day, and all that night, and the citie was giuen ouer into his handes:

51 Who slew all the males with the edge of the sworde, and destroyed it, and tooke the spoile thereof, and went thorowe the citie ouer them that were slaine.

52 Then went they ouer Iorden into the great plaine before Bethsan.

53 And Iudas gathered together those that were behinde, & gaue the people good exhortation all the way thorow, til they were come into ye land of Iuda.

54 Thus they went vp with ioye, and gladnesse vnto mount Sion, where they offred burnt offrings, because there were none of them slaine, but came home againe in safetie.

55 Nowe whilest Iudas and Ionathan were in the land of Galaad, and Simon their brother in Galile before Ptolemais,

56 Ioseph the sonne of Zacharias, and Azarias the captaines, hearing of the valiant actes, and battels which they had atchieued, said,

57 Let vs get vs a name also, and go fight against the heathen that are round about vs.

58 So they gaue their hoste a commaundement and went toward Iamnia.

59 But Gorgias and his men came out of the citie to fight against them.

60 And Ioseph and Azarias were put to flight, and pursued vnto the borders of Iudea: and there were slaine that day of the people of Israel about two thousand men: so that there was a great ouerthrow among the people of Israel,

61 Because they were not obedient vnto Iudas, and his brethren, but thought to doe some valiant thing.

62 Also they came not of ye stocke of these men, by whose handes deliuerance was giuen to Israel.

63 But the man Iudas, & his brethre were greatly commended in the sight of all Israel, & of all the heathen, wheresoeuer their name was heard of.

64 And the people came vnto them, bidding them welcome.

65 [Note: Ioseph, Anti.12. chap.11. and 12. ] Afterwarde went Iudas foorth with his brethren, and fought against the children of Esau in the land towarde the South, where hee wanne Hebron, [Page] & the townes thereof, and he destroyed the castel thereof, and burnt the towers thereof round about.

66 Then remooued hee to goe into the lande of the [Note: Or, Philistines. ] strangers, and went thorowe Samaria.

67 At the same time were the Priests of the cities slaine in the battel, which would shewe their valiantnes, and went forth to battel without counsell: and when Iudas came to Azotus in the strangers lande, he brake down their altars, and burnt with fire the images of their gods, and tooke away the spoyles of the cities, and came againe into the lande of Iuda.


1 Antiochus, willing to take the citie of Elimais, is driuen away of the citizens. 8 Hee falleth into sicknes, and dyeth. 17 His sonne Antiochus is made King. 34 The maner to prouoke elephantes to fight. 43 Eleazarus valiant acte. 49 The fiere of Sion.

1 [Note: Ioseph Antiq. 12.chap.II, and 32. ] Now when King Antiochus traueyled thorowe the high countreys, hee heard that Elimais in the countrey of Persia was a citie greatly renowmed for riches, siluer and golde,

2 And that there was in it a very riche temple, where as were couerings of golde, coate armours, and harnesse, which Alexander King of Macedonia the sonne of Philip (that reigned first in Grecia) had left there.

3 Wherefore hee went about to take the citie, and to spoyle it, but he was not able: for the citizens were warned of the matter,

4 And rose vp against him in battel, & hee fled and departed thence with great heauinesse, and came againe into Babylon.

5 Moreouer, there came one which brought him tidings in the countrey of Persia, yt the armies that went against the land of Iuda, were driuen away,

6 And that Lysias, which went forth first with a great power, was driuen away of the Iewes, and that they were made strong by the armour, and power, and diuers spoyles which they had gotten of the armies whome they had destroyed,

7 And that they had pulled downe the abomination, which he had set vp vpon the altar at Ierusalem, and fensed the Sanctuarie with high walles, as it was afore, and Beth-sura his citie.

8 So when the king had heard these words, hee was astonished, and sore mooued: therefore hee laide him downe vpon his bed, and fell sicke for very sorowe, because it was not come to passe, as he had thought.

9 And there continued hee many dayes: for his griefe was euer more and more, so that he sawe hee must needes die.

10 Therefore he sent for all his friends, and said vnto them, The sleepe is gone from mine eyes, and mine heart fayleth for very care.

11 And I thinke with my selfe, Into what aduersitie am I come? and into what flouds of miserie am I fallen now, whereas aforetime I was in prosperitie, and greatly set by, by reason of my power?

12 And now doe I remember the euils that I haue done at Ierusalem: for I tooke all the vessels of golde and of siluer that were in it, and sent to destroy the inhabitants of Iuda without cause.

13 I know that these troubles are come vpon me for the same cause, and behold, I must die with great sorow in a strange land.

14 Then called he for Philip, one of his friends, whome he made ruler ouer all his realme,

15 And gaue him the crowne, and his robe, and the ring, yt he should instruct his sonne Antiochus, and bring him vp, till he might reigne himselfe.

16 So king Antiochus died there in the hundreth, and fourtie and ninth yere.

17 When Lysias knewe, that the king was dead, he ordeined Antiochus his sonne (whome hee had brought vp) to reigne in his fathers steade, and called him Eupator. [Note: Ioseph.Antiq.12 .chap.14. ]

18 Now they that were in the castell at Ierusalem, kept in the Israelites round about the Sanctuarie, and sought alwayes their hurt, and the strengthening of the heathen.

19 Therefore Iudas thought to destroy them, and called all the people together to besiege them.

20 So they came together and besieged them in the hundreth and fifty yeere, and made instruments to shoote and other engins of warre.

21 But certaine of the that were besieged, gat foorth, (vnto whome some vngodly men of Israel ioyned themselues)

22 And they went vnto the king, saying, Howe long wilt thou cease from executing iudgement, and auenge our brethren?

23 We haue bene readie to serue thy father, & to goe forward in those things, that he appointed, and to obey his commandements.

24 Therefore they of our nation fell from vs for this cause, and wheresoeuer they found any of vs, they slew them, and spoyled our inheritance.

25 And they haue not onely laide hande vpon vs, but vpon all about their borders.

26 And behold, this day are they besieging the castle at Ierusalem to take it, and haue fortified the Sanctuarie, and Beth-sura.

27 And if thou doest not preuent them quickely, they will doe greater things then these, & thou shalt not be able to ouercome them.

28 When the King heard this, hee was very angrie, and called all his friendes, the captaines of his armie, and his horsemen,

29 And bandes that were hired, came vnto him from the Kinges, that were confederate, and from the yles of the sea.

30 So the number of his armie was an hundreth thousande footemen, and twentie thousand horsemen, and two and thirtie elephantes excercised in battel.

31 These came through Idumea and drew neere to Beth-sura, and besieged it a log season, and made engins of warre: but they came out, and burnt them with fire, and fought valiantly.

32 Then departed Iudas from the castel, and remoued ye host toward Beth-zacarias ouer against the kings campe.

33 So the King arose very earely, and brought the army & his power toward the way of Beth-zacarias, where the army set themselues in aray to the battel, and blewe the trumpets.

34 And to prouoke the elephants for to fight, they shewed the the bloud of grapes & mulberies,

35 And they set the beastes according to the ranges: so that by euery elephant there stoode a thousand men armed with coates of maile and helmets of brasse vpon their heades, and vnto euery beast were ordeined fiue hudreth horseme of ye best,

36 Which were readie at all times wheresoeuer the beast was: and whethersoeuer the beast went, they went also, and departed not from him.

37 And vpon them were strog towers of wood yt couered euery beast, which were fastened thereon with instruments, and vpon euery one was two

[Page 183]
and thirtie men that fought in them, and the Indian that ruled him.
38 They set also the remnant of the horsemen vpon both the sides in two wings of the hoste, to stirre them vp, and to keepe them in the valleyes.

39 And when the sunne shone vpon the golden shieldes, the mountaines glistered therewith, and gaue light as lampes of fire.

40 Thus parte of the Kings armie was spred vpon the high mountaines, and part beneath: so they marched forward warily and in order.

41 And all they that heard the noyse of their multitude, and the marching of the companie, and the ratling of the harnesse, were astonished: for the armie was very great and mightie.

42 Then Iudas and his hoste entred into the battell, and they slewe sixe hundreth men of the Kings armie.

43 Now when Eleazar, the sonne of [Note: Or, Saura. ] Abaron, saw one of the elephants armed with royall harnes, and was more excellent then all the other beastes, he thought that the King should be vpon him.

44 Wherefore he ieoparded him selfe to deliuer his people, and to get him a perpetuall name,

45 And ran boldly vnto him through the mids of the hoste, slaying on the right hand, and on the left, so that they departed away on both sides.

46 So went he to the elephants feete, and gate him vnder him, and slewe him: then fell the elephant downe vpon him, and there he dyed.

47 But the other, seeing the power of the king & the fiercenesse of his armie, departed from them.

48 And the Kings armie went vp to meete them towarde Ierusalem, and the King pitched his tents in Iudea towarde mount Sion.

49 Moreouer, the King tooke truce with them that were in Beth-sura: but when they came out of the citie, because they had no vitailes there, and were shut vp therein, and the lande had rested,

50 The King tooke Beth-sura, and set there a garison to keepe it,

51 And besieged the Sanctuarie many dayes, and made instruments to shoote, and other engins of warre, and instruments to cast fire and stones, & pieces to cast dartes and slings.

52 [Note: Or, the Iewes. ] They also made engines against their engines, and fought a long season.

53 But in the garners there were no vitailes: for it was the seuenth yeere, and then they that were in Iudea, and were deliuered from the Gentiles, had eaten vp the residue of the store,

54 So that in the Sanctuarie were few men left: for the famine came so vpon them, that they were scattered euery man to his owne place.

55 Nowe when Lysias heard that Philippe (whome Antiochus the King, whiles he liued, had ordeyned to bring vp Antiochus his sonne, that he might be King)

56 Was come againe out of Persia and Media, and the Kings hoste with him, and thought to take vnto him the rule of things,

57 He and his hasted, and were stirred forwarde by them in the castle to go and tell the King, and the captaines of the hoste, and to others, saying, We decrease daily, and our vitailes are but small: & the place that we lay siege vnto, is strong, and the affaires of the realme depende vpon vs.

58 Now therefore let vs [Note: Or, giue handes. ] agree with these men, and take truce with them, and with al their nation,

59 And graunt them to liue after their Lawe, as they did afore: for they be grieued, and doe all these things, because we haue broken their Lawes.

60 So the King and the princes were content, and sent vnto them to make peace, and they receiued it.

61 When the King and the princes had made an othe vnto them, they came vpon this out of the fortresse.

62 And the King went vp to mount Sion: but when he sawe that the place was well defensed, he brake his othe that he had made, and commanded to breake downe the wall round about.

63 Then departed he in all haste, and returned vnto Antiochia, where he found Philip hauing dominion of the citie: so he fought against him, and tooke the citie by force.


1 Demetrius reigned, after he had killed Antiochus and Lysias. 5 He troubleth the children of Israel through the counsell of certaine wicked persons. 37 The prayer of the Priestes against Nicanor. 41 Iudas killeth Nicanor, after he had made his prayer.

1 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq. 12.cap.5. ] In the hundreth, and one and fiftieth yeere, departed Demetrius the sonne of Seleucus from Rome, and came vp with a fewe men vnto a citie of the sea coast, and reigned there.

2 And when he came into the possession of his fathers kingdome, his souldiers tooke Antiochus and Lysias, and brought them vnto him.

3 But when it was tolde him, he said, Shew me not their faces.

4 So they put them to death. Now when Demetrius was set vpon the throne of his kingdome,

5 There came vnto him all the wicked and vngodly men of Israel, whose captaine was Alcimus, that would haue bene the hie Priest.

6 These men accused the people vnto ye king, saying, Iudas and his brethren haue slaine all thy friendes, and driuen vs out of our owne lande.

7 Wherefore sende nowe some man, whome thou trustest, that he may goe and see all the destruction, which he hath done vnto vs, and to the Kinges lande, and let him punish them with all their partakers.

8 Then the King chose Bacchides a friende of his, which was a great man in the realme, and ruled beyond the flood, and was faithfull vnto the king, and sent him,

9 And that wicked Alcimus, whome he made hie Priest, and commanded him to be auenged of the children of Israel.

10 So they departed, and came with a great hoste into the land of Iuda, and sent messengers to Iudas and his brethren, deceitfully with peaceable wordes.

11 But they beleeued not their saying: for they sawe that they were come with a great hoste.

12 Then a company of the gouernours assembled vnto Alcimus and Bacchides to intreat of reasonable pointes.

13 And the [Note: Or, Hasidinse. ] Asideans were the first that required peace among the children of Israel.

14 For said they, He that is a Priest of the seede of Aaron, is come with this armie: therefore he will not hurt vs.

15 Then he spake vnto them peaceably, and swore vnto them, and sayde, We will doe you no harme, neither your friendes:

16 And they beleeued him: but he tooke of the three score men, and slewe them in one day according [Page] to the wordes that were written,

17 [Note: Psal.79.2. ] They haue cast the bodyes of thy Saintes, and their blood rounde about Ierusalem, and there was no man that would burie them.

18 So there came a feare and trembling among all the people: for they said, There is neither trueth nor righteousnesse in them: for they haue broken the appointment and othe that they made.

19 Then Bacchides remoued from Ierusalem, and pitched his tent at [Note: Or, Bethseth, or, Bezeth. ] Beth-zecha, where he sent foorth and tooke many of the men that had forsaken him, and certaine of the people whome hee slewe and cast into the great pit.

20 Then committed he the countrey vnto Alcimus, and left men of warre with him to helpe him: so Bacchides went vnto the King.

21 Thus Alcimus stroue for the Priesthoode.

22 And all such as troubled the people, resorted vnto him: in so much, that they obteined the land of Iuda, and did much hurt in Israel.

23 Nowe when Iudas sawe all the mischiefe, that Alcimus and his company had done among the Israelites more then the heathen,

24 He went foorth rounde about all the borders of Iudea, and punished those that were fallen away, so that they came no more abroade in the countrey.

25 But when Alcimus sawe that Iudas and his people had gotten the vpper hande, and knew that he was not able to abide them, he went againe to the King, and accused them of wicked things.

26 Then the King sent Nicanor one of his chiefe princes, which hated Israel deadly, and commanded him, that he should destroy the people. [Note: Ioseph.Ant. 12.cap.16. ]

27 So Nicanor came to Ierusalem with a great hoste, and sent vnto Iudas, and his brethren deceitfully with friendly wordes, saying,

28 Let there be no warre betweene me, and you: I will come with fewe men, to see howe ye doe, friendly.

29 So he came vnto Iudas, and they saluted one another peaceably: but the enemies were prepared to take away Iudas.

30 Neuerthelesse, it was tolde Iudas, that hee came vnto him vnder deceite: therefore he feared him, and woulde not see his face no more.

31 When Nicanor perceiued that his counsell was bewrayed, he went out to fight against Iudas, beside [Note: Or, Capharsarama. ] Carphasalama.

32 Where there were slaine of Nicanors hoste about fiue thousande men: so they fled vnto the citie of Dauid.

33 After this came Nicanor vp vnto mount Sion, and some of the Priestes with the Elders of the people went foorth of the Sanctuarie to salute him peaceably, and to shewe him the burnt offring that was offred for the King.

34 But he laughed at them, and mocked them, and counted them prophane, and spake proudly,

35 And swore in his wrath, saying, If Iudas and his hoste be not deliuered nowe into mine handes, if euer I come againe in safetie, I will burne vp this house. With that, went he out in a great anger.

36 Then the Priestes came in, and stoode before the altar in the Temple, weeping, and saying,

37 For so much as thou, O Lorde, hast chosen this [Note: Isa.56.5,7. ] House, that thy Name might be called vpon therein, and that it should be an house of prayer, and petition for thy people,

38 Be auenged of this man and his hoste, and let them be slaine by the sworde: remember their blasphemies, and suffer them not to continue.

39 When Nicanor was gone from Ierusalem, he pitched his tent at Beth-horon, and there an hoste met him out of Syria.

40 And Iudas pitched in [Note: Or, Adarsa. ] Adasa with three thousande men, where Iudas prayed, saying,

41 O Lorde, [Note: 2 King.19.35. tobit.I.18.ecclus.48.22. isa.37.36. 2.mac.8.19. ] because the messengers of King Sennacherib blasphemed thee, thine Angel went foorth, and slewe an hundreth, fourescore and fiue thousande of them.

42 So destroy thou this hoste before vs to day, that all other may knowe that he hath spoken wickedly against thy Sanctuary, and punish him according to his malice.

43 So the armies ioyned together in battell, the thirteenth day of the moneth Adar: but Nicanors hoste was discomfited, and he him selfe was first slaine in the battell.

44 Nowe when his armie sawe that Nicanor was slaine, they cast away their weapons, and fled.

45 But they pursued after them a dayes iourney from Adasa vnto Gasera, blowing an alarme with the trumpets after them.

46 So they came foorth of all the townes of Iudea rounde about, and rushed vpon them, and threwe them from one to another, so that they all fell by the sworde, and there was not one of them left.

47 Then they tooke the spoyles, and the pray, and smote off Nicanors head, and his right hande, which he helde vp so proudly, and brought it with them, and hanged them vp afore Ierusalem.

48 So the people reioyced greatly, and kept that day as a day of great gladnesse.

49 And they ordeined to keepe yeerely that day on the thirteenth day of the moneth Adar.

50 Thus the lande of Iuda was in rest a litle while.


1 Iudas, considering the power and policie of the Romanes, maketh peace with them. 22 The conditions of mutuall friendshippe sent to the Iewes.

1 Ivdas heard also the fame of the Romanes, that they were mightie, and valiant, and agreeable to all thinges that were required of them, and made peace with all that came vnto them, [Note: Ioseph Antiq. 12.cap.18. ]

2 And that they were men of great power, and they tolde him of their battels, and their worthie actes, which they did among the [Note: Or, French men. ] Galatians whome they had conquered, and made to pay tribute,

3 And what they had done in the countrey of Spaine: how that they had wonne there the mines of siluer and golde,

4 And that by their counsell, and gentle behauiour they were rulers in euery place, though the place was farre from them, and that they had discomfited, and giuen great ouerthrowes to the Kings that came against them, from the vttermost parte of the earth, and that others gaue them tribute euery yeere,

5 Howe they had also discomfited by battell Philippe and Perses Kings of the [Note: Or, Citims. ] Macedonians, and others, that arose against them, and howe they ouer came them,

6 And howe great Antiochus King of Asia that came against the in battel, hauing an hudreth and twentie elephants, with horsemen, & charets, and a very great armie, was discomfited by them,

[Page 181]

7 And howe they tooke him aliue, and ordeined him, with such as should reigne after him, to pay a great tribute, and to giue hostages, and a separate porcion,

8 Euen the countrey of India, and Media, and Lydia, and of his best countreys, which they tooke of him and gaue them to king Eumenes.

9 Againe when it was told them that the Grecians were comming to destroy them,

10 They sent against them a captaine, which gaue them battell, and slewe many of them, and tooke many prisoners with their wiues, and children, and spoyled them and conquered their land, & destroyed their strong holdes, and subdued them to be their bondmen, vnto this day:

11 Moreouer, howe they destroyed, & brought into subiection other kingdomes and yles, whosoeuer had withstand them:

12 But that they kept amitie with their owne friendes, and those that stayed vpon them: finally, that they conquered kingdomes, both farre and neere, insomuch that whosoeuer heard of their renowme, was afraide of them.

13 For whome they would helpe to their kingdomes, those reigned, & who they would, they put downe thus were they in most high authoritie.

14 Yet for all this that none of them ware a crowne, neither was clothed in purple, to bee magnified thereby,

15 But that they had ordeyned them selues a counsell, wherein three hundreth and twentie men consulted dayly, and prouided for the common affaires, to gouerne them well,

16 And that they committed their gouernment to one man euery yere, who did rule ouer all their countrey, to whom euery man was obedient: and there was neither hatred nor enuie among them.

17 Then Iudas chose Eupolemus the sonne of Iohn, the sonne of Accus, and Iason, the sonne of Eleazar, and sent them vnto Rome to make friendship, and mutuall felowship with them,

18 That they might take from them the yoke (for they sawe that the kingdome of the Grecians would keepe Israel in bondage)

19 So they went vnto Rome, which was a verie great iourney, and came into the [Note: Or, counsell. ] Senate, where they spake and said,

20 Iudas Maccabeus with his brethren, and the people of the Iewes hath sent vs vnto you, to make a bond of friendship, and peace with you, and yee to register vs as your partakers and friends.

21 And the matter pleased them.

22 And this is the copie of the epistle that they wrote in tables of brasse & sent to Ierusalem, that they might haue by them a memorial of the peace, and mutuall fellowship.

23 Good successe be to the Romanes, and to the people of the Iewes, by sea, & by land for euer, and the sword, and enemie be from them.

24 If there come first any warre vpon the Romaines, or any of their friends throughout all their dominion,

25 The people of the Iewes shall helpe them, as the time shalbe appointed, with all their heart,

26 Also [Note: Or, the Romanes. ] they shall giue nothing to them that come to fight for them, nor serue them with wheat nor weapons, nor money, nor shippes, as it pleaseth the Romaines, but [Note: Or, the Iewes. ] they shall keepe their couenants without taking any thing of them.

27 Likewise also if warre come first against the nation of the Iewes, the Romanes shall helpe them with a good will, according as the time shalbe appoynted them.

28 Neyther shall wheate be giuen vnto them, yt take their part, nor weapons, nor money, nor ships, as it pleaseth the Romaines, who will keepe these couenants without deceit.

29 According to these articles the Romaines made the bond with the people of the Iewes.

30 If after these points the one partie, or the other will adde or diminish, they may doe it, at their pleasures, and whatsoeuer they shall adde, or take away, shalbe ratified.

31 And as touching the euill that Demetrius hath done vnto ye Iewes, we haue written vnto him, saying, Wherefore layest thou thine heauy yoke vpon our friends, and confederates the Iewes?

32 If therfore they complayne any more against thee, we will doe them iustice, and fight with thee by sea and by land.


1 After the death of Nicanor, Demetrius sendeth his armie against Iudas. 18 Iudas is slaine. 31 Ionathan is put in the stead of his brother. 47 The battel betweene Ionathan, and Bacchides. 55 Alcimus is smitten with the palsie, and dyeth. 68 Hee commeth vpon Ionathan by the counsell of certaine wicked persons, and is ouercome. 70 The truce of Ionathan with Bacchules.

1 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq. 12.chap.18. ] In the meane season when Demetrius had heard how Nicanor, and his hoste had giuen the battel, he sent Bacchides, and Alcimus againe into Iudea, and his [Note: Or, the right horne. ] chiefe strength with them.

2 So they went forth by the way that is toward Galgala, and pitched their tentes before Mesaloth which is in Arbelis, and wanne it, and slewe much people.

3 And in the first moneth of the hundreth, fifty and two yeere, they layed their siege against Ierusalem.

4 But they raysed their campe, and came to Berea, with twentie thousand foote men and two thousand horsemen.

5 Now Iudas had pitched his tent at [Note: Or, Laisa, ] Eleasa, and three thousand chosen men with him.

6 And when they saw, that the multitude of the armie was great, they were sore afraid, & many conueied themselues out of the hoste, so that there abode no mo of them, but eight hundreth men.

7 When Iudas saw that his host fayled him, and that he must needes fight, he was sore troubled in mind that he had no time to gather them together, and was discouraged.

8 Neuerthelesse, he saide vnto them that remained, Let vs rise, & go vp against our enemies, if peraduenture we may be able to fight with them.

9 But they woulde haue stayed him, saying, We are not able: but let vs rather saue our liues: turne backe nowe, seeing our brethren are departed: for shall we fight against them, that are so fewe?

10 Then Iudas said, God forbid, that we should doe this thing, to flie from them: if our time bee come, let vs die manfully for our brethren, and let vs not staine our honour.

11 Then the host remooued out of the tents, & stood against the, who had deuided their horsemen into two troupes, & they that threwe with slinges, & the archers marched in the foreward, and they that fought in the foreward, were all valiant men.

12 And Bacchides was in the right wing. So the armie drewe neere on both sides, and blewe the trumpets.
13 They of Iudas side blewe the trumpets also, and the earth shooke at the noyse of the armies, & the battel continued from morning to night.

14 And when Iudas sawe that Bacchides & the strength of his armie was on ye right side, he tooke with him all the hardie men,

15 And brake the right wing, & followed vpon them vnto mount Azotus.

16 Nowe when they which were of the left wing, sawe that the right wing was discomfited, they followed Iudas behinde, and them that were with him hard at the heeles.

17 Then was there a sore battel: for many were slaine of both the parties.

18 Iudas also himselfe was killed, and the remnant fled.

19 So Ionathan and Simon tooke Iudas their brother, and buryed him in his fathers sepulchre in the citie of Modin.

20 And al the Israelites wept for him, & mourned greatly for him, & lameted many dayes, saying,

21 How is the valiant man fallen which deliuered Israel!

22 Concerning the other things of Iudas, both the battels and the valiant actes that hee did, and of his worthines, they are not writte: for they were verie many.

23 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq. 13.chap.1.& 3. ] Now after the death of Iudas, wicked men came vp in all the coastes of Israel, and there arose all such as gaue themselues to iniquitie.

24 In those dayes was there a very great famine in the lande, and all the countrey gaue ouer themselues with them.

25 And Bacchides did chuse wicked men, and made them lords in the land.

26 These sought out, and made search for Iudas friends, & brought the vnto Bacchides, which auenged himselfe vpon them, and mocked them.

27 And there came so great trouble in Israel, as was not since the time that no Prophet was seene among them.

28 Then came all Iudas friendes together, and saide vnto Ionathan,

29 Seeing thy brother Iudas is dead, and there is none like him to goe forth against our enemies, euen against Bacchides, and [Note: Or, against the enemies of our nation. ] against them of our nation that are enemies vnto vs,

30 Therefore, this day we chuse thee, that thou mayest be our Prince & captaine in his place, to order our battell.

31 So Ionathan tooke the gouernance vpon him at the same time, and ruled in stead of his brother Iudas.

32 But when Bacchides knewe it, he sought for to slay him.

33 Then Ionathan and Simon his brother, perceiuing that, fled into the wildernes of Thecua with all their companie, and pitched their tents by the water poole of Asphar.

34 Which when Bacchides vnderstoode, hee came ouer Iorden with all his hoste vpon the Sabbath day.

35 (Nowe had Ionathan sent his brother Iohn, a captaine of the people, to pray his friendes the Nabathites, that they would keepe their baggage which was much.

36 But the children of [Note: Or, Iambri. ] Ambri came out of Medaba, and tooke Iohn, and al that he had, and when they had taken it, went their way.

37 After this came worde vnto Ionathan, and to Simon his brother, that the children of Ambri made a great marriage, and brought the bride from [Note: Or, Nadabath. ] Medaba with great pompe: for she was daughter to one of the noblest Princes of Canaan.

38 Therefore they remembred Iohn their brother, and went vp, and hid themselues vnder the couert of the mountaine.

39 So they lift vp their eyes, and looked, and beholde, there was a great noyse, and much preparation: then the bridegrome came forth, and his friends and his brethre met them with tymbrels, & instruments of musike, and many weapons.

40 The Ionathans men that lay in ambush, rose vp against them, and slewe many of them, and the remnant fledde into the mountaines, so that they tooke all their spoyles.

41 Thus the marriage was turned to mourning, and the noyse of their melodie into lamentation.

42 And so when they had auenged the blood of their brother, they turned againe vnto Iorden.

43 When Bacchides heard this, hee came vnto the border of Iorden with a great power vpon the Sabbath day.)

44 Then Ionathan saide vnto his companie, Let vs rise nowe, and fight against our enemies: for it is not to day as in time past.

45 Beholde, the battel is before vs, and behinde vs, and the water of Iorden on this side and that side, and the marise, and forest, so that there is no place for vs to turne aside.

46 Wherefore crie nowe vnto heauen, that yee may be deliuered from the power of your enemies: so they ioyned battell.

47 Then Ionathan stretched out his hande to smite Bacchides: but hee turned aside from him & reculed.

48 Then Ionathan, & they that were with him, leapt into Iorden, and swimmed ouer vnto the further banke: but the other would not passe through Iorden after them.

49 So in that day were slaine of Bacchides side about a thousand men.

50 Then hee turned againe to Ierusalem, and buylt vp the strong cities in Iuda, as the castell of Iericho, and Emmaus, and Bethhoron, and Bethel, and Thamnatha, Pharathoni, & Tepho, with high walles, with gates, and with barres,

51 And set Garisons in them, that they might vse their malice vpon Israel.

52 He fortified also the citie Beth-sura, and Gazara, and the castel, and set a garison in them with prouision of vitailes.

53 Hee tooke also the chiefest mens sonnes in the countrey for hostages, and put them in the castell at Ierusalem to be kept.

54 Afterward in the hundreth, fiftie & three yere, in the second moneth, Alcimus commaunded, that the walles of the inner court of the Sanctuary should be destroyed, & he pulled downe the monuments of ye Prophetes, & began to destroy them.

55 But at the same time Alcimus was plagued, and his enterprises were hindered, and his mouth was stopped: for he was smitten with a palsie, and could no more speake, nor giue order concerning his house.

56 Thus dyed Alcimus with great torment at the same time.

57 And when Bacchides saw that Alcimus was dead, he turned againe to the King, and so the land of Iuda was in rest two yeeres.

[Page 185]

58 Then all the vngodly men helde a counsell, saying, Behold, Ionathan and his companie dwell at ease, and without care: wherefore let vs bring Bacchides hither, and he wil take them all in one night.

59 So they went and consulted with him.

60 Who arose and came with a great hoste, and sent letters priuily to his adherents, which were in Iudea, to take Ionathan and those that were with him: but they coulde not, for their counsell was knowen vnto them.

61 And [Note: Or, Ionathan. ] they tooke fiftie men of the countrey, which were the chiefe workers of this wickednesse, and slewe them.

62 Then Ionathan and Simon with their companie departed vnto [Note: Or, Beth-bessen. ] Beth-basin which is in the wildernes, and repaired the decay thereof, and made it strong.

63 When Bacchides knewe this, he gathered all his hoste, & sent word to them that were of Iudea.

64 Then came he and layd siege to Beth-basin, and fought against it a long season, and made instruments of warre.

65 But Ionathan had left his brother Simon in the citie, and went foorth into the countrey, and came with a certaine nomber,

66 And slewe [Note: Or, Odares. ] Odomeras and his brethren and the children of Phasiron in their tentes: so hee began to slay, and increased in power.

67 Simon also and his companie went out of the citie, and burnt vp the instruments of warre,

68 And fought against Bacchides, and discomfited him, and vexed him sore, so that his counsell and iourney was in vaine.

69 Wherefore he was very wroth at the wicked men, that gaue him counsel to come into the countrey, and slewe many of them, and purposed to returne into his owne countrey.

70 Whereof when Ionathan had knowledge, he sent Ambassadours vnto him, to intreate of peace with him, & that the prisoners should be deliuered.

71 Which thing he accepted, and did according to his desire, and made an othe, that he would neuer doe him harme all the dayes of his life.

72 So he restored vnto him the prisoners that he had taken aforetime out of the land of Iuda, and so returned and went into his owne lande, neither did he come any more into their borders.

73 Thus the sworde ceased from Israel, and Ionathan dwelt at Machmas, and began there to gouerne the people, and destroyed the vngodly men out of Israel.


4 Demetrius desireth to haue peace with Ionathan. 18 Alexander also desireth peace with the Iewes. 48 Alexander maketh warre against Demetrius. 50 Demetrius is slaine. 51 The friendship of Ptolemeus and Alexander.

1 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq.13. Chap.2.3. ] In the hundreth and three score yeere came Alexander the sonne of Antiochus Epiphanes, and tooke Ptolemais, and they receiued him, and there he reigned.

2 Nowe when Demetrius the King heard it, he gathered an exceeding great hoste, and went foorth against him to fight.

3 Also Demetrius sent letters vnto Ionathan, with louing words, as though he would preferre him.

4 For he saide, Wee will first make peace with him, before he ioyne with Alexander against vs.

5 Els hee will remember all the euill that wee haue done against him, and against his brethren and his nation.

6 And so he gaue Ionathan leaue to gather an hoste, and to prepare weapons, and to be confederate with him, and commaunded the hostages that were in the castell, to be deliuered vnto him.

7 Then came Ionathan to Ierusalem, and read the letters in the audience of all the people, and of them that were in the castell.

8 Therefore they were sore afraide, because they heard that the King had giuen him licence to gather an armie.

9 So they that were of the castell, deliuered the hostages vnto Ionathan, who restored them to their parents.

10 Ionathan also dwelt at Ierusalem, and began to builde, and repaire the citie.

11 And he commanded the workemen to build the walles, and the mount Sion rounde about with hewen stone, to fortifie it: and so they did.

12 Then the strangers that were in the castles which Bacchides had made, fled,

13 So that euery man left his place, and went into his owne countrey.

14 Onely at Beth-sura remained certaine which had forsaken the Lawe and the commaundements: for it was their refuge.

15 Nowe when King Alexander had heard of the promises that Demetrius had made vnto Ionathan: and when it was tolde him of the battels and noble actes, which hee and his brethren had done, and of the paines that they had endured,

16 He said, Might we find such a man? now therefore we will make him our friend and confederate.

17 Vpon this hee wrote a letter, and sent it vnto him, with these wordes, saying,

18 King Alexander to his brother Ionathan sendeth salutation.

19 Wee haue heard of thee, that thou art a very valiant man, and worthy to be our friend.

20 Wherefore this day we ordaine thee to bee the hie Priest of thy nation, and to bee called the Kings friende: (and he sent him a purple robe, and a [Note: Or, mitre. ] crowne of golde,) that thou mayst [Note: Or, take our part. ] consider what is for our profite, and keepe friendship toward vs.

21 So in the seuenth moneth of the hundreth and three score yeere, vpon the feast day of the tabernacles, Ionathan put on the holy garment, and gathered an hoste, and prepared many weapons.

22 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq. 13.Chap.3. ] Which when Demetrius heard, he was marueilous sory, and said,

23 What haue wee done, that Alexander hath preuented vs in getting the friendship of the Iewes for his strength?

24 Yet will I write and exhort them, and promise them dignities and rewardes, that they may helpe mee.

25 Whereupon he wrote vnto them these words, King Demetrivs vnto the nations of the Iewes sendeth greeting.

26 Wee haue heard that ye haue kept your couenant toward vs, and continued in our friendship, and haue not ioyned with our enemies, whereof we are glad.

27 Nowe therefore remaine stil, and keepe fidelitie toward vs, and we will recompence you for the good things that ye haue done for vs,

28 And will release you of many charges, and giue you rewards.

29 And nowe I discharge for your sake all the Iewes from tributes, and free you from the customes of salt, and the crowne taxes, and from the thirde [Page] part of the seede.

30 And from the halfe of the fruite of the trees which is mine owne duetie, I so release them that from this day foorth, none shall take any thing of the land of Iuda, or of the three gouernments which are added thereunto, as of Samaria and of Galile, from this day foorth for euermore.

31 Ierusalem also with all things beloging thereto, shalbe holy and free from the tenths & tributes.

32 Also I release the power of the castel which is at Ierusalem, and giue it vnto the hie Priest, that he may set in it such men, as he shall chuse to keepe it.

33 Moreouer I freely deliuer euery one of ye Iewes that were taken away prisoners out of the lande of Iuda throughout all my realme, and euery one of them shalbe free from tributes, yea, eue their cattel,

34 And all the feastes, and Sabbaths, and newe Moones, and the dayes appointed & the three dayes before the feast, and the three dayes after the feast, shall be dayes of freedome and libertie for all the Iewes in my realme,

35 So that in them no man shall haue power to doe any thing, or to vexe any of them in any maner of cause.

36 Also thirtie thousande of the Iewes shall be written vp in the Kings hoste, and haue their wages payed them as appertaineth to all them that are of the Kings armie: and of them shall be ordeined certaine to keepe the Kings strong holdes.

37 And some of them shalbe set ouer the Kings most secret affaires, and their gouernours and their Princes shalbe of themselues, and they shall liue after their owne lawes, as the King hath commaunded in the land of Iuda.

38 And the three gouernements that are added vnto Iudea from the countrey of Samaria, shall be ioyned vnto Iudea, and they shall be as vnder one, and obey none other power, but the hie Priest.

39 And I giue Ptolemais and the borders thereof vnto the Sanctuarie at Ierusalem, for the necessarie expenses of the holy things.

40 Moreouer, I will giue euery yeere fifteene thousand sicles of siluer of the Kings reuenues out of the places appertaining vnto me.

41 And all the ouerplus which they haue not payed for the things due, as they did in the former yeeres, from hencefoorth they shall giue it towarde the workes of the Temple.

42 And besides this, the fiue thousande sicles of siluer which they receiued yeerely of the account appointed for the interteinment of the Sanctuarie these yeeres passed, euen these things shalbe released because they apperteine to the Priests that minister.

43 Item, whosoeuer they bee that flee vnto the Temple at Ierusalem, or within the liberties thereof, and are indetted to the King for any maner of thing, they shall be pardoned, and all that they haue in my realme.

44 For the building also and repairing of the workes of the Sanctuarie, expenses shall be giuen of the Kings reuenues.

45 And for the making of the walles of Ierusalem, and fortifying it rounde about, that the holdes in Iudea may be built vp, shall also the costes be giuen out of the Kings reuenues.

46 But when Ionathan and the people heard these words, they gaue no credit vnto them, neither receiued them: for they remembred the great wickednesse that he had done in Israel, and how sore he had vexed them.

47 Wherefore they agreed vnto Alexander: for he was the first that had intreated of true peace with them, and so were confederate with him alway.

48 Then gathered King Alexander a great hoste, and camped ouer against Demetrius.

49 So the two Kings ioyned battell, but Demetrius hoste fled, and Alexander pursued him, and preuailed against them.

50 So that sore battell continued till the sunne went downe, & Demetrius was slaine the same day.

51 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq. 13.Chap.5. ] Then Alexander sent Ambassadours vnto Ptolemeus the King of Egypt wt these words, saying,

52 For so much as I am come againe to my realme, and am set in the throne of my fathers, and haue gotten the dominion, and haue destroyed Demetrius, and enioy my countrey,

53 Seeing that I haue euen giuen him the battel, and he and his armie is discomfited by me, and I sit in the throne of his kingdome,

54 Let vs nowe make friendship together, and giue me now thy daughter to wife: so shall I be thy sonne in lawe, and giue thee rewardes, and vnto her things according to thy dignitie.

55 Then Ptolemeus the King gaue answere, saying, Happie bee the day, wherein thou art come againe vnto the land of thy fathers, and sittest in the throne of their kingdome.

56 Nowe therefore will I fulfill thy writing: but meete mee at Ptolemais that wee may see one another, and that I may make thee my sonne in lawe, according to thy desire.

57 So Ptolemeus went out of Egypt with his daughter Cleopatra, and came vnto Ptolemais in the hundreth threescore and two yeere,

58 Where King Alexander met him, and he gaue vnto him his daughter Cleopatra, and marryed them at Ptolemais with great glorie, as the maner of Kings is.

59 Then wrote King Alexander vnto Ionathan, that he should come and meete him.

60 So he went honourably vnto Ptolemais, and there hee met the two Kings, and gaue them great presents of siluer and golde, and to their friends, and found fauour in their sight.

61 And there assembled certaine pestilent fellowes of Israel, and wicked men to accuse him: but the King would not heare them.

62 And the King commanded that they should take off the garments of Ionathan, and clothe him in purple: and so they did: and the King appointed him to sit by him,

63 And saide vnto his Princes, Goe with him into the middes of the citie, and make a proclamation, that no man complaine against him of any matter, and that no man trouble him for any maner of cause.

64 So when his accusers sawe his honour according as it was proclaimed, and that he was clothed in purple, they fled all away.

65 And the King preferred him to honour, and wrote him among his chiefe friends, and made him a Duke, and partaker of his dominion.

66 Thus Ionathan returned to Ierusalem with peace and gladnesse.

67 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq. Cap.6.lth.13. ] In the hundreth, threescore and fiue yeere came Demetrius the sonne of Demetrius, from Creta into his fathers land.

68 Whereof when King Alexander heard, hee was very sorie, and returned vnto Antiochia.

69 Then Demetrius appointed Apollonius the

[Page 186]
gouernour of Coelosyria, who gathered a great hoste, and camped in Iamnia, and sent vnto Ionathan the hie Priest, saying,
70 Darest thou, being but alone, lift vp thy selfe against vs? and I am laughed at, and reproched, because of thee: nowe therefore why doest thou vaunt thy selfe against vs in the mountaines?

71 Nowe then if thou trust in thine owne strength, come downe to vs into the plaine fielde, and there let vs trie the matter together: for I haue the strength of cities.

72 Aske and learne who I am, and they shall take my part: and they shall tell thee that your foote is not able to stand before our face: for thy fathers haue bene twise chased in their owne land.

73 And now how wilt thou be able to abide so great an hoste of horsemen and footemen in the plaine, where is neither stone, nor rocke, nor place to flee vnto?

74 When Ionathan heard the wordes of Apollonius, he was moued in his minde: wherefore hee chose ten thousand men, & went out of Ierusalem, and Simon his brother met him for to helpe him.

75 And he pitched his tentes at Ioppe: but they shut him out of the citie: for Apollonius garison was in Ioppe.

76 Then they fought against it, and they that were in the citie, for very feare let him in: so Ionathan wanne Ioppe.

77 Apollonius hearing of this, tooke three thousand horsemen with a great hoste of foote men, and went toward Azotus, as though he would go forward, and came immediatly into the plaine fielde, because he had so many horsemen, and put his trust in them.

78 So Ionathan followed vpon him to Azotus, and the armie skirmished with his arriere band.

79 For Apollonius had left a thousand horsmen behinde them in ambush.

80 And Ionathan knew that there was an ambushment behinde him, and though they had compassed in his hoste, and shot dartes at the people from the morning to the euening,

81 Yet the people stood still, as Ionathan had commanded them, till their horses were wearie.

82 Then brought Simon foorth his hoste, and set them against the band: but the horses were weary, and he discomfited them, and they fled: so the horsemen were scattered in the fielde,

83 And they fled to Azotus, and came into the temple of Dagon their idole, that they might there saue them selues.

84 But Ionathan set fire vpon Azotus and all the cities round about it, and tooke their spoyles, and burnt with fire the temple of Dagon with all them that were fled into it.

85 Thus were slaine and burnt about eight thousand men.

86 So Ionathan remooued the hoste from thence, and camped by Ascalon, where the men of the citie came foorth, and met him with great honour.

87 After this went Ionathan and his hoste againe to Ierusalem with great spoyles.

88 And when King Alexander heard these things, he began to doe Ionathan more honour,

89 And sent him a coller of golde, as the vse is to be giuen vnto such as are of the Kings blood: he gaue him also Accaron, with the borders thereof in possession.


1 The dißention betweene Ptolemeus and Alexander his sonne in lawe. 17 The death of Alexander. 19 Demetrius reigneth after the death of Ptolemeus. 22 Sion is besieged of Ionathan. 42 Demetrius seeing that no man resisted him, sendeth his armie againe. 54 Tryphon moueth Antiochus against Demetrius.

1 [Note: Ioseph. Anti.13. cap.7. ] And the king of Egypt gathered a great hoste, like the sande that lieth vpon the sea shore, and many shippes, and went about through deceite to obtaine the kingdome of Alexander, and to ioyne it vnto his owne Realme.

2 Vpon this he went into Syria with friendly wordes, and was let into the cities, and men came foorth to meete him: for king Alexander had commanded them to meete him, because hee was his father in lawe.

3 Now when he entred into the citie of Ptolemais, he left bands and garisons in euery citie.

4 And when he came neere to Azotus, they shewed him the temple of Dagon that was burnt, and Azotus, and the suburbs thereof that were destroyed, and the bodies cast abroad, and them that hee had burnt in the battell: for they had made heapes of them by the way where he should passe.

5 And they tolde the king what Ionathan had done, to the intent they might get him euill will: but the King helde his peace.

6 And Ionathan met the king with great honour at Ioppe, where they saluted one another, and lay there.

7 So when Ionathan had gone with the king vnto the water that was called Eleutherus, hee turned againe to Ierusalem.

8 So King Potolemeus gate the dominion of the cities by the sea vnto Seleucia vpon ye sea coast, imagining wicked counsels against Alexander,

9 And sent Ambassadours vnto King Demetrius, saying, Come, let vs make a league betweene vs, and I wil giue thee my daughter, which Alexander hath, and thou shalt reigne in thy fathers kingdome.

10 For I repent that I gaue Alexander my daughter: for he goeth about to slay me.

11 Thus he slandered Alexander, as one that should desire his Realme.

12 And he tooke his daughter from him, and gaue her vnto Demetrius, and forsooke Alexander, so that their hatred was openly knowen.

13 Then Ptolemeus came to Antiochia, where he set two crownes vpon his owne head, of Asia and of Egypt.

14 In the meane season was King Alexander in Cilicia: for they that dwelt in those places, had rebelled against him:

15 But when Alexander heard it, he came to warre against him, and Ptolemeus brought foorth his hoste, and met him with a mightie power, and put him to flight.

16 Then fled Alexander into Arabia, there to be defended: so Ptolemeus was exalted.

17 And Zabdiel the Arabian smote off Alexanders head, and sent it vnto Ptolemeus.

18 But the third day after, King Ptolemeus dyed: and they that were in the holdes, were slaine one of another.

19 And Demetrius reigned in the hundreth, threescore and seuenth yeere.

20 At the same time gathered Ionathan them that were in Iudea, to lay siege vnto ye castell, which was at Ierusalem, and they made many instruments [Page] of warre against it.

21 Then went there certaine vngodly persons (which hated their owne people) vnto King Demetrius, and tolde him that Ionathan besieged the castell.

22 So when he heard it, he was angry, and immediatly came vnto Ptolemais, and wrote vnto Ionathan, that he should lay no more siege vnto it, but that he should meete him and speake with him at Ptolemais in all haste.

23 Neuertheles when Ionathan heard this, hee commanded to besiege it: he chose also certaine of the Elders of Israel, and the Priests, and put himselfe in danger,

24 And tooke with him siluer and golde, and apparell, and diuers presents, and went to Ptolemais vnto the King, and found fauour in his sight.

25 And though certaine vngodly men of his owne nation had made complaints vpon him,

26 Yet the King intreated him as his predecessours had done, and promoted him in the sight of all his friends,

27 And confirmed him in the hie priesthood with all the honourable things, that hee had afore, and made him his chiefe friend.

28 Ionathan also desired the King, that hee would make Iudea free with the three gouernements, and the countrey of Samaria, and Ionathan promised him three hundreth talents.

29 Whereunto the King consented, and gaue Ionathan writing of the same, conteining these wordes,

30 King Demetrivs vnto his brother Ionathan, and to the nation of the Iewes sendeth greeting.

31 We send you here a copy of the letter which we did write vnto our cousin Lasthenes concerning you, that ye should see it.

32 King Demetrius vnto Lasthenes his father sendeth greeting.

33 For the faithfulnes that our friends the nation of the Iewes keepe vnto vs, and for their good wil towards vs, we are determined to do them good.

34 Wherefore we assigne to them the coasts of Iudea with the three gouernments Apherema, and Lydda, and Ramathe (which are added vnto Iudea from the countrey of Samaria) and all that appertaineth to all them that sacrifice in Ierusalem: both concerning the paiments which the King tooke yeerely aforetime, both for the fruites of the earth, and for the fruites of the trees.

35 As for the other things appertaining vnto vs of the tenthes and tributes, which were due vnto vs, and the customes of salte, and crowne taxes, which were payed vnto vs, we discharge them of all from hencefoorth.

36 And nothing hereof shall be reuoked from this time forth and for euer.

37 Therefore see that ye make a copy of these things, and deliuer it vnto Ionathan, that it may be set vp vpon the holy mount in an open place.

38 After this when Demetrius the King sawe that his land was in rest, and that no resistance was made against him, he sent away all his hoste, euery man to his owne place, except certaine bands of strangers, whome he brought from the yles of the heathen: wherefore all his fathers hoste hated him.

39 Now was there one Tryphon, that had bene of Alexanders part afore, which when he saw that all the hoste murmured against Demetrius, he went to [Note: Or, Emaleuel. ] Simaleue the Arabian, that brought vp Antiochus the sonne of Alexander,

40 And lay sore vpon him, to deliuer him this yong Antiochus, that he might reigne in his fathers steade: hee tolde him also what great euill Demetrius had done, and howe his men of warre hated him, and he remained there a long season.

41 Also Ionathan sent vnto King Demetrius to driue them out which were in the castell at Ierusalem, and those that were in the fortresses: for they fought against Israel.

42 So Demetrius sent vnto Ionathan, saying, I will not onely doe these things for thee, and thy nation, but if opportunitie serue, I will honour thee, and thy nation.

43 Nowe therefore thou shalt doe me a pleasure, if thou wilt send me men to helpe me: for all mine armie is gone from me.

44 So Ionathan sent him three thousand strong men vnto Antiochia, and they came vnto the King: wherefore the King was very glad at their comming.

45 But they that were of the citie, euen an hundreth, and twentie thousand men, gathered them together in the mids of the citie, and would haue slaine the King.

46 But the King fled into the palace, and the citizens kept the streetes of the citie, and began to fight.

47 Then the king called to the Iewes for helpe, which came to him all together, and went abroad through the citie,

48 And slewe the same day an hundreth thousand, and set fire vpon the citie, and tooke many spoyles in that day, and deliuered the King.

49 So when the citizens saw that the Iewes had gotten the vpper hand of the citie, and that they themselues were disappointed of their purpose, they made their supplication vnto the King, saying,

50 [Note: Or, giue us the right hand. ] Graunt vs peace, and let the Iewes cease from vexing vs and the citie.

51 So they cast away their weapons, and made peace, and the Iewes were greatly honoured before the King, and before all that were in his Realme, and they came againe to Ierusalem with great pray.

52 Then King Demetrius sate in the throne of his kingdome, and had peace in his land.

53 Neuerthelesse hee dissembled in all that euer he spake, and withdrewe him selfe from Ionathan, neither did he rewarde him according to the benefites which he had done for him, but troubled him very sore.

54 After this returned Tryphon with the yong childe Antiochus, which reigned, and was crowned.

55 Then there gathered vnto him al the men of warre, whome Demetrius had scattered, and they fought against him, who fled and turned his backe.

56 So Tryphon tooke the [Note: Or, Elephants. ] beastes, and wanne Antiochia.

57 And yong Antiochus wrote vnto Ionathan, saying, I appoynt thee to bee the chiefe Priest, and make thee ruler ouer the foure gouernements, that thou mayest be a friend of the kings.

58 Vpon this hee sent him golden vessels to be serued in, and gaue him leaue to drinke in gold, and to weare purple, and to haue a colar of gold.

59 He made his brother Simon also captaine fro the coastes of Tyrus vnto the borders of Egypt.

60 Then Ionathan went foorth, and passed

[Page 187]
thorow the cities beyond the flood, and all the men of warre of Syria gathered vnto him for to helpe him: so he came vnto Ascalon, and they of the citie receiued him honourably.
61 And from thence went hee vnto Gaza: but they of Gaza shut him out: wherefore he layd siege vnto it, and burned the suburbes thereof with fire, and spoyled them.

62 Then they of Gaza made supplication vnto Ionathan, and he made peace with them, and tooke of the sonnes of the chiefe men for hostages, and sent them to Ierusalem, and went thorow the countrey vnto Damascus.

63 And when Ionathan heard that Demetrius princes were come into Cades, which is in Galile, with a great hoste, purposing to driue him out of the countrey,

64 Hee came against them, and left Simon his brother in the countrey.

65 And Simon besieged Beth-sura, and fought against it a long season, and shut it vp.

66 So they desired to haue peace with him, which hee graunted them, and afterwarde put them out from thence, and tooke the citie, and set a garison in it.

67 Then Ionathan with his hoste came to the water of Genesar, and betimes in the morning came to the plaine of Azor.

68 And behold the hostes of the [Note: Or, heathen. ] strangers met him in the plaine, and had layde ambushments for him in the mountaines.

69 So that when they came against them, the ambushments rose out of their places & skirmished.

70 So that all that were of Ionathans side, fled: and there was not one of them left, except Mattathias the sonne of [Note: Or, Abeßsalmous. ] Absalomus, and Iudas the sonne of Calphi the captaines of the hoste.

71 Then Ionathan rent his clothes, and cast earth vpon his head, and prayed,

72 And turned againe to them to fight, and put them to flight, so that they fled away.

73 Now when his owne men that were fled, saw this, they turned againe vnto him, and helped him to followe after all vnto their tentes at Cades, and there they camped.

74 So there were slaine of the strangers the same day about three thousande men, and Ionathan turned againe to Ierusalem.


1 Ionathan sendeth ambaßadours to Rome, 2 And to the people of Sparta, to renue their couenant of friendship. 20 Ionathan putteth to flight the princes of Demetrius. 40 Tryphon taketh Ionathan by decerte.

1 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq. 1; Chap.8. ] Ionathan nowe seeing that the time was meete for him, chose certeine men, and sent them vnto Rome, to establish & renue the friedship with them.

2 Hee sent letters also vnto [Note: Or, Lacedemonians. ] the Spartians and to other places, for the same purpose.

3 So they went vnto Rome, and entred into the Senate, and saide, Ionathan the high Priest and the nation of the Iewes sent vs vnto you, for to renue friendship with you, and the bond of loue, as in times past.

4 So the Romanes gaue them free pasports, that men should leade them home into the land of Iuda peaceably.

5 And this is the copie of the letters that Ionathan wrote vnto the Spartians,

6 Ionathan the hie Priest with the Elders of the nation, and the Priestes, and the rest of the people of the Iewes, sende greeting vnto the Spartians their brethren.

7 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq. 12.chap.5. ] Heretofore were letters sent vnto Onias the hie Priest, from [Note: Or, Darius. ] Arius, which then reigned among you, that ye would be our brethren, as the copy hereunder written specifieth.

8 And Onias intreated the ambassadour honourably, and receiued the letters: wherein there was mention made of the bond of loue and friendship.

9 But as for vs, we neede no such writings: for we haue the holy bookes in our hands for comfort.

10 Neuerthelesse wee thought it good to sende vnto you, for the renuing of the brotherhoode and friendship, least we should be strange vnto you: for it is long since the time that ye sent vnto vs.

11 Wherefore wee remember you at all seasons continually, and in the feasts & other dayes appointed, when we offer sacrifices & prayers, as it is meete and conuenient to thinke vpon our brethren.

12 And we reioyce at your prosperous estate.

13 And though wee haue bene enuironed with great troubles and warres, so that the Kings rounde about vs haue fought against vs,

14 Yet would we not be grieuous vnto you, nor to other of our confederates and friendes in these warres.

15 For we haue had helpe from heauen, that hath succoured vs, and wee are deliuered from our enemies, and our enemies are subdued.

16 Yet haue wee chosen Numenius the sonne of Antiochus, and Antipater the sonne of Iason, and sent them vnto the Romaines, for to renue the former friendship with them, and league.

17 We commanded them also to goe vnto you, and to salute you, and to deliuer you our letters, concerning the renuing of our brotherhoode.

18 And now ye shall doe vs a pleasure to giue vs an answere of these things.

19 And this was the copie of the letters, which Arius the King of Sparta sent vnto Onias.

20 The King of the Spartians vnto Onias the high Priest sendeth greeting.

21 It is founde in writing, that the Spartians and Iewes are brethren, and come out of the generation of Abraham.

22 And nowe for so much as this is come to our knowledge, yee shall doe well, to write vnto vs of your prosperitie.

23 As for vs, wee haue written vnto you, that your cattell and goods are ours, and ours are yours: these thinges haue wee commaunded to be shewed vnto you.

24 Nowe when Ionathan heard, that Demetrius princes were come to fight against him, with a greater hoste then afore,

25 Hee went from Ierusalem, and met them in the land of Hamath: for he gaue them not space to come into his owne countrey.

26 And hee sent spies vnto their tentes, which came againe, and tolde him, that they were appointed to come vpon him in the night.

27 Wherefore, when the sunne was gone downe, Ionathan commaunded his men to watch, and to be in armes readie to fight all the night, & sent watchmen round about the hoste.

28 But when the aduersaries heard that Ionathan was readie with his men to the battel, they feared, & trembled in their hearts, and kindled fires in their tents, and fled away.

29 Neuerthelesse Ionathan and his companie [Page] knewe it not till the morning: for they saw the fires burning.

30 Then Ionathan followed vpon them, but he coulde not ouertake them: for they were gone ouer the flood Eleutherus.

31 So Ionathan turned to the Arabians, which were called Zabedei, and slewe them, and tooke their spoile.

32 He proceeded further also, and came vnto Damascus, and went thorow all the countrey.

33 But Simon his brother went forth, and came to Ascalon and to the next holdes, departing vnto Ioppe, and wanne it.

34 For he heard that they would deliuer the hold to them that tooke Demetrius part: wherefore hee set a garison there to keepe it.

35 After this came Ionathan home, and called the Elders of the people together, and deuised with them for to build vp ye strong holds in Iudea,

36 And to make the walles of Ierusalem hyer, and to make a great mount betwixt the castell and the citie, for to separate it from the citie, that it might be alone, and that men shoulde neither bye, nor fell in it.

37 So they came together to builde vp the citie: for part of the wall vpon the brooke of the Eastside was fallen downe, and they repaired it, and called it Caphenatha.

38 Simon also set vp Adida in Sephela, and made it strong with gates and barres.

39 [Note: Ioseph. Antiq. 13.chap.9. ] In the meane time Tryphon purposed to reigne in Asia, & to be crowned when he had slaine the King Antiochus.

40 But he was afraide that Ionathan would not suffer him, but fight against him: wherefore he went about to take Ionathan, and to kill him: so hee departed, and came vnto Bethsan.

41 Then went Ionathan foorth against him to the battell with fourtie thousande chosen men, and came vnto Bethsan.

42 But when Tryphon saw that Ionathan came with so great an hoste, hee durst not laye hande vpon him,

43 But receiued him honourably, and commended him vnto all his friendes, and gaue him rewards, and commaunded his men of warre to be as obedient vnto him as to himselfe,

44 And said vnto Ionathan, Why hast thou caused this people to take such trauaile, seeing there is no warre betweene vs?

45 Therefore send them now home againe, and chuse certaine men to waite vpon thee, and come thou with mee to Ptolemais: for I will giue it thee, with the other strong holdes, and the other garisons, and all them that haue the charge of the common affaires: so will I returne, and depart: for this is the cause of my comming.

46 Ionathan beleeued him, and did as hee saide, and sent away his hoste, which went into the lande of Iuda,

47 And reteined but three thousande with him, whereof he sent two thousand into Galile, and one thousand went with himselfe.

48 Nowe assoone as Ionathan entred into Ptolemais, they of Ptolemais shut the gates, and tooke him, and slew all them with the sword, that came in with him.

49 Then sent Tryphon an hoste of footemen, and horsemen into Galile, and into the great plaine, to destroy all Ionathans companie.

50 But when they knewe that Ionathan was taken, and slaine, and those that were with him, they incouraged one another, and came foorth against them readie to the battell.

51 But when they which followed vpon them, sawe that it was a matter of life, they turned backe againe.

52 By this meanes all they came into the land of Iuda peaceably, and bewailed Ionathan, and them that were with him, and feared greatly, and all Israel made great lamentation.

53 For all the heathen that were rounde about them, sought to destroy them.

54 For they said, Now haue they no captaine, nor any man to helpe them: therefore let vs now fight against them, and roote out their memorie from among men.


1 After Ionathan was taken, Simon is chosen captaine. 17 Tryphon, taking his children, and money for the redemption of Ionathan, killeth him and his children. 31 Tryphon killeth Antiochus, and possesseth the Realme. 36 Demetrius taketh truce with Simon. 43 Simon winneth Gaza. 50 Hee possesseth the tower of Sion. 53 He maketh his sonne Iohn captaine.

1 [Note: Ioseph.antiq.13, chap 9. ] Nowe when Simon heard that Tryphon gathered a great hoste to come into the land of Iuda, to destroy it,

2 And sawe that the people was in great trembling and feare, he came vp to Ierusalem, and gathered the people together,

3 And gaue them exhortation, saying, Ye know what great thinges I, and my brethren, and my fathers house haue done for the Lawe, & the Sanctuarie, and the battels, & troubles that we haue seene.

4 By reason whereof all my brethren are slaine for Israels sake, and I am left alone.

5 Nowe therefore God forbid, that I shoulde spare mine owne life in any time of trouble: for I am not better then my brethren.

6 But I wil auenge my nation, and the Sanctuarie, and our wiues, and our children: for all the heathen are gathered together to destroye vs of very malice.

7 In hearing these words the hearts of the people were kindled,

8 So that they cried with a lowd voyce, saying, Thou shalt be our captaine in steade of Iudas and Ionathan thy brethren.

9 Fight thou our battels, and whatsoeuer thou commaundest vs, we will doe it.

10 So hee gathered all the men of warre, making hast to finish the walles of Ierusalem, and fortified it round about.

11 Then sent he Ionathan the sonne of Absalomus with a great host vnto Ioppe, which droue them out that were therein, and remained there himselfe.

12 Tryphon also remoued from Ptolemais with a great armie, to come into the land of Iuda, and Ionathan was with him as prisoner.

13 And Simon pitched his tents at [Note: Or, Addus. ] Addidis vpon the open plaine.

14 But when Tryphon knew that Simon stoode vp in steade of his brother Ionathan, and that hee woulde fight against him, hee sent messengers vnto him, saying,

15 Whereas we haue kept Ionathan thy brother, it is for money that hee is owing in the Kings account concerning the busines that he had in hand.

16 Wherefore send now an hundreth talents of siluer, and his two sonnes for hostages, that when he is letten foorth, hee will not turne from vs, and

[Page 188]
we will send him againe.
17 Neuertheles Simon knew that he dissembled in his wordes, yet commaunded he the money and children to be deliuered vnto him, least he should be in greater hatred of the people of Israel.

18 Who might haue sayd, Because he sent him not the money and the children, therefore is Ionathan dead.

19 So he sent the children and an hundreth talents: but he dissembled, and would not let Ionathan goe.

20 Afterward came Tryphon into the land to destroy it, and went round about by the way, that leadeth vnto Adora: but wheresoeuer they went, thither went Simon and his hoste.

21 Now they that were in the castell, sent messengers vnto Tryphon, that hee should make haste to come by the wildernes, & to send them vittailes.

22 So Tryphon made ready all his horsemen: but the same night fell a very great snowe, so that he came not, because of the snowe: but he remoued and went into the countrey of Galaad.

23 And when hee came neere to Bascama, he slewe Ionathan, and he was buried there.

24 So Tryphon returned, and went into his owne land.

25 Then sent Simon to take the bones of Ionathan his brother, and they buried him in Modin his fathers citie.

26 And all Israel bewailed him with great lamentation, and mourned for him very long.

27 And Simon made vpon the sepulchre of his father and his brethren, a building hie to looke vnto, of hewen stone behinde and before,

28 And set vp seuen pillars vpon it, one against another, for his father, his mother, and foure brethren,

29 And set great pillars round about them, and set armes vpon the pillars for a perpetuall memorie, and carued ships beside the armes, that they might be seene of men sayling in the sea.

30 This sepulchre which hee made at Modin, standeth yet vnto this day.

31 [Note: Ioseph.Anti.13.cap.10. ] Nowe as Tryphon went foorth with the yong King Antiochus, he slew him traiterously,

32 And reigned in his steade, and crowned him selfe King of Asia, and brought a great plague vpon the land.

33 Simon also built vp the castels of Iudea, and compassed them about with hie towers, and great walles, euen with towers, and gates, and barres, and layde vp vittailes in the strong holdes.

34 Moreouer Simon chose certaine men & sent them to king Demetrius, that he would discharge the land: for all Tryphons doings were robberies.

35 Whereupon Demetrius the king answered him, and wrote vnto him after this maner,

36 Demetrivs the King vnto Simon the hie Priest, and the friend of Kings, & to the Elders and to the nation of the Iewes sendeth greeting.

37 The golden crowne, and [Note: Or, colar, or, baudricke: in Greeke Bainen, or babeu. ] precious stone that ye sent vnto vs, haue we receiued, and are ready to make a stedfast peace with you, and to write vnto the officers, to release you of the things wherein we made you free.

38 So the things that we haue graunted you, shall be stable: the strong holdes which ye haue builded, shalbe your owne.

39 Also we forgiue the ouersights, and faultes committed vnto this day, and the crowne taxe that ye ought vs: and whereas was any other tribute in Ierusalem, it shalbe nowe no tribute.

40 And they that are meete among you to be written with our men, let them be written vp, that there may be peace betweene vs.

41 Thus the yoke of the heathen was taken from Israel in the hundred and seuentie yeere.

42 And the people of Israel began to write in their letters, and publique instruments, In The First yeere of Simon, the hie and chiefe Priest, gouernour and prince of the Iewes.

43 In those dayes Simon camped against Gaza, and besieged it round about, where he set vp an engine of warre, and approched neere the citie, and beat a tower, and tooke it.

44 So they that were in the engine, leapt into the citie, and there was great trouble in the citie,

45 In so much that the people of the citie rent their clothes, and climed vp vpon the walles with their wiues, & children, & cried with a loud voyce, beseeching Simon to graunt them peace, saying,

46 Deale not with vs according to our wickednes, but according to thy mercy.

47 Then Simon pitied them, and would fight no more against them, but put them out of the citie, and clensed the houses, wherein the idoles were, and so entred thereunto with psalmes and thankesgiuing.

48 So when he had cast all the filthines out, he set such men in it as kept the Law, and fortified it, and builded there a dwelling place for him selfe.

49 Nowe, when they in the castell at Ierusalem were kept, that they could not come foorth nor goe into the countrey, neither buy nor sell, they were very hungry, & many of them were famished to death,

50 In so much that they besought Simon to make peace with them: which he graunted them, and put them out from thence, and clensed the castell from filthines.

51 And vpon the three and twentie day of the second moneth, in the hundreth seuentie and one yeere, they entred into it with thankesgiuing, and branches of palme trees, and with harpes, and with cymbales, and with violes, & with psalmes, & songs, because the great enemie of Israel was ouercome.

52 And he ordeined that the same day should be kept euery yeere with gladnes.

53 And he fortified the mount of the Temple that was beside the castell where he dwelt himselfe with his company.

54 Simon also seeing that Iohn his sonne was now a man, he made him captaine of all the hostes, and caused him to dwell in [Note: Or, Gaza. ] Gazaris.


1 Demetrius is ouercome of Arsaces. 11 Simon being captaine, there is great quietnes in Israel. 18 The couenant of friendship with the Romanes, and with the people of Sparta is renued.

1 In the hundred seuentie and two yeere gathered King Demetrius his hoste, and departed vnto Media, to get him helpe for to fight against Tryphon.

2 But when Arsaces the King of Persia and Media heard, that Demetrius was entred within his borders, hee sent one of his princes to take him aliue.

3 So he went, and ouercame the armie of Demetrius, and tooke him, and brought him to Arsaces, which kept him in warde.

4 Thus all the land of Iuda was in rest, so long [Page] as Simon liued: for he sought the wealth of his nation: therefore were they glad to haue him for their ruler, and to doe him worship alway.

5 Simon also wanne the citie of Ioppe to his great honour to be an hauen towne, and made it an entrance vnto the yles of the sea.

6 He enlarged also the borders of his people, their and conquered the countreys.

7 He gathered vp many of their people that were prisoners, & he had the dominion of Gazaris, and Beth-sura, & the castell, which he clensed from filthines, and there was no man that resisted him,

8 So that euery ma tilled his ground in peace, and the land gaue her fruites, and the trees gaue their fruite.

9 The Elders sate in the open places, and consulted all together for the common wealth, and the yong men were honourably clothed and armed.

10 He prouided vittailes for the cities, and all kinde of munition, so that his glorious fame was renoumed vnto the end of the world.

11 He made peace throughout the land, and Israel had perfite mirth and ioy.

12 For euery man sate vnder his vine, and the fig trees, and there was no man to fray them.

13 There was none in the land to fight against them: for then the Kings were ouercome.

14 He helped all those that were in aduersitie among his people: hee was diligent to see the Law kept, and he tooke away the vngodly, and wicked.

15 He beautified the Sanctuarie, and encreased the vessels of the Temple.

16 When the Romanes heard, and the Spartians had knowledge, that Ionathan was dead, they were very sorie.

17 But when they heard, that Simon his brother was made hie Priest in his steade, and howe he had wonne the land againe with the cities in it,

18 They wrote vnto him in tables of brasse, to renue the friendship, and bond of loue, which they had made with Iudas and Ionathan his brethren.

19 Which writings were read before the congregation at Ierusalem, and this is the copy of the letters that the Spartians sent,

20 The Senators and citie of Sparta vnto Simon the great Priest, and to the Elders, and to the Priests, and to the residue of the people of the Iewes their brethren send greeting.

21 When your ambassadours that were sent vnto our people, certified vs of your glory and honour, we were glad of their comming,

22 And haue registred their ambassage in the publique records in this maner, Nvmenivs the sonne of Antiochus, and Antipater the sonne of Iason the Iewes ambassadours came vnto vs, to renue amitie with vs.

23 And it pleased the people, that the men should be honourably intreated, and that the copy of their ambassage should be registred in the publique records, that it might be for a memoriall vnto the people of Sparta: and a copy of the same was sent to Simon the chiefe Priest.

24 After this Simon sent Numenius to Rome, with a great shield of golde of a thousand pound weight, to confirme the friendship with them.

25 Which when the people vnderstood, they sayd, What thankes shal we recompense againe vnto Simon and his children?

26 For he and his brethren, and the house of his father haue stablished Israel, and ouercome their enemies, and haue confirmed the libertie thereof: therefore they wrote this in tables of brasse, and set it vpon pillars in mount Sion.

27 The copy of the writing is this, In the eight and twentie day of the moneth [Note: Angell. ] Elul in the hundreth, seuentie and two yeere, in the third yeere of Simon the hie Priest.

28 In [Note: Or, Ierusalem. ] Saramel in the great congregation of the Priests, and of the people, and of the gouernours of the nation, and of the Elders of the countrey, we would signifie vnto you, that many battels haue bene fought in our countrey.

29 Wherein Simon ye sonne of Mattathias (come of the children of Iarib) and his brethren put them selues in danger, and resisted the enemies of their nation, that their Sanctuarie, and Lawe might be mainteined, and did their nation great honour.

30 For Ionathan gathered his nation together, and became their hie Priest, and is layde with his people.

31 After that would their enemies haue inuaded their countrey, and destroyed their land, and lay their hands on their Sanctuarie.

32 Then Simon resisted them, and fought for his nation, and spent much of his owne substance, and armed the valiant men of his nation, and gaue them wages.

33 He fortified also the cities of Iudea, & Bethsura that lyeth vpon the borders of Iudea (where the ordinance of their enemies lay sometime) and set there a garison of the Iewes.

34 And he fortified Ioppe, which lyeth vpon the sea, & Gazara that bordereth vpon Azotus, (where the enemies dwelt afore) and there he placed Iewes, and furnished them with things necessarie for the reparation thereof.

35 Now when the people saw the faithfulnes of Simon, and to what glory hee thought to bring his nation vnto, they made him their gouernour, and the chiefe Priest, because hee had done all these things, and for the vprightnes, and fidelitie that he had kept to his nation, & that sought by all meanes to exalt his people.

36 For in his time they prospered well by him, so that the heathen were taken out of their countrey, and they also which were in the citie of Dauid at Ierusalem, where they had made them a castell, out of the which they went, and defiled all things that were about the Sanctuarie, & did great hurt vnto religion.

37 And he set Iewes in it, and fortified it, for the assurance of the land, and citie, and raised vp the walles of Ierusalem.

38 And King Demetrius confirmed him in his hie Priesthood for these causes,

39 And made him one of his friends, and gaue him great honour.

40 For it was reported that the Romanes called the Iewes their friends, and confederates, and that they honourably receiued Simons Ambassadours,

41 And that the Iewes, and Priests consented, that Simon should be their Prince, and hie Priest perpetually, till God raised vp the true Prophet,

42 And that he should be their captaine, and haue the charge of the Sanctuarie, and so set men ouer the workes, and ouer the countrey, and ouer the weapons, and ouer the fortresses, and that should make prouision for the holy things,

43 And that he should be obeyed of euery man, and that all the writings in the countrey shoulde

[Page 189]
be made in his name, and that he should be clothed in purple, and weare golde,
44 And that it shoulde not be lawfull for any of the people or Priestes to breake any of these things, or to withstand his wordes, or to call any congregation in the countrey without him, or be clothed in purple, or weare a colar of gold:

45 And if any did contrary to these thinges or brake any of them, he should be punished.

46 So it pleased all the people to agree that it shoulde bee done to Simon according vnto these wordes.

47 Simon also accepted it, and was content to be the high Priest, and the captaine, and the Prince of the Iewes, and of the Priestes, and to be the chiefe of all.

48 And they commanded to set vp this writing in tables of brasse, and to fasten it to the wall that compassed the Sanctuarie in an open place,

49 And that a copie of the same should be laide vp in the treasurie, that Simon and his sonnes might haue it.


1 Antiochus maketh a couenant of friendship with Simon. 11 Tryphon is pursued. 15 The Romanes write letters vnto Kings and nations in the defence of the Iewes. 27 Antiochus refusing the helpe that Simon sent him, breaketh his couenant.

1 Moreouer King Antiochus the sonne of Demetrius sent letters from the yles of the sea vnto Simon the Priest, and Prince of the Iewes, and to all the nation,

2 Conteyning these words, Antiochvs the King vnto Simon the great Priest, and to the nation of the Iewes sendeth greeting.

3 For so much as certeine pestilent men haue vsurped the kingdome of our fathers, I am purposed to chalenge the Realme againe, and to restore it to the olde estate: wherefore I haue gathered a great hoste, and prepared shippes of warre,

4 That I may goe thorowe the countrey, and be auenged of them, which haue destroyed our countrey, and wasted many cities in the Realme.

5 Nowe therefore I doe confirme vnto thee all the liberties, whereof all the Kings my progenitours haue discharged thee, and all the payments, whereof they haue released thee.

6 And I giue thee leaue to coyne money of thine owne stampe within thy countrey,

7 And that Ierusalem, and the Sanctuarie be free, and that all the weapons, that thou hast prepared, and the fortresses, which thou hast builded, and keepest in thine hands, shall be thine.

8 And all that is due vnto the King, and al that shall be due vnto the King, I forgiue it thee, from this time foorth for euermore.

9 And when we haue obteined our kingdome, we will giue thee, and thy nation and the Temple great honour, so that your honour shall be knowen throughout the world.

10 [Note: Ioseph.Antiq. 13 Chap.11. ] In the hundreth, seuentie and foure yeere, went Antiochus into his fathers lande, and all the bands came together vnto him, so that fewe were left with Tryphon.

11 So the King Antiochus pursued him, but he fled and came to Dora, which lyeth by the sea side.

12 For he sawe that troubles were towarde him, and that the armie had forsaken him.

13 Then camped Antiochus against Dora with an hundreth and twentie thousand fighting men, and eight thousand horsemen.

14 So he compassed the citie about, & the ships came by the sea. Thus they pressed the citie by land and by sea, in so much that they suffered no man to goe in nor out.

15 In the meane season came Numenius, and his companie from Rome, hauing letters written vnto the Kings and countreys, wherein were conteyned these wordes,

16 Lvcivs the Consull of Rome vnto King Ptolemeus sendeth greeting.

17 The Ambassadours of the Iewes are come vnto vs as our friendes and confederates from Simon the hie Priest, and from the people of ye Iewes to renewe friendship, and the bond of loue,

18 Who haue brought a shield of golde weying a thousand pound.

19 Wherefore we thought it good to write vnto the Kings and countreys, that they shoulde not goe about to hurt them, nor to fight against them, nor their cities, nor their countrey, neither to mainteyne their enemies against them.

20 And we were content to receiue of them the shielde.

21 If therefore there be any pestilent felowes fled from their countrey vnto you, deliuer them vnto Simon the hie Priest, that he may punish them according to their owne Lawe.

22 The same things were written to Demetrius the King, and to Attalus, and to Arathes and to Arsaces,

23 And to all countreis, as [Note: Or, Sampsace. ] Sampsames, and to them of Sparta, and to Delus, and to Mindus, and to Sicion, and to Caria, and to Samos, and to Pamphylia, and to Lycia, and to Halicarnassus, and to Rhodus, and to Phaselis, and to Cos, and to Siden, and to Cortyna, and to Gnidon, and to Cyprus, and to Cyrene.

24 And they sent a copie of them to Simon the hie Priest.

25 So Antiochus the King camped against Dora the seconde time euer readie to take it, and made diuers engins of warre, and kept Tryphon in, that he coulde neither goe in nor out.

26 Then Simon sent him two thousand chosen men to helpe him with siluer and golde, and much furniture.

27 Neuerthelesse, he woulde not receiue them, but brake al the couenant, which he had made with him afore, and withdrewe himselfe from him,

28 And sent vnto him Athenobius one of his friendes to commune with him, saying, Ye withhold Ioppe, and Gazara with the castell that is at Ierusalem, the citie of my Realme,

29 Whose borders ye haue destroyed and done great hurt in the land, and haue the gouernement of many places of my kingdome.

30 Wherefore nowe deliuer the cities, which ye haue taken, with the tributes of the places, that ye haue rule ouer without the borders of Iudea,

31 Or els giue me for them fiue hundreth talents of siluer, and for the harme that ye haue done, and for the tributes of the places other fiue hundreth talents: if not, wee will come, and fight against you.

32 So Athenobius the Kings friend came to Ierusalem, and when he sawe the honour of Simon, and the cupborde of golde and siluer plate, and so great preparation, he was astonished, and tolde him the Kings message.

33 Then answered Simon, & said vnto him, We [Page] haue neither taken other mens lands, nor withholden that which apperteyneth to others: but our fathers heritage, which our enemies had vnrighteously in possession a certeine time.

34 But when we had occasion, we recouered the inheritance of our fathers.

35 And whereas thou [Note: Or, complainest concerning. ] requirest Ioppe and Gazara, they did great harme to our people, and thorowe our countrey, yet will we giue an hundreth talents for them. But Athenobius answered him not one worde,

36 But turned againe angrie vnto the King, and tolde him all these wordes, and the dignitie of Simon, with all that he had seene: and the King was very angrie.

37 In the meane time fled Tryphon by shippe vnto Orthosias.

38 Then the King made Cendebeus captaine of the sea coast, and gaue him bands of footemen and horsemen,

39 And commanded him to remoue the hoste toward Iudea, and to build vp Cedron, and to fortifie the gates, and to warre against the people: but the King pursued Tryphon.

40 So Cendebeus came vnto Iamnia, and began to vexe the people, and to inuade Iudea, and to take the people prisoners, and to slay them.

41 And he built vp Cedron, where he set horsemen and garisons, that they might make outrodes by the wayes of Iudea, as the King had commanded him.


1 Cendebeus the captaine of Antiochus host is put to flight by the sonnes of Simon. 11 Ptolemeus the sonne of Abubus killeth Simon and his two sonnes at a bankes. 23 Iohn killeth them that lye in wayte for his life.

1 [Note: Ioseph. Anti.13. Chap.11. ] Then came Iohn vp from Gazara, and tolde Simon his father, what Cendebeus had done.

2 So Simon called two of his eldest sonnes, Iudas and Iohn, and saide vnto them, I, and my brethren, and my fathers house, haue euer from our youth vnto this day fought against the enemies of Israel, & the matters haue had good successe vnder our hands, and we haue deliuered Israel oftentimes.

3 But I am nowe olde, and ye by Gods mercie are of a sufficient age: be ye therefore in steade of me, and my brother, and goe foorth and fight for our nation, and the helpe of heauen be with you.

4 So he chose twentie thousand fighting men of the countrey with the horsemen, which went foorth against Cendebeus, and rested at Modin.

5 In the morning they arose, and went into the plaine fielde: and beholde, a mightie great hoste came against them both of footemen, and horsemen: but there was a riuer betwixt them.

6 And Iohn ranged his armie ouer against him, and when he sawe that the people was afraide to go ouer the riuer, he went ouer first himselfe, and the men seeing him, passed through after him.

7 Then he deuided his men, and set the horsemen in the middes of the footemen.

8 For their enemies horsemen were very many: but when they blewe the trumpets, Cendebeus fled with his host, whereof many were slaine, and the remnant gate them to the fortresse.

9 Then was Iudas Iohns brother wounded: but Iohn followed after them, till he came to Cedron, which Cendebeus had built.

10 Also they fled vnto the towres, that were in the fieldes of Azotus, and those did Iohn burne with fire: thus were there slaine two thousande men of them: so he returned peaceably into the land of Iuda.

11 Nowe in the fielde of Iericho was Ptolemeus the sonne of Abubus made captaine, and he had abundance of siluer and gold.

12 (For he had married the daughter of the hie Priest)

13 Therefore he waxed proude in his mind, and thought to rule the land, and thought to slay Simon and his sonnes by deceit.

14 Nowe as Simon went about thorowe the cities of the countrey, and studied carefully for them, he came downe to Iericho with Mattathias, and Iudas his sonnes in the hundreth, seuentie and seuen yeere, in the eleuenth moneth, which is the moneth Sabat.

15 Then the sonne of Abubus receiued them by treason into a litle holde, called Dochus, which he had built, where he made them a great banket, and had hid men there.

16 So when Simon and his sonnes had made good cheere, Ptolemeus stoode vp with his men, and tooke their weapons, and entred in to Simon in the banket house, and slewe him with his two sonnes, and certaine of his seruants.

17 Whereby he committed a great vilenie, and recompensed euill for good.

18 Then wrote Ptolemeus these things and sent to ye King, that he might send him an hoste to helpe him, and so would deliuer him the countrey with the cities.

19 He sent other men also vnto Gazara, to take Iohn, and sent letters vnto the captaines to come to him, and he woulde giue them siluer, and golde and rewardes.

20 And to Ierusalem he sent other to take it, and the mountaine of the Temple.

21 But one ranne before, and tolde Iohn in Gazara, that his father, and his brethren were slaine, and that Ptolemeus had sent to slay him.

22 When he heard this, he was sore astonished, and laid hands of them that were come to him, and slewe them: for he knewe that they went about to kill him.

23 Concerning other things of Iohn, both of his warres, and of his noble actes (wherein he behaued himselfe manfully) of the building of walles which he made, and other of his deedes,

24 Beholde, they are written in the Chronicles of his Priesthood, from the time, that he was made high Priest after his father.

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