Introductory matter

This Argument was found in a certaine Greeke copie.

This Iesus was the sonne of Sirach, and Sirachs father was also called Iesus, and he liued in the latter times, after the people had bene led away captiue, and brought home againe, and almost after all the Prophets. Now his grandfather, as he himselfe witnesseth, was a man of great diligence, and wisdome among the Hebrewes, who did not onely gather the graue sentences of wise men, that had bene before him, but he himselfe also spake many full of great knowledge and wisdome. So this first Iesus dyed, and left this which he had gathered, and Sirach afterward left it to Iesus his sonne, who tooke it and put it in order in a booke, and called it WISDOME, intituling it both by his owne name, his fathers name, and his grandfathers: thinking by this title of Wisdome to allure the reader to reade this booke with more great desire, and to consider it more diligently. Therefore this booke conteineth wise sayings, and darke sentences, and similitudes with certaine diuine histories which are notable and ancient, euen of men that were approued of God, and certeine prayers, and songs of the author himselfe: moreouer, what benefites the Lorde had bestowed vpon his people, and what plagues he had heaped vpon their enemies. This Iesus did imitate Salomon, and was no lesse famous in wisdome and doctrine, who was therefore called a man of great knowledge, as he was in deede.

The Prologue of the wisdome of Iesus the Sonne of Sirach.

Where as many, and great things haue bene giuen vs by the Lawe and the Prophets, and by others that haue followed them, (for the which thinges Israel ought to be commended by the reason of doctrine and wisedome, whereby the readers ought not onely to become learned themselues, but also may be able by the diligent studie thereof to be profitable vnto strangers both by speaking and writing) after that my grandfather Iesus had giuen himselfe to the reading of the Lawe and the Prophetes, and other bookes of our fathers, and had gotten therein sufficient iudgement, he purposed also to write something perteyning to learning and wisdome, to the intent that they which were desirous to learne, and woulde giue themselues to these things, might profite much more in liuing according to the Law. Wherefore I exhort you to receiue it louingly, and to reade it with diligence, and to take it in good woorth, though wee seeme to some in some thinges not able to atteine to the interpretation of such wordes as are hard to be expressed: for the thinges that are spoken in the Hebrewe tongue, haue another force in them selues then when they are translated into another tongue, and not onely these thinges, but other thinges also, as the Lawe it selfe, and the Prophetes, and other bookes haue no small difference when they are spoken in their owne language. Therefore in the eight and thirtieth yeere, when I came into Egypt vnder King Euergetes, and continued there, I founde a copie full of great learning, and I thought it necessarie, [Page] to bestowe my diligence, and trauaile to interprete this booke. So for a certaine time with great watching and studie I gaue my selfe to the finishing of this booke, that it might be published, that they which remaine in banishment, and are desirous to learne, might applie themselues vnto good maners, and liue according to the Lawe.

[Note: That which is marked with these two markes [] is read in the Latine copies, and not in the Greeke. ]


1 Wisdome commeth of God. 11 A prayse of the feare of God. 29 The meanes to come by wisdome.

1 All wisdome [Note: 1.King.3.9. and 4.29. ] commeth of the Lord, [and hath bene euer with him] and is with him for euer.

2 Who can number the sand of the sea, and the droppes of the raine, and the dayes of the worlde? [who can measure] the height of heauen, the bredth of the earth, and the depth?

3 Who can finde the wisdome [of God which hath bene before all things?]

4 Wisdome hath bene created before al things, and ye vnderstanding of prudence from euerlasting.

5 [The word of God most high is the fountaine of wisdome, and the euerlasting commandements are the entrance vnto her.]

6 [Note: Rom.11.34. ] Vnto whom hath ye roote of wisdome bene declared? or who hath knowen her wise counsels?

7 [Vnto whom hath the doctrine of wisdome bene discouered and shewed? and who hath vnderstood the manifolde entrance vnto her?]

8 There is one wise, [euen the most high Creator of all things, the Almightie, the King of power] and very terrible, which sitteth vpon his throne.

9 He is the Lord, that hath created her [thorow the holy Ghost:] he hath seene her, numbred her, [and measured her.]

10 He hath powred her out vpon all his workes, and vpon all flesh, according to his gift, and giueth her abundantly vnto them that loue him.

11 The feare of the Lorde is glory, and gladnes, and reioycing, and a ioyfull crowne.

12 The feare of the Lord maketh a mery heart, and giueth gladnes and ioy and long life.

13 Who so feareth the Lord, it shall go well with him at the last, and he shall finde fauour in the day of his death.

14 [The loue of God is honourable wisedome, and vnto whom it appeareth in a vision, they loue it for the vision, and for the knowledge of the great workes thereof.]

15 [Note: Psal.111.10. pro.9.10. iob 28.28. ] The feare of the Lorde is the beginning of wisdome, and was made with the faithfull in the wombe: [she goeth with the chosen women, and is knowen with the righteous and faithfull.

16 The feare of the Lord is an holy knowledge.

17 Holinesse shall preserue, and iustifie the heart, and giueth mirth and gladnesse.

18 Who so feareth the Lord, shall prosper, and in the day of his end, he shall be blessed.]

19 She hath built her euerlasting foundations with men, and is giuen to be with their seede.

20 To feare God is the fulnesse of wisdome, and filleth men with her fruites.

21 She filleth their whole house with [all] things desireable, and the garners with the things, that she bringeth foorth, and both twaine are giftes of God.

22 The feare of the Lorde is the crowne of wisdome, and giueth peace and perfect health: he hath seene her and numbred her.

23 [Note: Or, wisdome. ] She rayneth downe knowledge, and vnderstanding of wisdome, and hath brought vnto honour, them that possessed her.

24 The feare of the Lorde is the roote of wisedome, and her branches are long life.

25 [In the treasures of wisedome is vnderstanding, and holy knowledge, but wisdome is abhorred of sinners.]

26 The feare of the Lord driueth out sinne: and when she is present, she driueth away anger.

27 For wicked anger cannot be iustified: for his rashnes in his anger shall be his destruction.

28 A patient man will suffer for a time, and their shall he haue the reward of ioy.

29 He will hide his wordes for a time, and many mens lippes shall speake of his wisdome.

30 In the treasures of wisdome are the secrets of knowledge, but ye sinner abhorreth ye worship of God.

31 If thou desire wisdome, keepe the commandements, and the Lord shall giue her vnto thee, [and will fill her treasures.]

32 For the feare of ye Lord is wisdome and discipline: he hath pleasure in faith and meekenesse.

33 Be not disobedient to the feare of the Lorde, and come not vnto him with a double heart.

34 Be not an hypocrite yt men should speake of thee, but take heede what thou speakest.

35 Exalt not thy selfe, least thou fall and bring thy soule to dishonour, and so God discouer thy secrets, and cast thee downe in the middes of the congregation, because thou wouldest not receiue ye true feare of God, and thine heart is full of deceite.


1 He exhorteth the seruants of God to righteousnesse, loue, vnderstanding, and patience, 11 To trust in the Lorde. 13 A curse vpon them that are faint hearted and impatient.

1 My sonne, if thou wilt come into the seruice of God, [stand fast in righteousnesse and feare, and] prepare thy soule to tentation.

2 Settle thine heart, and be patient: [bowe downe thine eare, and receiue the wordes of vnderstanding,] and shrinke not away, when thou art assayled, [but waite vpon God patiently.]

3 Ioyne thy selfe vnto him, and depart not away, that thou mayest be increased at thy last end.

4 Whatsoeuer commeth vnto thee, receiue it patiently, & be patient in ye change of thine afflictio.

5 [Note: Wisd.3.6.prou.17.3 ] For as gold [and siluer are] tryed in the fire, eue so are men acceptable in ye fornace of aduersitie.

6 Beleeue in God, and he will helpe thee: order thy way aright, and trust in him: [hold fast his feare, and growe olde therein.]

7 Ye that feare the Lorde, waite for his mercie shrinke not away from him that ye fall not.

8 Ye that feare the Lord, beleeue him, and your reward shall not faile.

9 O ye that feare ye Lorde, trust in good things, and in the euerlasting ioy and mercie.

10 [Ye that feare the Lorde, loue him, and your hearts shall be lightened.]

11 Consider the olde generations [of men, ye children,] and marke them well: [Note: Psal,37.25. ] was there euer any confounded, that put his trust in the Lorde? or who hath continued in his feare, & was forsaken? or whom did he euer despise, that called vpon him?

12 For God is gracious and mercifull, and forgiueth sinnes, & saueth in the time of trouble, [and is a defender for al them that seeke him in the trueth.]

13 Woe vnto them, that haue a [Note: Or, double. ] fearefull heart, [and to the wicked lips] and to the faint hands, and

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to the sinner that goeth two [Note: 2.King.18.38. ] maner of waies.
14 Woe vnto him that is faint hearted, for hee beleeueth not: therefore shall he not be defended.

15 Woe vnto you that haue lost patience, [and haue forsaken the right waies, and are turned backe into froward waies:] for what will ye doe when the Lord shall visite you?

16 They that feare the Lord, wil not disobey his worde: and they that [Note: John.24.23,24. ] loue him, wil keepe his waies.

17 They that feare the Lorde, will seeke out the things that are pleasant vnto him: and they that loue him, shalbe fulfilled with his Lawe.

18 [They that feare the Lord, will prepare their hearts, and humble their soules in his sight.

19 They that feare the Lorde, keepe his comandements, and will be patient till he see them,

20 Saying, If we doe not repent] we shal fal into ye hands of the Lord, & not into the hands of men.

21 Yet as his greatnesse is, so is his mercie.


2 To our father and mother ought we to giue double honour. 10 Of the blessing and curse of the father and mother. 22 No man ought ouer curiously to searche out the secretes of God.

1 The children of wisdome are the Church of the righteous, and their offspring is obedience and loue.]

2 Heare your fathers iudgement, O children, and doe thereafter, that yee may be safe.

3 For the Lorde wil haue the father honoured of the children, and hath confirmed the authoritie of the mother ouer the children.

4 Who so honoureth his father, his sinnes shall be forgiuen him, [and he shall absteine from them, and shall haue his daily desires.]

5 And hee that honoureth his mother, is like one that gathereth treasure.

6 Who so honoureth his father, shall haue ioy of his owne children, and when he maketh his praier, he shalbe heard.

7 Hee that honoureth his father, shall haue a long life, and hee that is obedient vnto the Lorde, shall comfort his mother.

8 He that feareth the Lord, honoureth his parents, & doeth seruice vnto his parents, as vnto lords.

9 [Note: Exod.10.12. deut.5.16. ] Honour thy father and mother, in deede and in worde [and in all patience,] that thou maiest haue [Note: Or, the blessing of men. ] Gods blessing, [and that his blessing may abide with thee in the ende.]

10 For the blessing of the father establisheth the houses of the children, and the mothers curse rooteth out the foundations.

11 Reioyce not at the dishonour of thy father: for it is not honour vnto thee, but shame.

12 Seeing that mans glorie commeth by his fathers honour, and the reproche of the mother is dishonour to the children,

13 My sonne, helpe thy father in his age, and grieue him not as long as he liueth.

14 And if his vnderstanding faile, haue patience with him, and despise him not when thou art in thy full strength.

15 For the good intreatie of thy father shall not be forgotten, but it shall be a fortresse for thee against sinnes, [and for thy mothers offence, thou shalt be recompenced with good, and it shall be founded for thee in righteousnesse.]

16 And in the day of trouble thou shalt bee remembred: thy sinnes also shall melt away as the yce in the faire weather.

17 He yt forsaketh his father, shal come to shame, and he that angreth his mother, is cursed of God.

18 My son, performe thy doings wt meekenes, so shalt thou be beloued of them that are approued.

19 The [Note: Phil.2.3. ] greater thou are, the more humble thy selfe [in all things,] and thou shalt finde fauour before the Lorde.

20 Many are excellent and of renowne: but the secretes are reueiled vnto the meeke.

21 For the power of the Lorde is great, and he is honoured of the lowly.

22 [Note: Psal.131.1. prou.25.27. rom.12.3. ] Seeke not out the things that are too harde for thee, neither searche the things rashly which are too mightie for thee.

23 [But] what [God] hath commaunded thee, thinke vpon that with reuerence, [and be not curious in many of his works:] for it is not needefull for thee to see with thine eyes the things that are secret.

24 Be not curious in superfluous things: for many things are shewed vnto thee aboue the capacitie of men.

25 The medling with such hath beguiled many, and an euil opinion hath deceiued their iudgement.

26 Thou canst not see without eyes: professe not the knowledge therefore that thou hast not.

27 A stubberne heart shall fare euill at the last: and he that loueth danger, shall perish therein.

28 An heart that goeth two waies, shal not prosper: and he that is frowarde of heart, shall stumble therein.

29 An obstinate heart shall be laden wt sorrowes: and the wicked man shall heape sinne vpon sinne.

30 The perswasion of the proude is without remedie, and his steppes shall be plucked vp: for the plant of sinne hath taken roote in him, [and he shal not be esteemed.]

31 The heart of him that hath vnderstanding, shall perceiue secrete things, and an attentiue eare is the desire of a wise man.

32 [An heart that is wise and vnderstanding, wil absteine from sinne, and shall prosper in the workes of righteousnesse.]

33 Water quencheth burning fire, [Note: Dan.4.24. psal.41.1. ] and almes taketh away sinnes.

34 And he that rewardeth good deedes, will remember it afterward, and in the time of the fall, he shall finde a staie.


1 Almes must be done with gentlenesse. 12 The studie of wisedome and her fruite. 20 An exhortation to eschew euil, and to doe good.

1 My sonne, defraud not the [Note: Deut.15.7. ] poore of his liuing, and make not the needie eyes to waite long.

2 Make not an hungrie soule sorrowfull, neither vexe a man in his necessitie.

3 Trouble not the heart that is grieued, and deferre not the gift of the needie.

4 Refuse not the praier of one that is in trouble: [Note: Tolit.4.7. ] turne not away thy face from the poore.

5 Turne not thine eyes aside [in anger] from the poore, and giue him none occasion to speake euill of thee.

6 For if he curse thee in ye bitternes of his soule, his praier shall be heard of him that made him.

7 Be courteous vnto the companie [of poore, and humble thy soule vnto the Elder,] and bowe downe thine head to a man of worship.

8 Let it not grieue thee to bowe downe thine eare vnto the poore, [but paie thy dette,] and giue him a friendly answere.

9 Deliuer him that suffreth wrong, from the [Page] hande of the oppressor, and bee not faint hearted [Note: Or, to defende him. ] when thou iudgest.

10 Be as a father vnto the fatherlesse, and as an husbande vnto their mother: so shalt thou be as the sonne of the most High: and he shal loue thee more then thy mother doeth.

11 Wisdome exalteth her children, and receiueth them that seeke her, [and wil go before them in the way of righteousnesse.]

12 He that loueth her, loueth life, and they that seeke life in the morning, shall haue great ioy.

13 He that keepeth her, shall inherite glorie: for vnto whome shee entreth, him the Lord will blesse.

14 They that honour her, shall be the seruantes of the Holy one, and them that loue her, the Lorde doeth loue.

15 Who so geueth eare vnto her, shall iudge the nations, and he that goeth vnto her, shall dwell safely.

16 He that is faithfull vnto her, shall haue her in possession, and his generation shall possesse her.

17 For first she will walke with him by crooked waies, and bring him vnto feare, and dread, and torment him with her discipline vntill shee haue tried his soule, and haue prooued him by her iudgements.

18 Then will shee returne the streight way vnto him, and comfort him, and shewe him her secretes, [and heape vpon him the treasures of knowledge, and vnderstanding of righteousnesse.]

19 But if he goe wrong, she wil forsake him, and geue him ouer into the hands of his destruction.

20 [ My sonne,] make much of time, and [Note: Rom.12.11. 1.thes.5.22. ] eschewe the thing that is euill,

21 And be not ashamed [to say the trueth] for thy life: for there is a shame that bringeth sinne, and a shame that bringeth worship and fauour.

22 Accept no person against thine owne conscience, that thou bee not confounded to thine owne decay, [& forbeare not thy neighbour in his faut.]

23 And keepe not backe counsell when it may doe good, neither hide thy wisdome when it may be famous.

24 For by the talke is wisdome knowen, and learning by the woordes of the tongue, [and counsel, wisdom and learning by the talking of the wise, and stedfastnes in the workes of righteousnesse.]

25 In no wise speake against the word of truth, but be ashamed of the lies of thine owne ignorace.

26 Be not ashamed to confesse thy sinnes, and resist not the course of the riuer.

27 Submit not thy selfe vnto a foolish man, neither accept the person of the mightie.

28 Striue for the trueth vnto death, [and defend iustice for thy life,] and the Lorde God shall fight for thee [against thine enemies.]

29 Bee not hastie in thy tongue, neither slacke and negligent in thy woorkes.

30 Be not as a Lyon in thine owne house, neither beate thy seruauntes for thy fantasie, [nor oppresse them that are vnder thee.]

31 [Note: Act.20.35. ] Let not thine hande be stretched out to receiue, and shut when thou shouldest geue.


1 In riches may we not put any confidence. 7 The vengeance of God ought to be feared, and repentance may not be deferred.

1 Trust not vnto thy [Note: Prou.10.2. & 11.4. ] riches, and say not, I haue inough for my life: [for it shal not helpe in the time of vengeance and indignation.]

2 Folow not thine owne minde & thy strength to walke in the waies of thine heart:

3 Neither say thou, [How haue I had strength or who wil bring me vnder for my works? for God the auenger wil reuenge the wrong done by thee.

4 And say not, I haue sinned, & what euil hath come vnto mee? for the Almightie is a patient rewarder, but he will not leaue thee vnpunished.

5 Because thy sinne is forgiuen, be not without feare, to heape sinne vpon sinne.

6 And say not, The mercie of God is great: hee will forgiue my manifolde sinnes: for mercie and wrath come from him, and his indignation commeth downe vpon sinners.

7 Make no tarying to turne vnto the Lord, and put not off from day to day: for suddenly shall the wrath of the Lorde breake foorth, and in thy securitie thou shalt bee destroied, and thou shalt perish in time of vengeance.

8 Trust not in wicked riches: for they shall not helpe thee in the day of punishmet [& vengeance.]

9 Be not caried about with euery winde, and goe not into euery way: for so doeth the sinner that hath a double tongue.

10 Stande fast in thy sure vnderstanding [and in the way and knowledge of the Lord] and haue but one maner of word, [and follow the word of peace and righteousnesse.

11 Be humble to heare the worde of God, that thou maiest vnderstand it, and make a true answere with wisdome.]

12 [Note: Leu.1.19. ] Be swift to heare good things, & let thy life be pure, and giue a patient answere.

13 If thou hast vnderstanding, answer thy neighbour: if not, laie thine hande vpon thy mouth, [least thou be trapped in an vndiscrete woorde, and so be blamed.]

14 Honour and shame is in the talke, and the tongue of a man causeth him to fall.

15 Be not counted a [Note: Levit.19.16. ] talebearer, and lie not in waite with thy tongue: for shame [and repentance] follow the thiefe, and an euil condemnation is ouer him that is double tonged: [but he that is a backbiter, shall be hated, enuied and confounded.].

16 Doe not rashly, neither in small thinges nor in great.


1 It is the propertie of a sinner to be euill tongued. 6 Of friendship. 33 Desire to be taught.

1 Be not of a friend [thy neighbours] enemie: for such shal haue an euil name, shame and reproch, and he shall be in infamie as the wicked that hath a double tongue.

2 Bee not proude in the deuice of thine owne minde, least thy soule rent thee as a bull,

3 And eate vp thy leaues, & destroy thy fruite, and so thou be left as a drie tree [in the wildernes.]

4 For a wicked soule destroieth him that hath it, and maketh him to be laughed to scorne of his enemies, [and bringeth him to the portion of the vngodly.]

5 A sweete talke multiplieth the friendes [and pacifieth them that bee at variance,] and a sweete tongue increaseth much good talke.

6 Holde friendship with many, neuerthelesse haue but one counseller of a thousand.

7 If thou gettest a friend, prooue him first, and be not hastie to credite him.

8 For some man is a friend for his owne occasion, and will not abide in the day of thy trouble.

9 And there is some friend that turneth to enimitie, and taketh part against thee, & in contention

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he will declare thy shame.
10 Againe some [Note: Chap.37.4,5. ] friend is but a companion at the table, and in the day of thine affliction he continueth not.

11 But in thy prosperitie he will be as thou thy selfe, and wil vse libertie ouer thy seruants.

12 If thou be brought lowe, he will be against thee, and wil hide himselfe from thy face.

13 Depart from thine enemies, and beware of thy friendes.

14 A faithfull friend is a strong defence, and he that findeth such one, findeth a treasure.

15 A faithfull friende ought not to be changed for any thing, & the weight [of golde and siluer] is not to be compared to the goodnes [of his faith.]

16 A faithfull friend is the medicine of life [and immortalitie,] and they that feare the Lorde, shall finde him.

17 Who so feareth the Lorde, shall direct his friendship aright, and as his owne selfe, so shall his friende be.

18 My sonne, receiue doctrine from thy youth vp: so shalt thou finde wisdome [which shal indure] till thine olde age.

19 Goe to her as one that ploweth, and soweth, and wayte for her good fruites: for thou shalt haue but litle labour in her worke: but thou shalt eate of her fruites right soone.

20 How exceeding sharpe is shee to the vnlearned? he that is without iudgement, wil not remaine with her.

21 Vnto such one shee is as a fine touchstone, and he casteth her from him without delay.

22 For they haue the name of wisedome, but there be but fewe that haue the knowledge of her.

23 [For with them that know her, shee abideth vnto the appearing of God.]

24 Giue eare, my sonne: receiue my doctrine, & refuse not my counsel,

25 And put thy feete into her linkes, and thy necke into her chayne.

26 Bow downe thy shoulder vnto her, & beare her, and be not weary of her bandes.

27 Come vnto her with thy whole heart, and keepe her wayes with all thy power.

28 Seeke after her, and search her, and shee shal be shewed thee: and when thou hast gotten her, forsake her not.

29 For at the last thou shalt finde rest in her, & that shalbe turned to thy ioy.

30 Then shal her fetters be a strong defence for thee, [and a sure foundation] and her chaines a glorious rayment.

31 For there is a golden ornament in her, and her handes are the laces of purple colour.

32 Thou shalt put her on as a robe of honour, and shalt put her vpon thee, as a crowne of ioy.

33 My sonne, if thou wilt, thou shalt be taught, & if thou wilt apply thy minde, thou shalt be witty.

34 If thou loue to heare, thou shalt receiue [doctrine,] and if thou delight in hearing, thou shalt be wise.

35 Stand with the multitude of ye Elders, which are wise, and ioyne with him that is wise.

36 [Note: Chap.8.9. ] Desire to heare al godly talke, & let not the graue sentences of knowledge escape thee.

37 And if thou seest a man of vnderstanding, get thee soone vnto him, and let thy foote weare the steppes of his doores.

38 Let thy minde be vpon the ordinances of the Lord, & be [Note: Or, earnestly. ] continually [Note: Psa.1.2,3. ] occupyed in his commadements: so shall he stablish thine heart, and giue thee wisdome at thine owne desire.


2 We must forsake euill, & yet not iustifie our selues. 23 The behauiour of the wise towarde his wife, his friend, his children, his seruants, his father and mother.

1 Do no euill: so shal no harme come vnto thee.

2 Depart from the thing that is wicked, & sinne shal turne away from thee.

3 My sonne, sowe not vpon the sorowes of vnrighteousnes, lest that thou reape them seuen fold.

4 Aske not of the Lord preeminence, neyther of the king the seate of honour.

5 [Note: Iob.9.1,2. Psal.143.2. eccle.7.18. luk.18.11. ] Iustifie not thy selfe before the Lord: [for he knoweth thine heart,] and boast not thy wisedome in the presence of the king.

6 Seeke not to be made a Iudge, least thou be not able to take away iniquitie, and least thou, fearing the person of the mightie, shouldest committe an offence against thine vprightnes.

7 Offende not against the multitude of a citie, and cast not thy selfe among the people.

8 [Note: Chap.1.5. ] Binde not two sinnes together: for in one sinne shalt thou not be vnpunished.

9 Say not, God will looke vpon the multitude of mine oblations, & when I offer to the most high God, he wil accept it.

10 Be not faint hearted, when thou makest thy prayer, neither slacke in giuing of almes.

11 Laugh no man to scorne in the heauines of his soule: for [God which seeth all things] is hee [Note: 1.Sam.2.7. ] that can bring downe, and set vp againe.

12 Sowe not a lye against thy brother, neyther do the same against thy friend.

13 Vse not to make any maner of lye: for the custome thereof is not good.

14 Make not many words when thou art amog the Elders, neither [Note: Mat.6.5,7. ] repeate a thing in thy prayer.

15 Hate not laborious [Note: Rom.12.11. ] worke, neither the husbandrie, which the most high hath created.

16 Number not thy selfe in the multitude of the wicked, but remeber that vengeance wil not slacke.

17 Humble thy minde greatly: for the vegeance of the wicked is fire and wormes.

18 Giue not ouer thy friend for any good, nor thy true brother for the golde of Ophir.

19 Depart not from a wise and good woman, [that is fallen vnto thee for thy portion in the feare of the Lord:] for her grace is aboue golde.

20 [Note: Leuit.19.13. chap.33.29. & 34.23. ] Whereas thy seruant worketh truely, intreate him not euil, nor the hireling that bestoweth himselfe wholly for thee.

21 Let thy soule loue a good seruant, and defraude him not of libertie, [neyther leaue him a poore man.]

22 [Note: Deut.25.4. ] If thou haue cattel, looke wel to them, and if they be for thy profite, keepe them with thee.

23 [Note: Chap.30.11. ] If thou haue sonnes, instruct them, & holde their necke from their youth.

24 If thou haue daughters, keepe their body, & shew not thy face cheerefull toward them.

25 Marrie thy daughter, and so shalt thou performe a weightie matter: but giue her to a man of vnderstanding.

26 If thou haue a wife after thy minde, forsake her not, but commit not thy selfe to the hatefull.

27 [Note: Chap.3.9. tob.4.3. ] Honour thy father from thy whole heart, and forget not the sorowes of thy mother.

28 Remember that thou wast borne of them, & [Page] how canst thou recompence them the things that they haue done for thee?

29 Feare the Lorde with all thy soule, and honour his ministers.

30 Loue him yt made thee, with al thy strength, [Note: Deut.12.18,19. ] and forsake not his seruants.

31 Feare the Lord with all thy soule, & honour the Priestes, [Note: Leuit.2.3. num.18.15. ] and giue them their portion, as it is commanded thee, the first fruites, [& purifications] & sacrifices for sinne, & the offrings of the shoulders, and the sacrifices of sanctification, and the first fruites of the holy things.

32 Stretch thine hande vnto the poore, that thy [Note: Or, liberalitie. ] blessing, [& reconciliation] may be accomplished.

33 Liberalitie pleaseth all men liuing, & [Note: Tob.2.4,7. & 4.17. ] from the dead restraine it not.

34 [Note: Rom.12.15. ] Let not them that weepe, be without [comfort:] but mourne with such as mourne.

35 [Note: Matt.25.36. ] Be not slow to visite the sicke: for that shal make thee to be beloued.

36 Whatsoeuer thou takest in hand, remember the ende, and thou shalt neuer do amisse.


We must take heede with whom we haue to do.

1 Striue not with a mightie man, least thou fal into his handes.

2 [Note: Mat.5.25. ] Make not variance with a rich man, lest he on the other side weigh downe thy weyght: [Note: Chap.31.6. ] for golde [and siluer] hath destroyed many, and hath subuerted the hearts of kings.

3 Striue not with a man that is full of wordes, and lay no stickes vpon his fire.

4 Play not with a man that is vntaught, least thy kinred be dishonoured.

5 [Note: Galat.6.1. ] Despise not a man that turneth himselfe away from sinne, nor cast him not in the teeth withall, but remember that we are all worthy blame.

6 [Note: Leuit.19.32. ] Dishonour not a man in his olde age: for they were as we which are not olde.

7 Be not glad of the death of thine enemy, but remeber that we must die all, [& so enter into ioy.]

8 [Note: Chap.6.35. ] Despise not the exhortation of the [Elders] that be wise, but acquaint thy selfe with their wise sentences: for of them thou shalt learne wisdome, [and the doctrine of vnderstanding,] and how to serue great men [without complaynt.]

9 Go not from the doctrine of the Elders: for they haue learned it of their fathers, and of them thou shalt learne vnderstanding, and to make answere in the time of neede.

10 Kindle not the coles of sinners, [when thou rebukest them,] least thou be burnt in the fyerie flames [of their sinnes.]

11 Rise not vp against him that doeth wrong, that he lay not wayte as a spie for thy mouth.

12 [Note: Chap.29.4. ] Lende not vnto him that is mightier then thy selfe: for if thou lendest him, count it but lost.

13 Be not suertie aboue thy power: for if thou be suretie, thinke to pay it.

14 Goe not to law with the Iudge: for they will giue sentence according to his owne honour.

15 [Note: Gen.4 8. ] Trauaile not by the way with him that is rash, least he doe thee iniurie: for he followeth his owne wilfulnesse, and so shalt thou perish through his follie.

16 [Note: Prou.22.24. ] Striue not with him that is angry, and goe not with him into the wildernesse: for blood is as nothing in his sight, and where there is no helpe, he will ouerthrow thee.

17 Take no counsell at a foole: for he can not keepe a thing close.

18 Doe no secrete thing before a stranger: for thou canst not tell what he goeth aboue.

19 Open not thine heart vnto euery man, least he be vnthankful to thee, [& put thee to reprofe.]


Of ielousie. 12 An olde friend is to be preferred before a news. 18 Righteous men should he bidden to thy table.

1 Be not ielous ouer thy wife of thy bosome, neyther teach her by thy meanes an euill lesson.

2 Giue not thy life vnto a woman, lest shee ouercome thy strength, [& so thou be cofounded.]

3 Meete not an harlot, least thou fall into her snares.

4 Vse not the companie of a woman that is a singer, [and a dancer, neither heare her,] least thou be taken by her craftines.

5 Gaze not on a [Note: Gen.6.1,2. and 34.2. ] mayde, that thou fal not by that that is precious in her.

6 [Note: Prou.5.2. ] Cast not thy minde vpon harlots [in any maner of thing,] least thou destroy [both thy selfe and] thine heritage.

7 Goe not about gazing in the streetes of the citie, neyther wander thou in the secrete places thereof.

8 [Note: Matt.5.28. ] Turne away thine eye from a beautiful woman, and looke not vpon others beautie: for many [Note: Gen.34.1,2.2.sam.11.2.iudeth.10.17.19.] haue perished by the beautie of women: for through it loue is kindled as a fire.

9 [Euery woman that is an harlot, shalbe troden vnder foote as dongue, of euery one that goeth by the way.

10 Many wondering at the beautie of a strange woman, haue bene cast out: for her wordes burne as a fire.]

11 Sit not at all with another mans wife, [neyther lye with her vpon the bed, [nor banket with her, lest thine heart incline vnto her, & so through thy desire fall into destruction.

12 Forsake not an olde friende: for the newe shal not be like him: a newe friend is as newe wine: when it is olde, thou shalt drinke it with pleasure.

13 [Note: Judg 9.13.24. 2 sam.15.12.] Desire not the honour [and riches] of a sinner: for thou knowest not what shalbe his ende.

14 Delite not in the thing that ye vngodly haue pleasure in, but remember that they shall not bee found iust vnto their graue.

15 Keepe thee from the man that hath power to slay: so shalt thou not doubt the feare of death: and if thou come vnto him, make no fault, least he take away thy life: remember that thou goest in the middes of snares, and that thou walkest vpon the towres of the citie.

16 Trye thy neighbour as neere as thou canst, [Note: Chap.6.36,38 & 8.8 & 37.22. ] and aske counsell of the wise.

17 [Note: Deut.6.7. & 11.19. ] Let thy talke be with the wise, and all thy communication in the Lawe of the most High.

18 Let iust men eate & drinke with thee, & let thy reioycing be in the feare of the Lord.

19 In [Note: Or, the worke is praised according to the worke. ] the handes of the crafcesmen shall the workes be commended, and the wise prince of the people by his worde, [and the worde by the wisedome of the Elders.]

20 A man ful of words is dangerous in his citie, and he that is rash in his talking, shalbe hated.


1 Of Kings and Iudges. 7 Pride & couetousnes are to be abhorred. 28 Labour is praised.

1 A wise Iudge will instruct his people with discretion: the gouernance of a prudent man is well ordered.

[Page 162]

2 As the iudge of the people is him selfe, so are his officers, and what maner of man the ruler of the citie is, such are all they that dwell therein.

3 [Note: 1.King.12.1, 13,14. ] An vnwise king destroyeth his people, but where they that be in authoritie, are men of vnderstanding, there the citie prospereth.

4 The gouernement of the earth is in the hand of the Lorde, [and all iniquitie of the nations is to be abhorred,] and when time is, he wil set vp a profitable ruler ouer it.

5 In the hand of God is the prosperitie of man, and vpon the scribes will he lay his honour.

6 [Note: Leuit.19.17. ] Bee not angrie for any wrong, with thy neighbour, and doe nothing by iniurious practises.

7 Pride is hatefull before God and man, and by both doeth one commit iniquitie.

8 [Note: Iere.27.6.dan.9.14. ] Because of vnrighteous dealing and wrongs and riches gotten by deceit, the kingdome is translated from one people to another.

9 There is nothing woorse then a couetous man: [why art thou proude, O earth and ashes? there is not a more wicked thing, then to loue money:] for such one woulde euen sell his soule, and for his life euery man is compelled to pull out his owne bowels.

10 [All tyrannie is of small indurance, and the disease that is hard to heale, is grieuous to the physition.]

11 The physition cutteth off the sore disease, and he that is to day a king, to morowe is dead.

12 Why is earth and ashes proude, seeing that when a man dieth, he is the heire of serpents, beastes and wormes?

13 The beginning of mans pride, is to fall away from God, and to turne away his heart from his maker.

14 For pride is the original of sinne, and he that hath it, shall powre out abomination, till at last he be ouerthrowen: therefore the Lorde bringeth the perswasions [of the wicked] to dishonour, and destroyeth them in the ende.

15 The Lord hath [Note: Luke.1.52 and 14 11 and 18 14. I.Sara.2.7,8. ] cast downe the thrones of the [proude] princes, and set vp the meeke in their steade.

16 The Lorde plucketh vp the rootes of the [proude] nations, and planteth the lowly with glory among them.

17 The Lorde ouerthroweth the landes of the heathen, and destroyeth them vnto the foundations of the earth: hee causeth them to wither away, and destroyeth them, and maketh their memoriall to cease out of the earth.

18 [God destroyeth ye memoriall of the proude, and leaueth the remembrance of the humble.]

19 Pride was not created in men, neither wrath in the generation of women.

20 There is a seede of man which is an honourable seede: the honourable seede are they that feare the Lorde: there is a seede of man, which is without honour: the seede without honour, are they that transgresse the commaundementes of the Lord: it is a seede that remaineth which feareth the Lord, and a faire plant, that loue him: but they are a seede without honour, that despise the Lawe, and a deceiueable seede that breake the commaundementes.

21 He that is the chiefe among brethren, is honourable: so are they that feare the Lorde in his sight.

22 The feare of the Lord causeth that the kingdome faileth not, but the kingdome is lost by crueltie and pride.

23 The feare of the Lorde is the glory aswell of the rich and the noble, as of the poore.

24 It is not meete to despise the poore man that hath vnderstanding, neither is it couenient to magnifie the rich that is a wicked man.

25 The great man and the iudge and the man of authority, are honourable, yet is there none of them greater, then he that feareth the Lord.

26 [Note: Prou.17.8. ] Vnto the seruant that is wise, shal they that are free, doe seruice: [Note: 2.Sam.12.13. ] he that hath knowledge, wil not grudge when hee is reformed, [and the ignorant shall not come to honour.]

27 Seeke not excuses when thou shouldest doe thy worke, neither bee ashamed thereof through pride in the time of aduersitie.

28 [Note: Prou.12.9,12. ] Better is he that laboureth and hath plenteousnesse of all things, then hee that is gorgeous, and wanteth bread.

29 My sonne, get thy selfe prayse by meekenes, and esteeme thy selfe as thou deseruest.

30 Who wil count him iust that sinneth against him selfe? or honour him, that dishonoureth his owne soule?

31 The poore is honoured for his knowledge [and his feare,] but the rich is had in reputation because of his goods.

32 Hee that is honourable in pouertie, howe much more shal he be when he is rich? and he that is vnhonest being rich, howe much more will he be so when he is in pouertie?


1 The prayse of humilitie. 2 After the outwarde appearance ought we not to iudge. 7 Of rash iudgement. 14 All things come of God. 29 All men are not to bee brought into thine house.

1 Wisedome [Note: Gene.41.40. deu.6.3. ] lifteth vp the head of him that is lowe, and maketh him to sit among great men.

2 Commende not a man for his beautie, neither despise a man in his vtter appearance.

3 The Bee is but smal among the foules, yet doeth her fruit passe in sweetenesse.

4 Bee not proude of clothing and rayment, [Note: Act.12.21,23. ] and exalt not thy selfe in the day of honour: for the workes of the Lorde are wonderfull, [and glorious,] secrete, [and vnknowen] are his workes among men.

5 Many tyrants haue sit downe vpon the earth, [Note: 1.Sam.15.28. ester 6.10. ] and the vnlikely hath worne the crowne.

6 Many mightie men haue bene brought to dishonour, and the honourable haue bene deliuered into other mens hands.

7 [Note: Deut.13.14. & 17.4,6. iosh.7.22. ] Blame [no man] before thou haue inquired the matter: vnderstande first, and then reforme [righteously.]

8 [Note: Pro.18.13. ] Giue no sentence, before thou hast heard the cause, neither interrupt men in the middes of their tales.

9 Striue not for a matter that thou hast not to do with, and sit not in the iudgement of sinners.

10 My sonne, meddle not with many matters: [Note: Matth.19.22. 1.tim.6.9. ] for if thou gaine much, thou shalt not be blamelesse, and if thou followe after it, yet shalt thou not attaine it, neither shalt thou escape, though thou flee from it.

11 [Note: Prou.10.3. ] There is some man that laboureth and taketh paine, and the more hee hasteth, the more hee wanteth.
12 Againe there is some that is slouthfull, and [Note: Iob.42.10. ] hath neede of helpe: for he wanteth strength, and hath great pouertie, yet ye eye of the Lord looketh vpon him to good, and setteth him vp from his lowe estate,

13 And he lifteth vp his head: so that many men marueile at him, [and giue honour vnto God.]

14 [Note: Iob.14.21. ezek.28.4. ] Prosperitie and aduersitie, life and death, pouertie and riches come of the Lord.

15 Wisedome and knowledge, and vnderstanding of the Lawe are of the Lorde: loue and good workes come of him.

16 Errour and darkenesse are appointed for sinners, and they that exalt them selues in euill, waxe olde in euill.

17 The gift of the Lord remaineth for the godly, and his good will giueth prosperitie for euer.

18 Some man is rich by his care and nigardship, and this is the portion of his wages,

19 In that hee saith, [Note: Luk.12.19. ] I haue gotten rest, and nowe will I eate continually of my goods, yet hee considereth not, that the time draweth neere, that he must leaue all these things vnto other men, and die himselfe.

20 Stand thou in thy state, and exercise thy selfe therein, and remaine in thy worke vnto thine age.

21 Marueile not at the workes of sinners, but trust in the Lorde, and abide in thy labour: for it is an easie thing in the sight of the Lord, suddenly to make a poore man rich.

22 The blessing of the Lorde is in the wages of the godly, and he maketh his prosperitie soone to flourish.

23 Say not, What profite and pleasure shall I haue? and what good things shall I haue hereafter?

24 Againe say not, I haue ynough, and possesse many thinges, [Note: Chap.18.24. ] and what euill can come to mee hereafter?

25 In thy good state remember aduersitie, and in aduersitie forget not prosperitie.

26 For it is an easie thing vnto the Lorde in the day of death to rewarde a man according to his wayes.

27 The aduersitie of an houre maketh one to forget pleasure: and in a mans ende, his workes are discouered.

28 Iudge none blessed before his death: for a man shalbe knowen by his children.

29 Bring not euery man into thine house: for the deceitfull haue many traines, [and are like stomackes that belche stinkingly.]

30 As a partriche is taken vnder a basket, [and the hind is taken in the snare,] so is the heart of the proud man, which like a spie watcheth for thy fall.

31 For he lieth in waite and turneth good vnto euill, and in thinges worthie prayse hee will finde some faute.

32 Of one litle sparke is made a great fire, [and of one deceitfull man is blood increased:] for a sinfull man laieth waite for blood.

33 Beware of a wicked man: for hee imagineth wicked things to bring thee into a perpetual shame.

34 Lodge a straunger, and hee will destroy thee with vnquietnesse, and driue thee from thine owne.


1 Vnto whom we ought to do good. 10 Enemies ought not to be trusted.

1 When thou wilt doe good, knowe to whome thou doest it, so shalt thou be thanked for thy benefites.

2 [Note: Gal.6.10.I.tim.5.8. ] Do good vnto the righteous, and thou shalt finde [great] reward, though not of him, yet of the most High.

3 Hee can not haue good that continueth in euill, and giueth not almes: [for the most High hateth the sinners, and hath mercie vpon them that repent.]

4 Giue vnto such as feare God, and receiue not a sinner.

5 Doe well vnto him that is lowly, but giue not to the vngodly: holde backe thy bread, and giue it not vnto him, least he ouercome thee thereby: else thou shalt receiue twise as much euill for all the good that thou doest vnto him.

6 For the most High hateth the wicked, & will repay vengeance vnto the vngodly, and keepeth them against the day of horrible vengeance.

7 Giue vnto the good, & receiue not the sinner.

8 A friende can not bee knowen in prosperitie, neither can an enemie be vnknowen in aduersitie.

9 When a man is in wealth, it grieueth his enemies, but in heauinesse and trouble a mans very friend will depart from him.

10 Trust neuer thine enemie: for like as an yron rusteth, so doeth his wickednesse.

11 And though hee make much crouching and kneeling, yet aduise thy selfe, and beware of him, and thou shalt be to him, as he that wipeth a glasse, and thou shalt knowe that all his rust hath not bin well wiped away.

12 Set him not by thee, least hee destroy thee, and stand in thy place.

13 Neither set him at thy right hande, least hee seeke thy rowme, and thou at the last remember my words, and be pricked with my sayings.

14 [Note: Chap.7.8 and 21.1. ] Bind not two sinnes together: for there shal not one be vnpunished.

15 Who will haue pitie of the charmer, that is stinged of the serpent? or of all such as come neere the beastes? so is it with him that keepeth companie with a wicked man, and wrappeth him selfe in his sinnes.

16 For a season wil he bide with thee: but if thou stumble, he tarieth not.

17 [Note: Iere.41.4.] An enemie is sweete in his lips: he can make many good wordes, and speake many good things: yea, hee can weepe with his eyes, but in his heart hee imagineth howe to throwe thee into the pit: and if he may finde opportunitie, he will not bee satisfied with blood.

18 If aduersitie come vpon thee, thou shalt find him there first, and though hee pretende to helpe thee, yet shall he vndermine thee: he will shake his head, and clap his hands, and wil make many words, and disguise his countenance.


1 The companies of the proude and of the riche are to bee eschewed. 15 The loue of God. 17 Like doe companie with their like.

1 He [Note: Deut.7.5. ] that toucheth pitch, shalbe defiled with it: and he that is familiar with the proude, shalbe like vnto him.

2 Burthen not thy selfe aboue thy power, whilest thou liuest, and companie not with one that is mightier, and richer then thy selfe: for howe agree the kettle and the earthen pot together? for if the one be smitten against the other, it shall be broken.

3 The riche dealeth vnrighteously, and threateneth withall: but the poore being oppressed must intreate: if the riche haue done wrong, hee

[Page 163]
must yet be intreated: but if the poore haue done it, he shal straight wayes be threatned.
4 If thou be for his profite, he vseth thee: but if thou haue nothing, he wil forsake thee.

5 If thou haue any thing, he wil liue with thee: yea, he will make thee a bare man, and will not care for it.

6 If he haue neede of thee, hee will defraude thee, & wil laugh at thee, and put thee in hope, and giue thee al good words, & say, What wantest thou?

7 Thus will he shame thee in his meate, vntill he haue supt thee cleane vp twise or thrise, and at the last hee will laugh thee to scorne: afterwarde, when he seeth thee, he will forsake thee, and shake his head at thee.

8 [Submit thy selfe vnto God, and waite vpon his hand.]

9 Beware that thou be not deceiued in thine owne conceit & brought downe by thy simplenes: [be not too humble in thy wisedome.]

10 If thou be called of a mightie man, absent thy selfe: so shal he call thee the more oft.

11 Preasse not thou vnto him, that thou be not shut out, but go not thou far off, lest he forget thee.

12 Withdraw not thy selfe from his speach, but beleeue not his many wordes: for with much communication will he tempt thee, and laughingly wil he grope thee.

13 He is vnmerciful, & keepeth not promes, he wil not spare to do thee hurt, & to put thee in priso.

14 Beware, and take good heede: for thou walkest in perill of thine ouerthrowing: when thou hearest this, awake in thy sleepe.

15 Loue the Lorde all thy life, & call vpon him for thy saluation.

16 Euery beast loueth his like, and euery man loueth his neighbour.

17 Al flesh wil resort to their like, & euery man wil keepe company with such as he is himselfe.

18 How can the wolfe agree with the lambe? no more can the vngodly with the righteous.

19 What felowship hath [Note: Which is a wilde beast that counterfeiteth the voice of me, and so entiseth the out of their houses and devoureth them. ] hyena with a dogge? and what peace is betweene the rich & the poore?

20 As the wilde Asse is the Lyons pray in ye wildernes, so are poore men the meate of the rich.

21 As the proude hate humilitie, so do the riche abhorre the poore.

22 If a riche man fall, his friendes set him vp againe: but when the poore falleth, his friends driue him away.

23 If a rich man offende, he hath many helpers: he speaketh proude wordes, & yet men iustifie him: but if a poore ma faile, they rebuke him, & though he speake wisely, yet can it haue no place.

24 When the riche man speaketh, euery man holdeth his tongue: and looke what he sayth, they prayse it vnto the cloudes: but if the poore man speake, they say, What felow is this? and if he do amisse, they wil destroy him.

25 Riches are good vnto him that hath no sinne [in his conscience,] & pouertie is euil in the mouth of the vngodly.

26 The heart of a man changeth his countenance, whether it be in good or euill.

27 A chearefull countenance is a token of a good heart: for it is an hard thing to knowe the secrets of the thought.


1 The offence of the tongue. 17 Man is but a vaine thing. 21 Happie is he that continueth in wisedome.

1 Blessed is the man [Note: Chap.19.6, 16. iam.3.2. ] that hath not fallen by [the worde of] his mouth, and is not tormented with the sorow of sinne.

2 Blessed is he that is not condemned in his coscience, and is not fallen from his hope in the Lord.

3 Riches are not comely for a nigard, & what should an enuious man do with money?

4 Hee that gathereth together from his owne soule, heapeth together for others, that will make good cheare with his goods.

5 He that is wicked vnto himselfe, to whome will he be good? for such one can haue no pleasure of his goods.

6 There is nothing worse, then when one enuieth himselfe: and this is a reward of his wickednes.

7 And if he do any good, he doth it, not knowing thereof, and against his will, and at the last he declareth his wickednes.

8 The enuious man hath a wicked looke: hee turneth away his face, and despiseth men.

9 A couetous mans eye hath neuer ynough of a portion, and his wicked malice withereth his owne soule.

10 A [Note: Pro.17.20. ] wicked eye enuieth the bread, and there is scarcenesse vpon his table.

11 My sonne, do good to thy selfe of that thou hast, and giue the Lord his due offrings.

12 Remember that death tarieth not, and that the couenant of the graue is not shewed vnto thee.

13 [Note: Chap.4.1. tob.4.7. luk.14.23. ] Do good vnto thy friend before thou dye, and according to thine habilitie stretche out thine hand, and giue him.

14 Defraude not thy selfe of the good day, & let not the portion of the good desires ouerpasse thee.

15 Shalt thou not leaue thy traueiles vnto another, & thy labours for the deuiding of ye heritage?

16 Giue and take & sanctifie thy soule: [worke thou righteousnes before thy death:] for in the hell there is no meate to finde.

17 [Note: Isa.40.6. 1.24. iam.1.10. ] All flesh waxeth olde, as a garment, and this is the condition of all times, Thou shalt die the death.

18 As the greene leaues on a thicke tree, some fall, & some growe, so is the generation of flesh and blood: one cometh to an end, & another is borne.

19 All corruptible things shall fayle, and the worker thereof shal go withall.

20 [Euery excellent worke shalbe iustified, and he that worketh it, shal haue honour thereby.]

21 [Note: Psal.1.2. ] Blessed is the man that doeth meditate honest things by wisedome, [and exerciseth himselfe in iustice,] and he that reasoneth of holy things by his vnderstanding,

22 Which considereth in his heart her wayes, and vnderstandeth her secrets.

23 Goe thou after her as one that seeketh her out, and lye in wayte in her wayes.

24 He shal looke in at her windowes, and hearken at her doores.

25 He shall abide beside her house, and fasten a stake in her walles: he shal pitch his tent besides her

26 And he shal remaine in the lodging of good men, and shall set his children vnder her couering, and shal dwell vnder her branches.

27 By her he shalbe couered from the heate, & in her glory shall he dwell.


1 The goodnesse that followeth him which feareth God. 8 God reiecteth and casteth off the sinner. 11 God is not the authour of euill.
1 He that feareth the Lord, will do good: and he that hath the knowledge of the Law, wil keepe it sure.

2 As an [honorable] mother shal shee meete him, and she, as his wife maryed of a virgine, wil receyue him.

3 With the bread [of life] and vnderstanding shal shee feede him, and giue him the [Note: Iob.4.10. ] water of [wholesome] wisdome to drinke.

4 He shal assure himselfe in her, & shall not be moued, and shal holde himselfe fast by her, and shal not be confounded.

5 She shall exalt him aboue his neighbours, & in the middes of the congregation shall shee open his mouth: [with the spirit of wisdome, and vnderstanding shal shee fill him, and clothe him with the garment of glory.]

6 Shee shall cause him to inherite ioy, and the crowne of gladnes, and an euerlasting name.

7 But foolish men wil not take hold vpon her: [but such as haue vnderstanding, wil meete her:] the sinners shal not see her.

8 For she is farre from pride [and deceite,] and men that lye, can not remember her: [but men of trueth shall haunt her, and shal prosper euen vnto the beholding of God.]

9 Prayse is not seemely in the mouth of the sinner: for that is not sent of the Lord.

10 But if praise come of wisdome, [& be plenteous in a faithful mouth] then ye Lord wil prosper it.

11 Say not thou, It is through the Lorde that I turne backe: for thou oughtest not to do the things that he hateth.

12 Say not thou, He hath caused me to erre: for he hath no neede of the sinnefull man.

13 The Lord hateth all abomination [of error:] and they that feare God, loue it not.

14 [Note: Gen.1.27. ] He made man from the beginning, & left him in the hand of his counsel, [and gaue him his commandements and precepts.]

15 If thou wilt, thou shalt obserue the commadements, and testifie thy good will.

16 He hath set water & fire before thee: stretch out thine hand vnto which thou wilt.

17 [Note: Iere.21.8. ] Before man is life and death, [good and euill:] what him liketh, shalbe giuen him.

18 For the wisdome of the Lord is great, and he is mightie in power, and beholdeth all things [continually.]

19 [Note: Psal.34.15, 16. heb.4.13. ] And the eyes [of the Lord] are vpon them that feare him, & he knoweth al the works of man.

20 He hath commanded no man to do vngodly, neither hath he giuen any man licence to sinne: [for he desireth not a multitude of infidels, and vnprofitable children.]


1 Of vnhappie, and wicked children. 17 No man can hide him selfe from God. 24 An exhortation to the receyuing of instruction.

1 Desire not the multitude of vnprofitable children, neither delight in vngodly children: though they be many, reioyce not in them, except the feare of the Lord be with them.

2 Trust not thou to their life, neither rest vpon their multitude.

3 For one that is iust, is better then a thousand such, and better it is to dye without children, then to leaue behinde him vngodly children.

4 For by one that hath vnderstanding, shal the citie be inhabited: but the stocke of the wicked shalbe wasted incontinently.

5 Many such thinges haue I seene with mine eyes, and mine eare hath heard greater things then these.

6 [Note: Chap.21.9,10. ] In the congregation of the vngodly shal a fire be kindled, and among vnfaithfull people shall the wrath be set on fire.

7 [Note: Gen.6.4. ] He spared not the olde gyants, which were rebellious, trusting to their owne strength,

8 [Note: Gen.19.21,25. ] Neither spared he where as Lot dwelt, those whome he abhorred for their pride.

9 He had no pitie vpon the people that were destroyed, and puffed vp in their sinnes.

10 [Note: Numb.14.15.16,20.&26,51. ] And so he preserued the sixe hudreth thousand footemen, that were gathered in the hardnesse of their heart, in afflicting them and pitying them, in smiting them and healing them, with mercie, and with chastisement.

11 Therefore if there be one stifnecked among the people, it is marueile if he scape vnpunished: for mercy & wrath are with him: he is mightie to forgiue, and to powre out displeasure.

12 [Note: Chap.5.6. ] As his mercy is great, so is his punishment also he iudgeth a man according to his workes.

13 The vngodly shal not escape with his spoile, & the patience of the godly shal not be delayed.

14 He wil giue place to all good deedes, & euery one shal finde according to his workes, [and after the vnderstanding of his pilgrimage.]

15 The Lorde hardened Pharao, that he should not know him, & that his works should be knowen vpon the earth vnder the heauen.

16 His mercy is knowen to all creatures: he hath separate his light from the darknes with an adamat.

17 Say not thou, I will hide my selfe from the Lorde: for who wil thinke vpon me from aboue? I shall not be knowen in so great an heape of people: for what is my soule among such an infinite nomber of creatures?

18 Beholde, the heauen, & the [Note: 2.Pet.3.10.1.king.8.27. 2.chron.6.18. ] heauen of heauens, which are for God, the depth, & the earth, and all that therein is, shalbe moued when he shal visit.

19 All the worlde which is created and made by his will, the mountaines also, & the foundations of the earth shall shake for feare, when the Lorde looketh vpon them.

20 These things doth no heart vnderstand worthily, [but he vnderstandeth euery heart.]

21 And who vnderstandeth his wayes? and the storme that no man can see? for the most part of his workes are hid.

22 Who can declare the workes of his righteousnes? or who can abide them? for his ordinance is farre off, and the trying out of all things fayleth.

23 He that is humble of heart, wil cosider these things: but an vnwise and erronious man casteth his minde vpon foolish things.

24 My sonne, hearken vnto me, & learne knowledge, and marke my wordes with thine heart.

25 I will declare thee waightie doctrine, and I will instruct thee exactly in knowledge.

26 The Lorde hath set his workes in good order from the beginning, and part of them hath he sundred from the other when he first made them.

27 He hath garnished his workes for euer, and their beginnings so long as they shall endure, they are not hungrie nor wearyed in their labours, nor cease from their offices.

28 None of them hindreth another, neither was any of them disobedient vnto his wordes.

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29 After this the Lorde looked vpon the earth and filled it with his good things.

30 With all maner of liuing beastes hath he couered the face thereof, and they returne into it againe.


1 The creation of man, and the goodnesse that God hath done vnto him. 22 Of almes, 22 And repentance.

1 The [Note: Gene.1.27 and 5.2. Wisd.2.23. and 7.1,6 1.cor.12.3 col.3.10. ] Lorde hath created man of the earth, and turned him vnto it againe.

2 He gaue him the number of dayes & certaine times, and gaue him power of the thinges that are vpon earth.

3 Hee clothed them with strength, as they had neede, and made them according to his image.

4 He made all flesh to feare him, so that he had the dominion ouer the beastes, and foules.

5 [ [Note: Gen.2.22.9. ] He created out of him an helper like vnto him selfe,] and gaue them discretion and tongue, and eyes, eares, and an heart to vnderstande, and sixtly he gaue them a spirit, and seuenthly hee gaue them speach to declare his workes,

6 And hee filled them with knowledge of vnderstanding, and shewed them good and euill.

7 He set his eye vpon their hearts, declaring vnto them his noble workes,

8 And gaue them occasion to reioyce perpetually in his miracles, that they should prudently declare his works, and that the elect should prayse his holy Name together.

9 Besides this, he gaue them knowledge, & gaue the the Law of life for an heritage, that they might nowe knowe that they were mortall.

10 He made an euerlasting couenant with the, and shewed them his iudgements.

11 Their eyes sawe the maiestie of his glory, and their eares heard his glorious voyce.

12 And he said vnto them, Beware of al vnrighteous things. [Note: Exod.20.16,17. and 22.23. ] He gaue euery man also a commandement concerning his neighbour.

13 Their wayes are euer before him, and are not hid from his eyes.

14 Euery man from his youth is giuen to euill, and their stonie hearts can not become flesh.

15 Hee appoynted a ruler vpon euery people, when he deuided the nations of the whole earth.

16 [Note: Deut.4.20. and 10,15. ] And he did chuse Israel, as a peculiar people to himselfe, whom he nourisheth with discipline as his first borne, and giueth him most louing light, and doeth not forsake him.

17 All their workes are as the sunne before him, and his eyes are continually vpon their wayes.

18 None of their vnrighteousnesse is hid from him, but all their sinnes are before the Lord.

19 And as he is merciful, & knoweth his worke, hee doeth not leaue them nor forsake them, but spareth them.

20 [Note: Chap.29.13. ] The almes of a man, is as a thing sealed vp before him, & he keepeth the good deeds of man as the apple of the eye, and giueth repentance to their sonnes, and daughters.

21 [Note: Matt.25.35. ] At the last shal he arise, and reward them, and shall repay their reward vpon their heads.

22 [Note: Act.3.19. ] But vnto them that will repent, he giueth them grace to returne, and exhorteth such as faile, with patience, [and sendeth them the portion of the veritie.]

23 [Note: Iere.3.12. ] Returne then vnto the Lorde, and forsake thy sinnes: make thy praier before his face, and take away the offence.

24 Turne againe vnto the most High: for he wil bring thee from darkenesse to wholesome light: forsake thine vnrighteousnesse, and hate greatly all abomination.

25 [Knowe the righteousnesse and iudgements of God: stande in ye portio that is set forth for thee, and in the prayer of the most high God, and goe in the parts of the holy worlde with such as be liuing and confesse God.]

26 [Note: Psal.6.5. isa.38.18,19. ] Who can prayse the most High in the hell, as doe all they that liue and confesse him?

27 [Abide not thou in the errour of the vngodly, but prayse the Lorde before death.]

28 Thankefulnesse perisheth from the dead, as though he were not: but the liuing, and he that is sounde of heart, prayseth the Lord, [and reioyceth in his mercy.]

29 How great is the louing kindnes of the Lord our God, and his compassion vnto such as turne vnto him in holines!

30 For all things can not be in men, because the sonne of man is not immortal, [and they take pleasure in the vanitie of wickednesse.]

31 What is more cleare then the sunne? yet shall it faile.

32 So flesh and blood that thinketh euill, [shall be reproued.]

33 He seeth the power of the high heauen, and all men are but earth and ashes.


1 The marueilous workes of God. 6.7 The miserie and wretchednesse of man. 9 Against God ought we not to complaine. 21 The performing of Vowes.

1 He that liueth for euer, [Note: Gene.1.1. ] made all things together: the Lord who onely is iust, and there is none other but he, [and he remaineth a victorious King for euer.]

2 He ordereth the world with the power of his hand, and all things obey his will: for he gouerneth all things by his power, and deuideth the holy things from the prophane.

3 To whom hath hee giuen power to expresse his workes? who will seeke out the grounde of his noble actes?

4 Who shall declare the power of his greatnesse? or who will take vpon him to tell out his mercie?

5 As for the wonderous workes of the Lorde, there may nothing bee taken from them, neither can any thing bee put vnto them, neither may the ground of them be found out.

6 But when a man hath done his best, he must beginne againe, and when he thinketh to come to an ende, he must go againe to his labour.

7 What is man? whereto serueth hee? what good or euill can he doe?

8 [Note: Psal.90.10. ] If the number of a mans dayes be an hundreth yeere, it is much: and no man hath certaine knowledge of his death.

9 As droppes of raine are vnto the sea, and as a grauel stone is in comparison of the sand, so are [Note: 2.Pet.3.8. ] a thousand yeres to the dayes euerlasting.

10 Therefore is [God] pacient with them, and powreth out his mercie vpon them.

11 He sawe and perceiued, that [the arrogancie of their heart, and their ruine was euill: therefore heaped hee vp his mercie vpon them, and shewed them the way of righteousnesse.]

12 The mercie that a man hath, reacheth to his neighbour: but the mercy of the Lorde is vpon all [Page] flesh: he chasteneth, and nurtureth, and teacheth, and bringeth backe, as a shepheard his flocke.

13 He hath mercy of the that receiue discipline, and that diligently seeke after his iudgements.

14 My sonne, when thou doest good, reproue not: and whatsoeuer thou giuest, vse no discomfortable words.

15 Shall not the dewe asswage the heate? so is a word better then a gift.

16 Loe, is not a worde better then a good gift? but a gratious man giueth them both.

17 A foole will reproch churlishly, and a gift of the enuious putteth out the eyes.

18 [Get thee righteousnesse before thou come to iudgement:] learne before thou speake, and vse physicke or euer thou be sicke.

19 [Note: 1.Cor.11.31. ] Examine thy selfe, before thou bee iudged, and in the day of the visitation thou shalt finde mercy.

20 Humble thy selfe before thou bee sicke, and whilest thou mayst yet sinne, shew thy conuersion.

21 Let nothing let thee to pay thy vow in time, and deferre not vnto death to bee reformed: [for the reward of God endureth for euer.]

22 Before thou prayest, prepare thy selfe, and be not as one that tempteth the Lord.

23 Thinke vpon the [Note: Chap.7.17,36. ] wrath, that shalbe at the ende, and the houre of vengeance, when hee shall turne away his face.

24 [Note: Chap.11.25. ] When thou hast inough, remember the time of hunger: and when thou art rich, thinke vpon pouertie and neede.

25 From the morning vntill the euening ye time is changed, and all such things are soone done before the Lord.

26 A wise man feareth in all thinges, and in the dayes of transgressio he keepeth himselfe fro sinne: but the foole doeth not obserue the time.

27 Euery wise man knoweth wisedome, and knowledge, and prayseth him that findeth her.

28 They that haue vnderstanding, deale wisely in words: [they vnderstande the trueth and righteousnesse,] and powre out with modestie graue sentences for mans life.

29 The chiefe authoritie of speaking is of the Lorde alone: for a mortall man hath but a dead heart.

30 [Note: Rom.6.6 and 13.14. ] Followe not thy lustes, but turne thee from thine owne appetites.

31 For if thou giuest thy soule her desires, it shal make thine enemies that enuy thee, to laugh thee to scorne.

32 Take not thy pleasure in great voluptuousnes, and intangle not thy selfe with such company.

33 Become not a begger by making bankets of that that thou hast borrowed, and so leaue nothing in thy purse: else thou shouldest slaunderously lye in waite for thine owne life.


2 Wine and whoredome bring men to pouertie. 6 In thy words vse discretion. 22 The difference of the wisedome of God and man. 27 Whereby thou mayest knowe what is in man.

1 A labouring man that is giuen to drunkennesse, shal not be rich: and he that contemneth smal things, shall fall by litle and litle.

2 [Note: Gene.19.33. I.king.11.1,2,4. ] Wine and women leade wise men out of the way, [and put men of vnderstanding to reproofe.]

3 And he that companieth adulterers, shall become impudent: rottenesse and wormes shall haue him to heritage, and he that is to bolde, shall be taken away, and be made a publike example.

4 [Note: Iosh.22.11,12 ] Hee that is hastie to giue credite, is light minded, and hee that erreth, sinneth against his owne soule.

5 Who so reioyceth in wickednesse, shall be punished: [he that hateth to be reformed, his life shall bee shortened, and hee that abhorreth babbling of wordes, quencheth wickednesse:] but hee that resisteth pleasures, crowneth his owne soule.

6 He that refraineth his tongue, may liue with a troublesome man, and hee that hateth babbling, shall haue lesse euill.

7 Rehearse not to another, that which is tolde vnto thee: so thou shalt not be hindred.

8 Declare not other mens manners, neither to friend nor foe: and if the sinne appertaine not vnto thee, reueile it not.

9 For hee will hearken vnto thee, and marke thee, and when hee findeth opportunitie, hee will hate thee.

10 [Note: Chap.22.22 & 27.17. ] If thou hast heard a worde [against thy neighbour] let it die with thee, and bee sure, it will not burst thee.

11 A foole trauaileth when hee hath heard a thing, as a woman that is about to bring forth a childe.

12 As an arrowe that sticketh in ones thigh, so is a word in a fooles heart.

13 [Note: Leuit.14.7. matth.18,15. ] Reproue a friend least he do euill, and if he haue done it, that he doe it no more.

14 Reproue a friende that hee may keepe his tongue: and if hee haue spoken, that hee say it no more.

15 Tel thy friend his faute: for oft times a slaunder is raised, and giue no credence to euery word.

16 A man falleth with his tongue, but not with his will: [Note: Sam.3.2.] and who is he, that hath not offended in his tongue?

17 Reproue thy neighbour before thou threaten him, and being without anger, giue place vnto the Lawe of the most High.

18 The feare of the Lord is the first degree to be receiued of him, and wisedome obteineth his loue.

19 The knowledge of the commandementes of the Lord is the doctrine of life, and they that obey him, shall receiue the fruit of immortalitie.

20 The feare of the Lord is all wisedome, & the performing of the Law is perfect wisdome, and the knowledge of his almightie power.

21 If a seruant say vnto his master, I wil not do as it pleaseth thee, though afterwarde he doe it, hee shall displease him that nourisheth him.

22 The knowledge of wickednesse is not wisedome, neither is there prudencie whereas the counsell of sinners is: but it is euen execrable malice and the foole is voyde of wisedome.

23 Hee that hath small vnderstanding, and feareth God, is better then one that hath much wisedome, and transgresseth the Law of the most high.

24 There is a certaine subtiltie that is fine, but it is vnrighteous: and there is that wresteth the open and manifest Lawe: yet there is that is wise and iudgeth righteously.

25 There is some that being about wicked purposes, doe bowe downe themselues, and are sadde, whose inwarde parts burne altogether with deceit: he looketh downe with his face, & faineth himselfe deafe: yet before thou perceiue, he will bee vpon thee to hurt thee.

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26 And though he be so weake that he can doe thee no harme, yet when he may finde opportunitie, he will doe euill.

27 A man may be knowen by his looke, and one that hath vnderstanding, may be perceiued by the marking of his countenance.

28 [Note: Chap.23.30,23. ] A mans garment, and his excessiue laughter, and going declare what person he is.


Of correction and repentance. 6 To speake and keepe silence in time. 17 The fall of the wicked. 23 Of lying. 24 The thiefe and the murtherer. 28 Giftes blinde the eyes of the wise.

1 There is some rebuke that is not comely: againe, some man holdeth his tongue, and he is wise.

2 It is much better to reprooue, then to beare euill will: and he that acknowledgeth his fault, shalbe preserued from hurt.

3 As [Note: Chap 30.20. ] when a gelded man through lust woulde defile a mayde, so is he that vseth violence in iudgement.

4 Howe good a thing is it, when thou art reprooued, to shewe repentance! for so shalt thou escape wilfull sinne.

5 Some man keepeth silence, & is found wise, and some by much babbling becommeth hatefull.

6 Some man holdeth his tongue, because he hath not to answere: and some keepeth silence, waiting a conuenient [Note: Luke.3.7. ] time.

7 [Note: Chap.52.4. ] A wise man will holde his tongue till he see opportunitie: but a trifler and a foole will regarde no time.

8 He that vseth many wordes, shall be abhorred, and he that taketh authoritie to him selfe, shalbe hated.

9 Some man hath oft times prosperitie in wicked thinges, and sometime a thing that is founde, bringeth losse.

10 There is some gift that is not profitable for thee, & there is some gift, whose reward is double.

11 Some man humbleth him selfe for glories sake, and some by humblenesse lifteth vp the head.

12 Some man byeth much for a litle price: for the which he payeth seuen times more.

13 [Note: Chap.6.5. ] A wise man with his wordes maketh him selfe to be loued, but the merrie tales of fooles shal be powred out.

14 The gift receiued of a foole, shall doe thee no good, neither yet of the enuious for his importunitie: for he looketh to receiue many things for one: he giueth litle, and he vpbraideth much: he openeth his mouth like a towne cryer: to day he lendeth, to morowe asketh he againe, and such one is to be hated of God and man.

15 The foole saith, I haue no friend: I haue no thanke for all my good deedes: and they that eate my bread, speake euill of me.

16 How oft, and of how many shal he be laughed to scorne? for he comprehendeth not by right iudgement that which he hath: and it is all one as though he had it not.

17 The fall on a pauement is very sudden: so shall the fall of the wicked come hastely.

18 A man without grace is as a foolish tale which is oft tolde by the mouth of the ignorant.

19 A wise sentence loseth grace when it commeth out of a fooles mouth: for he speaketh not in due season.

20 Some man sinneth not because of pouertie, and yet is not grieued when he is alone.

21 Some man there is that destroyeth his owne soule, because he is ashamed, and for the regarde of persons loseth it.

22 Some man promiseth vnto his friende for shame, and getteth an enemie of him for naught.

23 [Note: Chap.25.2. ] A lie is a wicked shame in a man: yet is it oft in the mouth of the vnwise,

24 A thiefe is better, then a man that is accustomed to lie: but they both shall haue destruction to heritage.

25 The conditions of lyars are vnhonest, and their shame is euer with them.

26 A wise man shall bring him selfe to honour with his wordes, and he that hath vnderstanding, shall please great men.

27 [Note: Prou.12.11. and 28.19. ] He that tilleth his lande, shall increase his heape: [he that worketh righteousnesse, shalbe exalted,] and he that pleaseth great men, shall haue pardon of his iniquitie.

28 [Note: Exod.23.8. deut.16.19. ] Rewardes and giftes blinde the eyes of the wise, and make them dumme, that they can not reprooue faultes.

29 Wisedome that is hid, and treasure that is hoarded vp, what profite is in them both?

30 Better is hee that keepeth his ignorance secret, then a man that hydeth his wisedome.

31 The necessarie patience of him, that followeth the Lorde, is better then he that gouerneth his life without the Lorde.


1 Not to continue in sinne. 5 The prayer of the afflicted. 6 To hast to be reproued 17 The mouth of the wise man. 26 The thought of the foole.

1 My sonne, hast thou sinned? doe so no more, [Note: Chap.5. 9. psal.41.4. luk.15.21. ] but pray for the fore sinnes [that they may be forgiuen thee.]

2 Flee from sinne, as from a serpent: for if thou comest to neere it, it will bite thee: the teeth thereof are as the teeth of a lyon, to slay the soules of men.

3 All iniquitie is as a two edged sworde, the woundes whereof cannot be healed.

4 Strife and iniuries waste riches: so the house of the proude shalbe desolate.

5 [Note: Exod.3.9. and 22.23. ] The prayer of the poore going out of the mouth, commeth vnto the eares of the Lorde, and iustice is done him incontinently.

6 Who so hateth to be reformed, is in the way of sinners: but he that feareth the Lord, conuerteth in heart.

7 An eloquent talker is knowen a farre off: but he that is wise, perceiueth when he falleth.

8 Who so buildeth his house with other mens money, is like one that gathereth stones to make his graue.

9 [Note: Chap.16.6. ] The congregation of the wicked is like towe wrapped together: their ende is a flame of fire to destroy them.

10 The way of sinners is made plaine with stones, but at the ende thereof is hell, [darkenesse and paynes.]

11 He that keepeth the Law of the Lord, [Note: Or, keepeth the vnderstanding thereof. ] ruleth his owne affections thereby: and the encrease of wisedome is the ende of the feare of God.

12 He that is not wise, will not suffer him selfe to be taught: but there is some witte that encreaseth bitternesse.

13 The knowledge of the wise shall abounde like water that runneth ouer, and his counsell is like a pure fountaine of life.

14 [Note: Chap.33.5. ] The inner partes of a foole are like a broken [Page] vessell: he can keepe no knowledge whiles he liueth.

15 When a man of vnderstanding heareth a wise worde, he will commende it, and increase it: but if an ignorant man heare it, he will disalowe it, and cast it behinde his backe.

16 The talking of a foole is like a burden in the way, but there is comelinesse in the talke of a wise man.

17 They inquire at the mouth of the wise man in the congregation, & they shall ponder his words in their heart.

18 As is an house that is destroyed, so is wisdom vnto a foole, and the knowledge of the vnwise is as wordes without order.

19 Doctrine vnto fooles is as fetters on the feete, and like manicles vpon the right hand.

20 [Note: Chap.19.27,28. ] A foole lifteth vp his voyce with laughter, but a wise man doeth scarce smile secretly.

21 Learning is vnto a wise man a iewell of golde, and like a bracelet vpon his right arme.

22 A foolish mans foote is soone in [his neighbours] house: but a man of experience is ashamed to looke in.

23 A foole will peepe in at the dooore into the house: but he that is wel nurtured, wil stand wtout.

24 It is the point of a foolish man to hearken at the doore: for he that is wise, will be grieued with such dishonour.

25 The lippes of talkers will be telling such things as pertaine not vnto them, but the wordes of such as haue vnderstanding, are weighed in the balance.

26 The heart of fooles is in their mouth: but the mouth of the wise is in their heart.

27 When the vngodly curseth Satan, he curseth his owne soule.

28 [Note: Chap.28. 13. ] A backebiter defileth his owne soule, and is hated wheresoeuer he is: [but he yt keepeth his tongue, and is discreete, shall come to honour.]


1 Of the sluggard. 12 Not to speake much to a foole. 16 A good conscience feareth not.

1 A slouthfull man is like a filthie stone, which euery man mocketh at for his shame.

2 A slouthfull man is to be compared to the dongue of oxen, and euery one that taketh it vp, will shake it out of his hand.

3 An euill nurtured sonne is the dishonour of the father: & the daughter is least to be esteemed.

4 A wise daughter is an heritage vnto her husbande: but she that liueth dishonestly, is her fathers heauinesse.

5 She that is bolde, dishonoureth both her father and her husband, [and is not inferiour to the vngodly,] but they both shall despise her.

6 A tale out of time is as musike in mourning: but wisedome knoweth the seasons of correction and doctrine.

7 Who so teacheth a foole, is as one that gleweth a potsheard together, & as he that waketh one that sleepeth, from a sounde sleepe.

8 If children liue honestly, & haue wherewith, they shall put away the shame of their parents.

9 But if children be proude, with hautines and foolishnes they defile the nobilitie of their kinred.

10 Who so telleth a foole of wisedome, is as a man, which speaketh to one that is asleepe: when he hath told his tale, he saith, What is the matter?

11 [Note: Chap.38.16. ] Weepe for the dead, for he hath lost the light: so weepe for the foole, for he wanteth vnderstanding: make small weeping for the dead, for he is at rest: but the life of the foole is worse then the death.

12 Seuen dayes doe men mourne for him that is dead: but the lamentation for the foole, and vngodly [shoulde endure] all the dayes of their life.

13 Talke not much with a foole, and goe not to him that hath no vnderstanding: [Note: Chap 12.12. ] beware of him, least it turne thee to paine, and least thou be defiled when he shaketh him selfe. Depart from him, and thou shalt finde rest, and shalt not receiue sorowe by his foolishnesse.

14 What is heauier then leade? and what other name should a foole haue?

15 [Note: Prou.27.3 ] Sand and salte, and a lumpe of yron is easier to beare, then an vnwise, [foolish and vngodly man.]

16 As a frame of wood ioyned together in a building can not be loosed with shaking, so the heart that is stablished by aduised counsel, shal feare at no time.

17 The heart that is confirmed by discrete wisdome, is as a faire plaistring on a plaine wall.

18 As reedes that are set vp on hie, can not abide the winde, so the fearefull heart with foolish imagination can endure no feare.

19 He that hurteth the eye, bringeth foorth teares, and he that hurteth the heart, bringeth forth the affection.

20 Who so casteth a stone at the birdes, frayeth them away: and he that vpbraydeth his friende, breaketh friendship.

21 Though thou drewest a sword at thy friend, yet despaire not: for there may be a returning to fauour.

22 If thou haue opened thy mouth against thy friende, feare not: for there may be a reconciliation, so that vpbrayding or pride or disclosing of secrets or a traiterous wounde doe not let: for by these things euery friend will depart.

23 Be faithfull vnto thy friend in his pouertie, that thou mayest reioyce in his prosperitie. Abide stedfast vnto him in the time of his trouble, that thou mayest be heire with him in his heritage: for pouertie is not alwayes to be contemned, nor the rich that is foolish, to be had in admiration.

24 As the vapour and smoke of the chimney goeth before the fire, so euill wordes, [rebukes and threatnings] goe before bloodsheading.

25 I will not be ashamed to defende a friende: neither will I hide my selfe from him, though he shoulde doe me harme: whosoeuer heareth it, shall beware of him.

26 Who shal set [Note: Psal.141.3. ] a watch before my mouth, & a seale of wisdom vpon my lips, that I fall not suddenly by them, & that my tongue destroy me not?


1 A prayer of the autor. 13 Of othes, blasphemie, and vnwise communication. 16 Of three kindes of sinnes. 23 Many sinnes proceede of adulterie. 27 Of the feare of God.

1 O lorde, father and gouernour of all my whole life, leaue me not to their counsell, and let me not fall by [Note: Or, my lippes. ] them.

2 Who will correct my thought, and put the doctrine of wisedome in mine heart, that they may not spare me in mine ignorance, neither let [Note: That is, of the tongue, & lips. ] their faultes passe?

3 Least mine ignorances increase, & my sinnes

[Page 166]
abounde to my destruction, and least I fall before mine aduersarie, & mine enemies reioyce ouer mee, whose hope is farre from thy mercy.
4 O Lord, Father and God of my life, [leaue me not in their imagination] neither giue mee a proude looke, but turne away from thy seruants a stout minde.

5 Take from me vaine hope, & concupiscence, and reteyne him in obedience, that desireth continually to serue thee.

6 Let not the greedines of the bellie, nor lust of the flesh holde me, and giue not me thy seruant ouer into an impudent minde.

7 Heare, O yee children, the instruction of a mouth that shall speake trueth: who so keepeth it, shall not perish through his lips, [nor bee hurt by wicked workes.]

8 The sinner shall be taken by his owne lippes: for the euill speaker and the proude doe offende by them.

9 [Note: Exod.20.7. chap.27.15. mat.5.33,34. ] Accustome not thy mouth to swearing: [for in it there are many falles,] neither take vp for a custome the naming of the Holy one: [for thou shalt not be vnpunished for such thinges.]

10 For as a seruant which is ofte punished, cannot be without some skarre, so he that sweareth, & nameth God continually, shall not be fautelesse.

11 A man that vseth much swearing, shalbe filled with wickednesse, & the plague shall neuer goe from his house: when he shal offend, his faute shalbe vpon him, and if he knowledge not his sinne, he maketh a double offence: and if he sweare in vaine, hee shall not bee innocent, but his house shalbe full of plagues.

12 There is a word which is clothed with death: God graunt that it bee not found in the herytage of Iacob: but they that feare God, eschewe al such, and are not wrapped in sinne.

13 Vse not thy mouth to [Note: Or, inordinate swearing. ] ignorant rashnes: for therein is the occasion of sinne.

14 Remember thy father & thy mother whe thou art set among great men, least thou bee forgotten in their sight, and so through thy custome become a foole, and wish that thou haddest not bene borne, and curse the day of thy natiuitie.

15 [Note: 2.Sam.16.7. ] The man that is accustomed to opprobrious wordes, will neuer bee reformed all the dayes of his life.

16 There are two sortes [of men] that abound in sinne, and the third bringeth wrath [and destruction:] a minde hote as fire, yt cannot be quenched till it bee consumed: an adulterous man that giueth his body no rest, till he haue kindled a fire.

17 (All bread is sweete to a whoremonger: hee will not leaue off till he perish.)

18 A man that breaketh wedlocke, and thinketh thus in his heart, [Note: Isa.29.15. ] Who seeth me? I am compassed about with darkenesse: the walles couer me: no body seeth me: whome neede I to feare? the most High will not remember my sinnes.

19 Such a man only feareth the eyes of men, and knoweth not that the eyes of the Lorde are ten thousand times brighter then the sunne, beholding all the wayes of men, [and the ground of the deepe,] and considereth the most secret partes.

20 He knewe al things or euer they were made, and after they bee brought to passe also, he looketh vpon them all.

21 [Note: Leuit.20.10. deut.22.22. ] The same man shall bee punished in the streetes of the citie, [and shal be chased like a yong horsefoale,] and when hee thinketh not vpon it, he shalbe taken: [thus shall hee be put to shame of euery man, because hee would not vnderstand the feare of the Lord.]

22 And thus shal it go also with euery wife, that leaueth her husbande, and getteth inheritance by another.

23 [Note: Exod.20.14. ] For first shee hath disobeyed the Lawe of the most High, and secondly shee hath trespassed against her owne husband, and thirdlye, shee hath played the whore in adultery, and gotten her children by another man.

24 Shee shalbe brought out into the congregation, and examination shalbe made of her children.

25 Her children shall not take roote, and her branches shall bring forth no fruite.

26 A shamefull report shall shee leaue, and her reproche shall not be put out.

27 And they that remaine, shall knowe that there is nothing better then the feare of the Lord, & that there is nothing sweeter then to take heede vnto the commandements of the Lorde.

28 It is great glorie to follow the Lord, and to be receiued of him is long life.


1 A praise of wisedome proceeding forth of the mouth of God. 6 Of her works and place where she resteth. 20 She is giuen to the children of God.

1 Wisedome shall praise her selfe, [and be honoured in God,] and reioyce in the middes of her people.

2 In the congregation of the most High shall she open her mouth, and triumph before his power.

3 [In the middes of her people shall she be exalted, and wondred at in the holy assembly.

4 In the multitude of the chosen shee shall bee commended, and among such as be blessed, she shal be praysed, and shall say,]

5 I am come out of the mouth of the most High, [first borne before all creatures.

6 I caused the light that fayleth not, to arise in the heauen,] and couered the earth as a cloude.

7 My dwelling is aboue in the height, and my throne is in the pillar of the cloude.

8 I alone haue gone round about the compasse of heauen, and haue walked in the bottom of the depth.

9 I possessed the waues of the sea, and all the earth, and all people, and nation, [and with my power haue I troden downe the heartes of al, both high and low.]

10 In all these things I sought rest, and a dwelling in some inheritance.

11 So the creator of all thinges gaue me a commandement, and he that made me, appointed me a tabernacle, and said, Let thy dwelling be in Iacob, and take thine inheritance in Israel, and roote thy selfe among my chosen.

12 [Note: Pro.8.23. ] He created me from the beginning, & before the world, and I shall neuer faile: [Note: Exod.31.3. ] In the holy habitation haue I serued before him, and so was I stablished in Sion.

13 [Note: Psal.32.8. ] In the welbeloued citie gaue he me rest, & in Ierusalem was my power.

14 I tooke roote in an honourable people, euen in the portion of the Lordes inheritance.

15 I am set vp on hie like a cedar in Libanus, & as a cypres tree vpon the mountaines of Hermon.

16 I am exalted like a palme tree [Note: Or, in Cedes. ] about the bankes, and as a rose plant in Iericho, as a faire [Page] oliue tree in a pleasant fielde, and am exalted as a plane tree by the water.

17 I smelled as the cinnamum, and as a bag of spices: I gaue a sweete odour as the best mirrhe, as galbanum, and onix, and sweete storax, & perfume of incense in an house.

18 As the terebinth, haue I stretched out my branches, and my branches are the branches of honor and grace.

19 [Note: Iohn.15.1. ] As the vine haue I brought forth [fruite] of sweete sauour, and my flowers are the fruite of honour and riches.

20 I am the mother of beautifull loue, and of feare, and of knowledge, and of holy hope: I giue eternall things to all my children to whome God hath commanded.

21 [In me is all grace of life and trueth: in mee is all hope of life and vertue.]

22 Come vnto me al ye that be desirous of me, and fill your selues with my fruites.

23 [Note: Psal.19.10,11. ] For the remembrance of mee is, sweeter then honie, and mine inheritance [sweeter] then the hony combe: [the remebrance of me endureth for euermore.]

24 They that eate me, shall haue the more hunger, and they that drinke me, shall thirst the more.

25 Who so hearkeneth vnto me, shal not come to confusion, and they that worke by me, shall not offende: [they that make me to be knowen, shall haue euerlasting life.]

26 All these thinges are the booke [of life,] and the couenant of the most high God, [& the knowledge of the trueth,] [Note: Exo.20.1. and 24.3. deut.4.1. and 29.9. ] and the Law that Moyses [in the precepts of righteousnes] commaunded for an heritage vnto the house of Iacob, [and the promises pertayning vnto Israel.]

27 Be not wearie to behaue your selues valiantly with the Lord, that hee may also confirme you: cleaue vnto him: for the Lord almightie is but one God, and besides him there is none other Sauiour.

28 [Out of Dauid his seruant hee ordeyned to raise vp a most mightie King that should sitte in the throne of honour for euermore.]

29 Hee filleth all things with his wisedome, as [Note: Gen.2.11. ] Physon, and as Tygris, in the time of the newe fruites.

30 Hee maketh the vnderstanding to abounde like Euphrates, and as [Note: Iosh.3.15. ] Iorden, in the time of the haruest.

31 He maketh the doctrine of knowledge to appeare as the light, and ouerfloweth as Geon in the time of the vintage.

32 The first man hath not knowen her perfectly: no more shall the last seeke her out.

33 For her considerations are more aboundant then the sea, and her counsell is profounder then the great deepe.

34 I wisdome [haue cast out floodes:] I am as an arme of the riuer: I runne into Paradise as a water conduite.

35 I sayd, I will water my faire garden, and will water my pleasant ground: and loe, my ditch became a flood, and my flood became a sea.

36 For I make doctrine to shine as the light of the morning, and I lighten it for euer.

37 [I wil pearce thorow all the lower partes of the earth: I will looke vpon all such as be a sleepe, and lighten all them that trust in the Lord.]

38 I will yet powre out doctrine, as prophesie, and leaue it vnto all ages for euer.

39 [Note: Chap.33.10. ] Beholde that I haue not laboured for my selfe onely, but for all them that seeke wisdome.


1 Of three things which please God, and of three which he hateth. 7 Of nine things that bee not to be suspect. 14 Of the malice of a woman.

1 Three things reioyce me, and by them am I beautified before God and men: [Note: Gen.13.2.5. rom.12.10 ] the vnitie of brethren, the loue of neighbours, a man and wife that agree together.

2 Three sortes of men my soule hateth, and I vtterly abhorre the life of them: a poore man that is proude: a rich man that is a lyar, and an old adulterer that doteth.

3 If thou hast gathered nothing in thy youth, what canst thou finde in thine age?

4 Oh, how pleasant a thing is it when gray headed men minister iudgement, and when the elders can giue good counsell!

5 Oh, how comely a thing is wisedome vnto aged men, and vnderstanding and prudencie to men of honour!

6 The crowne of old men is to haue much experience, and the feare of God is their glorie.

7 There be nine things, which I haue iudged in mine heart to be happy, and the tenth wil I pronounce with my tongue: a man that while he liueth, hath ioy of his children, and seeth the fall of his enemies.

8 Well is him that dwelleth with a wife of vnderstanding, [Note: Chap.14.1 and 19.16. iam.3.2. ] and that hath not fallen with his tongue, and that hath not serued such as are vnworthie of him.

9 Well is him that findeth prudencie, & he that speaketh in the eares of them that will heare.

10 Oh, how great is hee that findeth wisdome! yet is there none aboue him, that feareth the Lord.

11 The feare of the Lorde passeth all things in clearenesse.

12 [Blessed is the man, vnto whom it is granted to haue the feare of God.] Vnto whom shall he be likened that hath attayned it?

13 The feare of the Lord is the beginning of his loue, & faith is ye beginning to be ioyned vnto him.

14 [ The greatest heauinesse is the heauinesse of the heart, and the greatest malice is the malice of a woman.]

15 Giue me any plague, saue only the plague of the heart, & any malice, saue ye malice of a woman:

16 Or any assault, saue the assault of them that hate, or any vengeance, saue the vengeance of the enemy.

17 There is not a more wicked head then the head of the serpent, and there is no wrath aboue the wrath of an [Note: Or, woman.] enemie.

18 [Note: Pro.21.29. ] I had rather dwel with a lion and dragon, then to keepe house with a wicked wife.

19 The wickednesse of a woman changeth her face, & maketh her countenance blacke as [Note: Or, a beare. ] a sacke.

20 Her husband is sitting among his neighbors: because of her he sigheth sore or he beware.

21 All wickednesse is but little to the wickednesse of a woman: let the portion of the sinner fall vpon her.

22 As the climing vp of a sandie way is to the feete of the aged, so is a wife full of words to a quiet man.

23 [Note: Chap.42.12. 2.sam.11.2. and 13.2. ] Stumble not at the beautie of a woman, and desire her not for thy pleasure.

24 If a woman nourish her husbad, she is angry

[Page 167]
and impudent and full of reproche.
25 A wicked wife maketh a sorie heart, an heauie countenance, and a wounded minde, weake handes and feeble knees, and can not comfort her husband in heauinesse.

26 Of the [Note: Gent.3.6. 1.sim.2.14. ] woman came the beginning of sinne, and through her we all die.

27 Giue the water no passage, [no not a litle,] neither giue a wicked woman libertie to goe out.

28 If she walke not in thine obedience, [she shall confound thee in the sight of thine enemies.] Cut her off then from thy flesh: Giue her, and forsake her.


1 The praise of a good woman. 5 Of the feare of three things, and of the fourth. 6 Of the ielous and drunken woman. 29 Of two things that cause sorowe, and of the third which moueth wrath.

1 Blessed is the man that hath a vertuous wife: for the number of his yeeres shalbe double.

2 An honest woman reioyceth her husbande, and she shall fill the yeeres of his life with peace.

3 A vertuous woman is a good portion which shalbe giuen for a gift vnto such as feare the Lord.

4 Whether a man be rich or poore, he hath a good heart towarde the Lorde, and they shall at all times haue a cheerefull countenance.

5 There be three things that mine heart feareth, and my face is afrayde of the fourth: treason in a citie: the assemblie of the people, and false accusation: all these are heauier then death.

6 But the sorowe and griefe of the heart is a woman that is ielous ouer another: and she that communeth with all, is a scourge of the tongue.

7 An euill wife is as a yoke of oxen that draw diuers wayes: he that hath her, is a though hee helde a scorpion.

8 A drunken woman and such as can not be tamed, is a great plague: for she can not couer her owne shame.

9 The whoredome of a woman may be knowen in the pride of her eyes, and eye liddes.

10 [Note: Chap.42.11. ] If thy daughter be not shamefast, holde her straitly, least she abuse her selfe through ouermuch libertie.

11 Take heede of her that hath an vnshamefast eye: and marueile not if she trespasse against thee.

12 As one that goeth by the way, and is thirsty, so shall she open her mouth, and drinke of euery next water: by euery hedge shall she sit downe, & open her quiuer against euery arrowe.

13 The grace of a wife reioyceth her husbande, and feedeth his bones with her vnderstanding.

14 A peaceable woman and of a good heart is a gifte of the Lorde, and there is nothing so much worth as a woman well instructed.

15 A shamefast and faithful woman is a double grace, and there is no weight to be compared vnto her continent minde.

16 As the sunne when it ariseth the high places of the Lorde, so is the beautie of a good wife the ornament of her house.

17 As the cleere light is vpon the holy candlesticke, so is the beautie of the face in a ripe age.

18 As the golden pillars are vpon the sockets of siluer: so are faire feete with a constant minde.

19 [Perpetuall are the foundations that be laid vpon a strong rocke: so are the commandements of God in the heart of an holy woman.]

20 My sonne, keepe the strength of thine age stable, and giue not thy strength to strangers.

21 When thou hast gotten a fruitful possession through all the fieldes, sowe it with thine owne seede, trusting in thy nobilitie.

22 So thy stocke that shall liue after thee, shall grow, trusting in ye great liberalitie of their nobility.

23 An harlot is compared to a sowe: but the wife that is marryed, is counted as a towre against death to her husband.

24 A wicked woman is giuen as a rewarde to a wicked man: but a godly woman is giuen to him that feareth the Lorde.

25 A shameles woman contemneth shame: but a shamefast woman will reuerence her husband.

26 A shamelesse woman is compared to a dog: but she that is shamefast, reuerenceth the Lorde.

27 A woman that honoureth her husband, shal be iudged wise of all: but she that despiseth him, shalbe blased for her pride.

28 A loude crying woman and a babbler let her be sought out to driue away the enemies: the mind of euery man that liueth with such, shalbe conuersant among the troubles of warre.

29 There be two things that grieue mine heart, and the thirde maketh me angrie: a man of warre that suffreth pouertie: and men of vnderstanding that are not set by: and when one departeth from righteousnesse vnto sinne: the Lorde appointeth such to the sworde.

30 [There be two things, which me thinke to be hard and perillous.] A marchant can not lightly keepe him from wrong, & a vitailer is not without sinne.


1 Of the poore that would be rich. 5 The probation of the man that feareth God. 13 The vnconstantnesse of a foole. 16 The secrets of friends are not to be vttered. 26 The wicked imagineth euill which turneth vpon him selfe.

1 Because of pouertie haue many sinned: and [Note: 1.Timo.6.9. prouerb.25.4. ] he that seeketh to be rich, turneth his eyes aside.

2 As a nayle in the wal sticketh fast betweene the ioynts of the stones, so doeth sinne sticke betweene the selling and the buying.

3 If he holde him not diligently in the feare of the Lord, his house shall soone be ouerthrowen.

4 As when one sifteth, the filthines remaineth in the sieue, so the filth of man remaineth in his thought.

5 The fornace prooueth the potters vessel: [Note: Prouer.27.21 ] so doeth [tentation] trie mens thoughtes.

6 The fruite declareth if the tree haue bene trimmed: so the worde [declareth] what man hath in his heart.

7 Praise no man except thou haue heard his talke: for this is the tryall of men.

8 If thou followest righteousnesse, thou shalt get her, and put her on as a fayre garment, [and shalt dwell with her, and she shall defende thee for euer: and in the day of knowledge thou shalt finde stedfastnesse.]

9 The birdes resort vnto their like: so doth the trueth turne vnto them, that are practised in her.

10 As the lyon waiteth for the beast, so doeth sinne vpon them that doe euill.

11 The talking of him that feareth God, is all wisdome: as for a foole, he changeth as the moone.

12 If thou be among the vndiscreete, obserue the time, but haunt still the assemblie of them that are wise.

13 The talking of fooles is grieuous, and their [Page] sport is in the pleasure of sinne.

14 [Note: Chap.23.9,10. ] The talke of him that sweareth much, maketh the heare to stande vp: and to striue with such, stoppeth the eares.

15 The strife of the proude is blood shedding, and their scouldings are grieuous to heare.

16 [Note: Chap.19.10. and 22.22. ] Who so discouereth secrets, loseth his credite, and findeth no friende after his will.

17 Loue thy friend, and be faithfull vnto him: but if thou bewrayest his secrets, thou shalt not get him againe.

18 For as a man destroyeth his enemie, so doest thou destroy the friendship of thy neighbour.

19 As one that letteth a birde goe out of his hande, so if thou giue ouer thy friende, thou canst not get him againe.

20 Followe after him no more, for he is too farre off: he is as a roe escaped out of the snare: [for his soule is wounded.]

21 As for woundes, they may be bounde vp againe, and an euill worde may be reconciled: but who so bewrayeth the secrets of a friende, hath lost all his credit.

22 [Note: Prouerb.20.10. ] He that winketh with the eyes, imagineth euill: and he that knoweth him, wil let him alone.

23 When thou art present, he wil speake sweetly, and praise thy wordes: but at the last he will turne his tale, and slander thy saying.

24 Many things haue I hated, but nothing so euill as such one: for the Lorde also hateth him.

25 Who so casteth a stone on hie, casteth it vpon his owne head: and he that smiteth with guile, maketh a great wound.

26 Who so [Note: Psal.7.15. pro.26.27. eccle.10.8. ] diggeth a pit, shall fall therein, [& he that layeth a stone in his neighbours way, shall stumble thereon,] and he that layeth a snare for another, shalbe taken in it himselfe.

27 He that worketh euill, shall be wrapped in euils, and shall not know from whence they come vnto him.

28 Mockerie and reproche follow the proude, and vengeance lurketh for them as a lyon.

29 They that reioyce at the fall of the righteous, shalbe taken in the snare, and anguish shall consume them before they dye.

30 Despite and anger are abominable thinges, and the sinfull man is subiect to them both.


1 We ought not to desire vengeance, but to forgiue the offence. 13 Of the vices of the tongue, and of the dangers thereof.

1 He [Note: Deut.32.35. rom.12.19. ] that seeketh vengeance, shall finde vengeance of the Lord, & he will surely keepe his sinnes.

2 [Note: Man ought not to seeke vengeance. ] Forgiue thy neighbour the hurt that he hath done to thee, so shal thy sinnes be forgiuen thee also, when thou prayest.

3 Should a man beare hatred against man, and [Note: Matth.6.14. ] desire forgiuenesse of the Lord?

4 Hee will shew no mercy to a man, which is like him selfe: & will he aske forgiuenes of his own sinnes?

5 If he that is but flesh, nourish hatred [& aske pardon of God,] who will intreate for his sinnes?

6 Remember the ende, and let enimitie passe: imagine not death & destructio to another through anger, but perseuere in the commaundements.

7 Remember the commaundements: so shalt thou not be rigorous against thy neighbour: [consider diligently] the couenant of the most High, and forgiue his ignorance.

8 [Note: Chap.8.I.] Beware of strife, and thou shalt make thy sinnes fewer: for an angry man kindleth strife.

9 And the sinfull man disquieteth friends, and bringeth in false accusations among them that be at peace.

10 [Note: Prou.26.23, ] As the matter of the fire is, so it burneth, & mans anger is according to his power: and according to his riches his anger increaseth, & the more vehement the anger is, the more is he inflamed.

11 An hastie brawling kindleth a fire, and an hasty fighting sheadeth blood: [a tongue that beareth false witnesse, bringeth death.]

12 If thou blowe the sparke, it shall burne: if thou spit vpon it, it shalbe quenched, & both these come out of the mouth.

13 [Note: The tongue] [Note: Chap.21.28] Abhorre ye slanderer and double tongued: for such haue destroyed many that were at peace.

14 The double tongue hath disquieted many, and driuen them from nation to nation: strong cities hath it broken downe, and ouerthrowen the houses of great men: [the strength of the people hath it brought downe, and bene the decay of mightie nations.]

15 The double tongue hath cast out many vertuous women, and robbed them of their labours.

16 Who so hearkeneth vnto it, shall neuer finde rest, and neuer dwell quietly.

17 The stroke of the rodde maketh markes in the flesh, but the stroke of the tongue breaketh the bones.

18 There be many that haue perished by the edge of the sword, but not so many as haue fallen by the tongue.

19 Wel is him that is kept from an euil tongue, and commeth not in the anger thereof, which hath not drawen in that yoke, neither hath bene bound in the bandes thereof.

20 For the yoke thereof is a yoke of yron, and the bandes of it are bandes of brasse.

21 The death thereof is an euill death: hell were better then such one.

22 It shall not haue rule ouer them that feare God, neither shall they bee burnt with the flame thereof.

23 Such as forsake the Lorde, shall fall therein: and it shall burne them, and no man shalbe able to quenche it: it shall fall vpon them as a lyon, and deuoure them as a leopard.

24 Hedge thy possession with thornes, & make doores and barres for thy mouth.

25 Binde vp thy siluer and golde, and weigh thy wordes in a balance, and make a doore and a barre, [and a sure bridle] for thy mouth.

26 Beware that thou slide not by it, and so fall before him that lyeth in wayte [and thy fall be incurable, euen vnto death.]


1 Do lende money, and do almes. 15 Of a faithfull man answering for his friend. 24 The poore mans life.

1 He that will shewe mercie, [Note: Of well doing.] lendeth to his neighbour: and he that hath power ouer himselfe, keepeth the commandements.

2 [Note: Deut.15.7,8. ] Lend to thy neighbour in time of his neede, and pay thou thy neighbour againe in due season.

3 Keepe thy worde, and deale faithfully with him, and thou shalt alway finde the thing that is necessarie for thee.

4 Many when a thing was lent them, reckened it to be found, and grieued them that had helped them.

[Page 168]

5 Till they receiue, they kisse his handes, and for their neighbours good they huble their voyce: but when they should pay againe, they prolong the terme, and giue a careles answere, and make excuses by reason of the time.

6 And though he be able, yet giueth hee scarce the halfe againe, & reckeneth the other as a thing found: els he deceiueth him of his money, and maketh him an enemie without a cause: he paieth him with cursing and rebuke, and giueth him euil words for his good deede.

7 There be many which refuse to lend because of this inconuenience, fearing to bee defrauded without cause.

8 Yet haue thou patience with him that humbleth him selfe, and deferre not mercy from him.

9 Helpe the poore for the comandements sake, and turne him not away, because of his pouertie.

10 Lose thy money for thy brothers & neighbours sake, and let it not rust vnder a stone to thy destruction.

11 [Note: Dan.4.24. and .6.20. luke.11.41. and 12.33. act.10.4. I.sim.18,19. ] Bestowe thy treasure after the commandement of the most High, & it shall bring thee more profite then golde.

12 [Note: Or, giue thine almes secretly.] Lay vp thine [Note: Tob.4.8.9,10,11. ] almes in thy secret chambers, and it shall keepe thee from all affliction.

13 [A mans almes is as a purse with him, & shal keepe a mans fauour as the apple of the eye, and afterward shall it arise, and pay euery man his reward vpon his head.]

14 It shall fight for thee against thine enemies, better then the shield of a strong man, or speare of the mightie.

15 An honest man is [Note: Of suretiship. ] surety for his neighbour: but he that is impudent, forsaketh him.

16 Forget not the friendship of thy suretie: for he hath layed his life for thee.

17 The wicked despiseth the good deede of his suretie.

18 The wicked will not become suretie: and he that is of an vnthankfull minde, forsaketh him that deliuered him.

19 [Some man promiseth for his neighbour: and when hee hath lost his honestie, hee will forsake him.]

20 Suretieship hath destroyed many a rich man, and remooued them as the waues of the sea: mightie men hath it driuen away from their houses, and caused them to wander among strange nations.

21 A wicked man, transgressing the commandements of the Lord, shall fall into suretieship: and hee that medleth much with other mens busines, is intangled in controuersies.

22 Helpe thy neighbour according to thy power, and beware that thou thy selfe fall not.

23 [Note: Chap.19.16. ] The chiefe thing of life is water, & bread, and clothing, and lodging to couer thy shame.

24 [Note: Sober liuing. ] The poore mans life in his owne lodge is better then delicate fare in another mans.

25 Be it litle or much, holde thee contented, that the house speake not euill of thee.

26 For it is a miserable life to go from house to house: for where thou art a stranger, thou darest not open thy mouth.

27 Thou shalt lodge and feede vnthankefull men, & after shalt haue bitter wordes for the same, saying,

28 Come, thou stranger, and prepare the table, and feede me of that thou hast readie.

29 Giue place, thou stranger, to an honourable man: my brother commeth to bee lodged, and I haue neede of mine house.

30 These things are heauie to a man that hath vnderstanding, the vpbraiding of the house, and the reproche of the lender.


1 Of the correction of children. 14 Of the commoditie of health. 17 Death is better then a sorowfull life. 22 Of the ioye and sorow of the heart.

1 He that loueth his sonne, [Note: Pro.13.24. and 23.13. ] causeth him oft to feele the rodde, that he may haue ioye of him in the ende.

2 He that chastiseth his sonne, shall haue ioy in him, & shal reioyce of him among his acquaintace.

3 Hee that [Note: Deu.6.7. ] teacheth his sonne, grieueth the enemie, and before his friends hee shall reioyce of him.

4 Though his father dye, yet is he as though he were not dead: for hee hath left one behinde him that is like him.

5 In his life hee sawe him, and had ioye in him, and was not sorie in his death, [neither was hee ashamed before his enemies.]

6 He left behinde him an auenger against his enemies, and one that should shew fauour vnto his friendes.

7 Hee that flattereth his sonne, bindeth vp his wounds, and his heart is grieued at euery crie.

8 An vntamed horse will be stubburne, and a wanton childe will be wilfull.

9 If thou bring vp thy sonne delicately, he shall make thee afraide: and if thou play with him, hee shall bring thee to heauinesse.

10 Laugh not with him, lest thou be sorie with him, and lest thou gnash thy teeth in the ende.

11 [Note: Chap.7.23. ] Giue him no libertie in his youth, & winke not at his folie.

12 Bowe down his necke while he is yong, and beate him on the sides, while he is a childe, lest he waxe stubburne, and be disobedient vnto thee, and so bring sorow to thine heart.

13 Chastise thy childe, and be diligent therein, lest his shame grieue thee.

14 [Note: The praise of health. ] Better is the poore, being whole & strog, then a rich man that is afflicted in his bodie.

15 Health and strength is aboue all golde, and a whole bodie aboue infinite treasure.

16 There is no riches aboue a sound bodie, and no ioy aboue the ioy of the heart.

17 Death is better then a bitter life, [and long rest,] then continuall sicknes.

18 The good things yt are powred on a mouth shut vp, are as messes of meat set vpon a graue.

19 What good doeth the offring vnto an idole? for hee can neither eate nor smell: so is hee that is persecuted of the Lord, [and beareth the reward of iniquitie.]

20 He seeth with his eies, & groneth like [Note: Chap.20.3. ] a gelded man, that lieth with a virgin and sigheth.

21 [Note: Pro.12.25. and 15.13.& 17.22. ] Giue not ouer thy minde to heauines, and vexe not thy selfe in thine owne counsel.

22 The ioy of the heart is the life of man, and a mans gladnesse is the prolonging of his dayes.

23 Loue thine own soule, & cofort thine heart: driue sorowe farre from thee: for sorow hath slayne many, and there is no profite therein.

24 Enuie and wrath shorten the life, and carefulnes bringeth age before the time.

25 A noble and good heart will haue consideration of his meat and diet.


Of couetousnes. 2 Of them that take paine together riches. 8 The praise of a rich man without a fault. 13 Wee ought to flee drunkennes and follow sobernes.

1 Waking [Note: Couetousnes. ] after [Note: 1.Tim.6.9, 10. ] riches pineth away the bodie, and the care thereof driueth away sleepe.

2 This waking care breaketh the sleepe, as a great sicknes breaketh the sleepe.

3 The rich hath great labour in gathering riches together, & in his rest hee is filled with pleasures.

4 The poore laboureth in liuing poorely, and when he leaueth off, he is still poore.

5 He that loueth golde, shall not bee iustified, & he that followeth corruption, shal haue ynough thereof.

6 [Note: Chap.8.2. ] Many are destroyed by the reason of gold, and haue found their destruction before them.

7 It is as a stumbling block vnto them that sacrifice vnto it, and euerie foole is taken therewith.

8 Blessed is the [Note: Luke 6.24. ] riche which is found without blemish, and hath not gone after golde, [nor hoped in money and treasures.]

9 Who is hee, and wee will commend him? for wonderfull things hath he done among his people.

10 Who hath bene tryed thereby, and founde persite? let him be an example of glorie, who might offende, and hath not offended, or doe euill, and hath not done it.

11 Therefore shall his goods be stablished, and the congregation shall declare his almes.

12 If thou sit at a costlie table, [Note: Temperancy. ] open not thy mouth wide vpon it, & say not, Behold much meat.

13 Remember that an euil eye is a shrewe: and what thing created is worse then a wicked eye? for it weepeth for euery cause.

14 Stretch not thine hand wheresoeuer it looketh, and thrust it not with it into the dishe.

15 Consider by thy selfe him that is by thee, & marke euery thing.

16 Eate modestly that which is set before thee, and deuoure not, lest thou be hated.

17 Leaue thou off first for nurtours sake, and be not insatiable, lest thou offend.

18 When thou sittest among many, reach not thine hand out first of all.

19 [Note: Chap.37.29. ] How litle is sufficiet for a man wel taught? and thereby he belcheth not in his chamber, [nor feeleth any paine.]

20 A wholesome sleepe commeth of a temperate bellie: he riseth vp in the morning, and is wel at ease in him selfe: but paine in watching and cholericke diseases, and panges of the bellie are with an vnsatiable man.

21 If thou hast bene forced to eate, arise, goe forth, vomite, and then take thy rest: [so thou shalt bring no sicknesse vnto thy bodie.]

22 My sonne, heare me, and despise me not, & at the last thou shalt finde as I haue tolde thee: in all thy works be quicke, so shall there no sicknesse come vnto thee.

23 [Note: Prouer.22.9. ] Who so is [Note: Liberality. ] liberal in his meate, men shall blesse him: and the testimonie of his honestie shalbe beleeued.

24 But against him that is a nigard of his meat, the whole citie shall murmure: the testimonies of his nigardnes shalbe sure.

25 Shew not thy valiantnes in wine: for [Note: Iudeth 13.28. ] wine hath destroyed many.

26 The fornace proueth the edge in the tempering: so doeth wine the heartes of the proude by drunkennesse.

27 [Note: Psal.104.15. pro.31.4,5,6,7. ] Wine soberly drunken, is profitable for the life of man: what is his life that is ouercome wt wine?

28 Wine was made [from the beginning] to make men glad, [and not for drunkennesse.] Wine measurably drunken and in time, bringeth gladnes and cherefulnesse of the minde.

29 But wine drunken with excesse maketh bitternes of minde with braulings and scouldings.

30 Drunkennesse increaseth the courage of a foole, til hee offend: it diminisheth his strength and maketh woundes.

31 [Note: Chap.20.I. ] Rebuke not thy neighbour at the wine, and despise him not in his mirth: giue him no despiteful wordes, and presse not vpon him with contrarie wordes.


1 An exhortation to modestie. 3 Let the ancient speake. 14 To giue thankes after the repast. 25 Of the feare, faith, and confidence in God.

1 If thou be made ye master of the feast, [Note: Humblenes.] lift not thy selfe vp, but be among them, as one of the rest: take diligent care for them, and so sit downe.

2 And when thou hast done all thy duetie, sit downe, that thou maiest be merie with them, and receiue a crown for thy good behauiour.

3 Speake thou that art the elder: for it becommeth thee, but with sound iudgement, and hinder not musike.

4 Powre not out wordes, where there is no audience, [Note: Eccle.2.7.chap.20.7 ] and shew not forth wisedome out of time.

5 The consent of musicians at a banket is as a signet of carbuncle set in golde.

6 And as the signet of an emeraude well trimmed with golde, so is the melodie of musike in a pleasant banket.

7 [Giue eare, and be still, and for thy good behauiour thou shalt be loued.]

8 Thou that art yong speake, if neede bee, and yet scarcely when thou art twise asked.

9 Comprehende much in fewe wordes [in many things be as one that is ignorant:] bee as one that vnderstandeth, and yet holde thy tongue.

10 If thou be among [Note: Iob.32.6 ] great men, compare not thy selfe vnto them, and when an elder speaketh, babble not much.

11 Before the thunder goeth lightning, and before a shamefast man goeth fauour.

12 Stande vp betimes, and be not the last: but get thee home without delay,

13 And there take thy pastime, and doe what thou wilt, so that thou doe none euil, or vse proud wordes.

14 But aboue all things, giue thanks vnto him that hath made thee, and replenished thee with his goodes.

15 Who so feareth the Lorde, will receiue his doctrine, & they that rise earely, shall finde fauour.

16 Hee that seeketh the Lawe; shall bee filled therwith: but the hypocrite wil be offended therat.

17 They that feare the Lorde, shall finde that which is righteous, & shal kindle iustice as a light.

18 An vngodly man will not be reformed, but findeth out excuses according to his will.

19 A man of vnderstanding despiseth not counsel: but a lewd and proud man is not touched with feare, euen when he hath done rashly.

20 [My sonne,] do nothing without aduisemeet so shall it not repent thee after the deede.

21 Go not in ye way where thou mayest fal, nor

[Page 169]
where thou mayest stumble among the stones, neither trust thou in the way that is plaine.
22 And beware of thine owne childre, [and take heede of them that be thine owne housholde.]

23 In euery good worke be of a faithful heart: for this is the keeping of the commandements.

24 Who so beleeueth in [Note: Or, the Lawe. ] the Lorde, keepeth the commandements: and he that trusteth in the Lord, shall take no hurt.


1 The deliuerance of him that feareth God. 4 The answere of the wise. 12 Man is in the hand of God, as the clay is in the hande of the potter. 25 Of euill seruants.

1 There shall no euil come vnto him that [Note: The feare of God. ] feareth the Lord: but when he is in tentation, he wil deliuer him againe.

2 A wise man hateth not the Lawe: but he that is an hypocrite therein, is as a shippe in a storme.

3 A man of vnderstanding walketh faithfully in the Lawe, and the Lawe is faithfull vnto him.

4 As the question is made, prepare the answere, and so shalt thou be heard: be sure of the matter, and so answere.

5 The heart of the [Note: Chap.21.16. ] foolish is like a cartwheele: and his thoughtes are like a rolling axeltree.

6 As a wilde horse neyeth vnder euery one that sitteth vpon him, so is a scornefull friend.

7 Why doth one day excell another, seeing that the light of the dayes of the yere come of the sunne?

8 The knowledge of the Lord hath parted them asunder, and he hath by them disposed the times and solemne feastes.

9 Some of them hath he chosen and sanctified, and some of them hath he put among the dayes to nomber.

10 And all men are of the [Note: Gene.1.27. and 2.7. ] ground, and Adam was created out of the earth: but the Lord hath deuided them by great knowledge, and made their wayes diuers.

11 Some of them hath hee blessed and exalted, and some of them hath he sanctified, & appropriate to himselfe: but some of them hath hee cursed, and brought them low, and put them out of their estate.

12 [Note: Isa.45.9. rom.9.20.21. ] As the clay is in the potters hand, to order it at his pleasure, so are men also in the hand of their Creator, so that hee may rewarde them as liketh him best.

13 Against euil is good, and against death is life: so is the godly against the sinner, and the vngodly against the faithfull.

14 So in all the workes of the most High thou maist see that there are euer two, one against another.

15 I am awaked vp last of all, as one that gathereth after them in the vintage. In the blessing of the Lorde I am increased, and haue filled my wine presse, like a grape gatherer.

16 [Note: Chap.24.39. ] Beholde, how I haue not laboured onely for my selfe, but for all them that seeke knowledge.

17 Heare me, O ye great men of the people, and hearken with your eares, ye rulers of ye Cogregation.

18 Giue not thy sonne and wife, thy brother and friend, power ouer thee while thou liuest, and giue not away thy substance to another, lest it repent thee, and thou intreate for the same againe.

19 As long as thou liuest, and hast breath, giue not thy selfe ouer to any person.

20 For better it is that thy children should pray vnto thee, then that thou shouldest looke vp to the handes of thy children.

21 In all thy workes bee excellent, that thine honour be neuer stained.

22 At the time when thou shalt ende thy dayes, and finish thy life, distribute thine inheritance.

23 The fodder, the whippe and the burden belong vnto the asse: and meate, correction and worke vnto thy seruant.

24 If thou set thy seruant to labour, thou shalt finde rest: but if thou let him goe idle, he shall seeke libertie.

25 The yoke and the whippe bowe downe the hard necke: so tame thine euill seruant with the whippes and correction.

26 Send him to labour, that he goe not idle: for idlenesse bringeth much euil.

27 Set him to worke, for that belogeth vnto him: if he be not obedient, [Note: Howe slaues were ordered in olde time. ] put on more heauie fetters.

28 But be not excessiue towarde any, and without discretion doe nothing.

29 [Note: Chap.7.20. ] If thou haue a faithfull seruant, let him bee vnto thee as thine owne soule: for in blood hast thou gotten him. If thou haue a seruant, intreat him as thy brother: for thou hast neede of him, as of thy selfe. If thou intreat him euill, and hee runne away, wilt thou seeke him?


Of dreames. 13 The praise of them that feare God. The offrings of the wicked. 22 The bread of the needie. 27 God doeth not allowe the workes of an vnfaithfull man.

1 The hope of a foolish man is vaine and false, [Note: Dreames. ] and dreames make fooles to haue wings.

2 Who so regardeth dreames, is like him that wil take holde of a shadow, and follow after the winde.

3 Euen so is it with the appearings of dreames, as the likenes of a face is before another face.

4 Who can be clensed by the vncleane? or what trueth can be spoken of a liar?

5 Southsayings, witchcraft, and dreaming is but vanitie, and a minde that is occupied with fantasies, is as a woman that trauaileth.

6 Where as such visions come not of the most High to trie thee, set not thine heart vpon them.

7 For dreames haue deceiued many, and they haue failed that put their trust therein.

8 The Lawe shall be fulfilled without lies, and wisedome is sufficient to a faithfull mouth: [what knowledge hath he that is not tried?]

9 A man that is instructed, vnderstandeth much, and hee that hath good experience, can talke of wisdome.

10 Hee that hath no experience, knoweth litle, and he that erreth, is full of craft.

11 When I wandered to and fro, I sawe many things, and mine vnderstanding is greater then I can expresse.

12 I was oft times in danger of death, yet I was deliuered by these things.

13 The spirit of those that feare the Lord, shall liue: for their hope is in him that can helpe them.

14 Who so [Note: The feare of the Lord. ] feareth the Lorde, feareth no man, neither is afraide: for he is his hope.

15 Blessed is the soule of him that feareth the Lorde: in whome putteth hee his trust? who is his strength?

16 [Note: Psalme 33.18. ] For the eyes of the Lorde haue respect vnto them, that loue him: he is their [Note: Psalme 91.1,2. ] mightie protection, and strong ground, a defence from the heat, and a shadowe for the noone day, a succour from stumbling, and an helpe from falling.

17 Hee setteth vp the soule, and lightneth the eyes: he giueth health, life and blessing.
18 He that [Note: Prou.21.27. ] giueth an offering of vnrighteous goods, offereth a mocking sacrifice, and the giftes of the vnrighteous, please not him.

19 [But the Lord is theirs only, that paciently abide him in the way of trueth and righteousnes.]

20 The most High doeth not alowe the [Note: The offrings of the wicked and their prayer. ] offerings of the wicked, [Note: Prou.15.8. ] neither is he pacified for sinne by the multitude of sacrifice.

21 Who so bringeth an offering of the goods of the poore, doth as one that sacrificeth the sonne before the fathers eyes.

22 The bread of the needefull is the life of the poore: he yt defraudeth him thereof, is a murtherer.

23 Hee that taketh away his neighbours liuing, slayeth him, [Note: Deut.24.14,15. chap.7.20. ] and hee that defraudeth the labourer of his hire, is a bloodsheader.

24 When one buildeth, and another breaketh downe, what profite haue they then but labour?

25 When one prayeth, and another curseth, whose voyce will the Lord heare?

26 [Note: Nom.19.11,12. ] He yt washeth himselfe because of a dead body, & toucheth it againe, what auaileth his washing?

27 [Note: 2.Pet.2 20, 21,22. ] So is it with a man that fasteth for his sinnes, and committeth them againe: who will heare his prayer? or what doeth his fasting helpe him?


1 Of true sacrifices. 14 The prayer of the fatherlesse, and of the widow, and him that humbleth himselfe.

1 Who so keepeth the Lawe, [Note: 1.Sam.15.22. iere.7.3,5,6,7. ] bringeth offerings ynough: he that holdeth fast the commandements, [Note: True sacrifices. ] offereth an offring of saluation.

2 He that is thankefull to them that haue well deserued, offereth fine flowre: [Note: Philip 4.18. ] and hee that giueth almes, sacrificeth praise.

3 To depart from euill is a thankefull thing to the Lord, and to forsake vnrighteousnes, is a reconciling vnto him.

4 [Note: Exod.23.15 and 34.20. deut.16.16. ] Thou shalt not appeare emptie before the Lorde.

5 For all these thinges are done because of the commaundement.

6 [Note: Gen.4.4,5. ] The offering of the righteous maketh the altar fat, and the smell thereof is sweete before the most High.

7 The sacrifice of the righteous is acceptable, and ye remembrance thereof shal neuer be forgotten.

8 Giue the Lorde his honour with a good and liberal eye, and diminish not the first fruites of thine handes.

9 [Note: 1.Cor.9.7. ] In all thy gifts shew a ioyfull countenance, and dedicate thy tithes with gladnesse.

10 Giue vnto the most High according as hee hath enriched thee, [Note: Tob.4.8. ] and looke what thine hande is able, giue with a chearefull eye.

11 For the Lorde recompenseth, and will giue thee seuen times as much.

12 [Note: Leuit.22.21,22. deut.15.21. ] Diminish nothing of thine offering: for he will not receiue it, and absteine from wrongfull sacrifices: for the Lord is the iudge, and regardeth no [Note: Deut.10 17.2. chro.19.7. iob.34.19. wisd.6.7. acts.10.34. rom.2.11. galat.2.6. ephe.6.9. coloß.3.25. ] mans person.

13 Hee accepteth not the person of the poore, but he heareth the prayer of the oppressed.

14 He despiseth not the desire of the fatherlesse, nor the widowe, when she powreth out her prayer.

15 Doeth not the teares runne downe the widowes cheekes? and her crie is against him that caused them: [for from her cheekes do they goe vp vnto heauen, and the Lord which heareth them, doeth accept them.]

16 He that serueth ye Lord, shalbe accepted with fauour, and his prayer shall reach vnto the cloudes.

17 The prayer of him that humbleth himselfe, goeth thorowe the cloudes, and ceaseth not till it come neere, and will not depart till the most High haue respect thereunto to iudge righteously, and to execute iudgement.

18 And the Lord will not be slacke, nor the Almightie will tarie long from them, till he hath smitten in sunder the loynes of the vnmercifull, and auenged himselfe of the heathen, till hee haue taken away the multitude of the cruell, and broken the scepter of the vnrighteous, till hee giue euery man after his workes, and rewarde them after their deuises, till hee haue iudged the cause of his people, and comforted them with his mercie.

19 Oh, how faire a thing is mercie in the time of anguish and trouble! It is like a cloude of raine, that commeth in the time of a drought.


1 A prayer to God in the person of all faithfull men, against those that persecute his Church. 22 The praise of a good woman.

1 Haue mercie vpon vs, O Lord God of all things, and beholde vs, and [shewe vs the light of thy mercies,]

2 And send thy feare [Note: Against the wicked. ] among the nations, which seeke not after thee, [that they may know that there is no God but thou, and that they may shewe thy wonderous workes.]

3 Lift vp thine [Note: Ierem.10.25. ] hande vpon the strange nations, that they may see thy power.

4 As thou art sanctified in vs before them, so be thou magnified among them before vs,

5 That they may know thee, as we know thee: for there is none other God but only thou, O Lord.

6 Renue the signes, and change the wonders: shewe the glory of thine hand, and thy right arme, that they may shew foorth thy wonderous actes.

7 Raise vp thine indignation, and powre out wrath: take away the aduersarie, & smite the enemie.

8 Make the time short: remember thine othe, that thy wonderous workes may be praised.

9 Let the wrath of the fire consume them that escape, and let them perish that oppresse the people.

10 Smite in sunder the heads of the princes that be our enemies, & say, There is none other but we.

11 [Note: A prayer for the godly. ] Gather all the tribes of Iacob together, [that they may knowe that there is none other God but only thou, and that they may shew thy wonderous works,] and inherit thou them as fro the beginning.

12 O Lord, haue mercie vpon the people, that is called by thy Name, and vpon Israel, [Note: Exod.4.22. ] whom thou hast likened to a first borne sonne.

13 Oh, bee mercifull vnto Ierusalem the citie of thy Sanctuarie, the citie of thy rest.

14 Fill Sion, that it may magnifie thine oracles, and fill thy people with thy glorie.

15 Giue witnes vnto those that thou hast possessed from the beginning, and raise vp the prophecies that haue bene shewed in thy Name.

16 Rewarde them that waite for thee, that thy Prophets may be found faithfull.

17 O Lorde, heare the prayer of thy seruants according to the [Note: Num.6.23.] blessing of Aaron ouer thy people, [and guide thou vs in the way of righteousnesse,] that all they which dwel vpon the earth, may know that thou art the Lord the eternall God.

18 The bellie deuoureth all meates, yet is one meate better then another.

19 As the throte tasteth venison, so doeth a wise minde discerne false wordes.

[Page 170]

20 A froward heart bringeth griefe, but a man of experience will resist it.

21 A woman is apt to receiue euery man: yet is one daughter better then another.

22 The beautie of a woman cheereth the face, and a man loueth nothing better.

23 If there be in her tongue gentlenes, meekenes, and wholesome talke, then is not her husband like other men.

24 He that hath [Note: The prayse of a good woman. ] gotten a [vertuous] woman, hath begun to get a possession: she is an helpe like vnto himselfe, and a pillar to rest vpon.

25 Where no hedge is, there the possession is spoyled: and he that hath no wife, wandereth to and fro, mourning.

26 Who will trust a thiefe that is alway ready and wandereth from towne to towne? and likewise him, that hath no rest, and lodgeth, wheresoeuer the night taketh him?


1 Howe a man should knowe friends and counsellers. 12 To keepe his company that feareth God.

1 Every friend sayth, [Note: Of friendship. ] I am a friend vnto him also: but there is some friend, which is onely a friend in name.

2 Remaineth there not heauines vnto death, when a companion and friend is turned to an enemie?

3 O wicked presumption, from whence art thou sprong vp to couer the earth with deceite?

4 [Note: Chap.6.10. ] There is some companion which in prosperitie reioyceth with his friend: but in the time of trouble he is against him.

5 There is some companion that helpeth his friend for the bellies sake, and taketh vp the buckler against the enemie.

6 Forget not thy friend in thy minde, and thinke vpon him in thy riches.

7 Seeke [Note: Of whome we should take counsell. ] no counsell at him of whome thou art suspected, and disclose not thy counsell vnto such as hate thee.

8 [Note: Chap.8.19. and 9.16. ] Euery counseller prayseth his owne counsell: but there is some that counselleth for himselfe.

9 Beware of the counseller, and bee aduised afore [Note: Or, what neede h. hath. ] whereto thou wilt vse him: for he wil counsell for himselfe, least he cast the lot vpon thee,

10 And say vnto thee, Thy way is good, and afterward he stand against thee, and looke what shall become of thee.

11 [Aske no counsell for religion of him, that is without religion, nor of iustice, of him that hath no iustice,] nor of a woman touching her of whom she is ielous, nor of a coward in matters of warre, nor of a marchant concerning exchange, nor of a buyer for the sale, nor of an enuious man touching thankfulnesse, nor of the vnmercifull touching kindnesse, [nor of an vnhonest man of honestie,] nor of the slouthfull for any labour, nor of an hireling for the finishing of a worke, nor of an idle seruant for much busines: hearken not vnto these in any matter of counsell.

12 But be continuall with a godly man whome thou knowest to keepe the commaundements of the Lord, whose minde is according to thy minde, and is sorie for thee when thou stumblest.

13 Take counsell of thine owne heart: for there is no man more faithfull vnto thee, then it.

14 For a mans minde is sometime more accustomed to shew more then seuen watchmen that sit aboue in an hie towre.

15 And aboue all this pray vnto the most High, that he will direct thy way in trueth.

16 Let reason goe before euery enterprise, and counsell before euery action.

17 The [changing] of the countenance is a signe of the changing of the heart: foure things appeare, good & euill, life & death, but the tongue hath euermore the gouernement ouer them.

18 Some man is wittie, and hath instructed many, and yet is vnprofitable vnto him selfe.

19 Some man will be wise in wordes, and is hated, yea, he is destitute of all [Note: Or, wisdome. ] foode,

20 Because grace is not giuen him of the Lord: for he is destitute of all wisdome.

21 Another is wise for himselfe, and the fruites of vnderstanding are faithfull in his mouth.

22 A wise man instructeth his people, and the fruites of his wisdome faile not.

23 A wise man shall be plenteously blessed, and all they that see him, shall thinke him blessed.

24 The life of man standeth in the number of dayes: but the dayes of Israel are innumerable.

25 A wise man shall obteine credite among his people, and his name shall be perpetuall.

26 My sonne, prooue thy soule in thy life, and see what is euill for it, and permit it not to doe it.

27 For all things are not profitable for all men, neither hath euery soule pleasure in euery thing.

28 Be not [Note: Of temporancie. ] griedy in all delites, and be not too hastie vpon all meates.

29 [Note: Chap.31.19,20. ] For excesse of meates bringeth sicknesse, and gluttonie commeth into cholericke diseases.

30 By surfet haue many perished: but hee that [Note: Or, taketh heede. ] dieteth him selfe, prolongeth his life.


1 A physicion is commendable. 16 To burie the dead. 24 The wisdome of him that is learned.

1 Honour the [Note: Of Physicions, and physicke. ] Phisicion with that honour that is due vnto him, because of necessitie: for the Lord hath created him.

2 For of the most High cometh healing, and he shall receiue giftes of the King.

3 The knowledge of the Phisicion lifteth vp his head, and in the sight of great men he shalbe in admiration.

4 The Lorde hath created medicines of the earth, and he that is wise, will not abhorre them.

5 [Note: Exod.15.25. ] Was not the water made sweete with wood, that men might know the vertue thereof?

6 So he hath giuen men knowledge, that he might be glorified in his wonderous workes.

7 With such doeth he heale men, and taketh away their paines.

8 Of such doeth the Apothecarie make a confection, and yet he cannot finish his owne workes: for of the Lorde commeth prosperitie and wealth ouer all the earth.

9 My sonne, faile not in thy sicknes, but [Note: Isa.38.2,5. ] pray vnto the Lord, and he will make thee whole.

10 Leaue off from sinne, and order thine hands aright, and cleanse thine heart from all wickednes.

11 Offer sweete incense, and fine flowre for a remembrance: make the offering fat, for thou art not the first [Note: God bestoweth first his benefits, & we must render a portion thereof to such vses as he appointeth. ] giuer.

12 Then giue place to the phisicion: for the Lord hath created him: let him not go from thee, for thou hast neede of him.

13 The houre may come, that their enterprises may haue good successe.

14 For they also shall pray vnto the Lord, that [Page] he would prosper that, which is giuen for ease, and their phisicke for the prolonging of life.

15 He that sinneth before his maker, let him fall into the hands of the phisicion.

16 My sonne, [Note: Chap.22.11. ] powre foorth teares ouer the dead, [Note: Of mourning. ] and begin to mourne, as if thou haddest suffered great harme thy selfe, and then couer his body according to [Note: Or, the custome. ] his appointment, and neglect not his buriall.

17 Make a grieuous lamentation, and be earnest in mourning, and vse lamentation as he is worthy, and that, a day or two, least thou be euil spoken of, and then comfort thy selfe for thine heauines.

18 [Note: Prou.15.13. and 17.21. ] For of heauines commeth death, and the heauines of the heart breaketh the strength.

19 Of the affection of the heart commeth sorow, and the life of him that is afflicted, is according to his heart.

20 Take no heauines to heart: driue it away and remember the last end.

21 Forget it not: for there is no turning againe: thou shalt doe him no good, but hurt thy selfe.

22 Remember his iudgement: thine also shalbe likewise, vnto me yesterday, and vnto thee to day.

23 [Note: 1.Sam.12.20. ] Seeing the dead is at rest, let his remembrance rest, and comfort thy selfe againe for him, when his spirit is departed from him.

24 The wisdome of a learned man commeth by vsing well his vacant time: and hee that ceaseth from his owne matters and labour, may come by wisdome.

25 How can he get wisdome that holdeth the plough, and he that hath pleasure in the goad, and in driuing oxen, and is occupied in their labours, and talketh but of the breed of bullocks?

26 He giueth his minde to make furrowes, and is diligent to giue the kine fodder.

27 So is it of euery carpenter, and workemaster that laboureth night and day: and they that cut, and graue seales, and make sundry diuersities, and giue themselues to counterfaite imagerie, and watch to performe the worke.

28 The smith in like maner abideth by his anuill, and doeth his diligence to labour the yron: the vapour of the fire dryeth his flesh, and hee must fight with the heate of the fornace: the noyse of the hammer is euer in his eares, and his eyes looke still vpon the thing that he maketh: he setteth his minde to make vp his workes: therefore he watcheth to polish it perfectly.

29 So doeth the potter sit by his worke: he turneth the wheele about with his feete: he is carefull alway at his worke, & maketh his worke by number.

30 Hee fashioneth the clay with his arme, and with his feete hee tempereth the hardnes thereof: his heart imagineth how to couer it with leade, and his diligence is to cleanse the ouen.

31 All these hope in their hands, and euery one bestoweth his wisdome in his worke.

32 Without these cannot the cities be mainteined, nor inhabited, nor occupied.

33 And yet they are not asked their iudgement in the counsell of the people, neither are they hie in the congregation, neither sit they vpon the iudgement seates, nor vnderstand ye order of iustice: they cannot declare matters according to the forme of the Lawe, and they are not meete for hard matters.

34 But they maintaine the state of the world, and their desire is concerning their worke and occupation.


1 A wise man. 16 The workes of God. 24 Vnto the good, good thinges profite, but vnto the euill, euen good thinges are euill.

1 He onely that applieth his minde to the Law of the most High, and is occupied in the meditation thereof, seeketh out the [Note: Of true wisdome ] wisdome of all the ancient, and exerciseth himselfe in the prophecies.

2 He keepeth the sayings of famous men, and entreth in also to the secrets of darke sentences.

3 He seeketh out the mysterie of graue sentences, and exerciseth himselfe in darke parables.

4 Hee shall serue among great men, and appeare before the prince: he shall trauaile through strange countreys: for he hath tried the good and the euill among men.

5 He wil giue his heart to resort early vnto the Lord that made him, and to pray before the most High, and will open his mouth in prayer, and pray for his sinnes.

6 When the great Lord will, he shall be filled with the Spirite of vnderstanding, that hee may powre out wise sentences, and giue thankes vnto the Lord in his prayer.

7 [Note: Or, the Lord ] He shall direct his counsell, and knowledge: so shall he meditate in his secrets.

8 He shal shewe forth his science and learning, and reioyce in the Law and couenant of the Lord.

9 Many shall commend his vnderstanding, and his memorie shall neuer be put out, nor depart away: but his name shall continue from generation to generation.

10 [Note: Chap.44.15.] The congregation shal declare his wisdome, and shewe it.

11 Though he be dead, he shall leaue a greater fame then a thousand: and if he liue still, he shall get the same.

12 Yet will I speake of moe things: for I am full as the moone.

13 Hearken vnto me, ye holy children, & bring forth fruit, as the rose that is planted by the brooks of the fielde,

14 And giue ye a sweete smell as [Note: Or, Libanus.] incense, and bring forth flowers as the lillie: giue a smell & sing a song of prayse: blesse the Lord in all his workes.

15 Giue honour vnto his Name, and shew forth his prayse with the songs of your lips, and with harpes, and ye shall say after this maner,

16 [Note: Gen.2.32. mar.7.37. ] All the workes of the Lorde are exceeding good, and all his commandements are done in due season.

17 And none may say, What is this? wherefore is that? for at time couenient they shal al be sought out: at his commaundement the water stood as an heape, and at the worde of his mouth the waters gathered themselues.

18 His whole fauour appeared by his commandement, and none can diminish that which he will saue.

19 The workes of all flesh are before him, and nothing can be hid from his eyes.

20 He seeth from euerlasting to euerlasting, and there is nothing wonderfull vnto him.

21 A man neede not to say, What is this? wherefore is that? for he hath made all things for their owne vse.

22 His blessing shall runne ouer as the streame, and moysten the earth like a flood.

23 As he hath turned the waters into saltnes, so shall the heathen feele his wrath.

[Page 171]

24 As his wayes are plaine and right vnto the iust, so are they stumbling blockes to the wicked.

25 For the good, are good things created from the beginning, and euill things for the sinners.

26 [Note: Chap.29.23. ] The principall thinges for the whole vse of mans life is water, fire, and yron, and salt, and meale, wheat and hony, and milke, the blood of the grape, and oyle, and clothing.

27 All these thinges are for good to the godly: but to the sinners they are turned vnto euill.

28 There be spirits that are created for vegeance, which in their rigour lay on sure strokes: in the time of destruction they shewe foorth their power, and accomplish the wrath of him that made them.

29 [Note: Chap.40.9,10. ] Fire, and haile, & famine, and death: all these are created for vengeance.

30 The teeth of wilde beastes, and the scorpions, and the serpents, and the sworde execute vengeance for the destruction of the wicked.

31 They shalbe glad to do his commandements: and when neede is, they shall be readie vpon earth: and when their houre is come, they shall not ouerpasse the commandement.

32 Therefore haue I taken a good courage vnto me from the beginning, and haue thought on these things, and haue put them in writing.

33 [Note: Gene.1.31.] All the workes of the Lorde are good, and he giueth euery one in due season, & when neede is:

34 So that a man neede not to say, This is worse then that: for in due seaso they are all worthy praise.

35 And therefore praise the Lorde with whole heart and mouth, and blesse the Name of the Lord.


1 Many miseries in mans life. 14 Of the bleßing of the righteous and prerogative of the feare of God.

1 Great [Note: The misteries of mans life. ] trauaile is created for all men, and an heauie yoke vpon the sonnes of Adam from the day that they goe out of their mothers wombe, till the day that they returne to ye mother of all things,

2 Namely their thoughts, and feare of the heart, and their imagination of the things they waite for, and the day of death,

3 From him that sitteth vpon ye glorious throne, vnto him that is beneath in the earth and ashes:

4 From him that is clothed in blewe silke, and weareth a crowne, euen vnto him that is clothed in simple linnen.

5 Wrath and enuie, trouble, and vnquietnesse, and feare of death, and rigour, and strife, and in the time of rest the sleepe in the night vpon his bed, change his knowledge.

6 A litle or nothing is his rest, and afterward in sleeping hee is as in a watchtowre in the day: hee is troubled with the visions of his heart, as one that runneth out of a battell.

7 And when all is safe, hee awaketh, and marueileth that the feare was nothing.

8 Such thinges come vnto all flesh, both man and beast, but seuen folde to the vngodly:

9 Moreouer, [Note: Chap.39 25,30. ] death and blood, and strife, and sworde, oppression, famine, destruction, and punishment.

10 These thinges are all created for the wicked, and for their sakes came the [Note: Gene.7.11. ] flood also.

11 [Note: Gene.3.19. chap.41.10. ] All things that are of the earth, shal turne to earth againe: and they that are of the [Note: Iacobs.1.7. ] waters, shall returne into the sea.

12 All bribes and vnrighteousnes shall be put away: but [Note: Faithfulnesse. ] faithfulnesse shall endure for euer.

13 The substance of the vngodly shall be dried vp like a riuer, and they shall make a sounde like a great thunder in the raine.

14 When he openeth his hand, he reioyceth: but all the transgressours shall come to nought.

15 The children of the vngodly shall not obtaine many branches: for the vncleane rootes are as vpon the high rockes.

16 Their render stalke by what water so euer it bee or water banke, it shall be pulled vp before all other herbes.

17 Friendlinesse is as a most plentifull garden of pleasure, and mercie endureth for euer.

18 [Note: Phil.4.12. 1.tim.6.6. ] To labour and to bee content with that a man hath, is a sweete life: but he that findeth a treasure, is aboue them both.

19 Children, and the building of the citie maketh a perpetuall name: but an honest woman is counted aboue them both.

20 Wine and musike reioyce the heart: but the loue of wisdome is aboue them both.

21 The pipe and the psalterion make a sweete noyse: but a pleasant tongue is aboue them both.

22 Thine eye desireth fauour and beautie: but a greene seede time, rather then them both.

23 A friende, and companion come together at opportunitie: but aboue them both is a wife with her husband.

24 Friends and helpe are good in the time of trouble, but almes shall deliuer more then them both.

25 Golde and siluer fasten the feete: but counsell is esteemed aboue them both.

26 Riches and strength lift vp the minde: but the feare of the Lorde is aboue them both: there is no want in the feare of the Lord, & it needeth no helpe.

27 The feare of the Lord is a pleasant garden of blessing, and there is nothing so beautifull as it is.

28 My sonne, leade not a beggers life: for better it were to die then to begge.

29 The life of him that dependeth on another mans table, is not to be couted for a life: for he tormenteth him selfe after other mens meate: but a wise man and well nourtured, will beware thereof.

30 Begging is sweete in the mouth of the vnshamefast, and in his belly there burneth a fire.


1 Of the remembrance of death. 3 Death is not to be feared. 8 A curse vpon them that forsake the Lawe of God. 12 Good name and fame. 14 An exhortation to giue heede vnto wisdome. 17 Of what things a man ought to be ashamed.

1 [Note: Of death. ] O death, how bitter is the remembrance of thee to a man that liueth at rest in his possessions, vnto the man that hath nothing to vexe him, and that hath prosperitie in all things: yea, vnto him that yet is able to receiue meate!

2 O death, howe acceptable is thy iudgement vnto the needefull, and vnto him whose strength faileth, and that is nowe in the last age, and is vexed with all things, and to him that despaireth, and hath lost patience!

3 Feare not the iudgement of death: remember them that haue bene before thee, and that come after: this is the ordinance of the Lord ouer all flesh.

4 And why wouldest thou be against the pleasure of the most High? whether it bee tenne or an hundreth, or a thousand yeeres, there is no defence for life against the graue.

5 The children of the vngodly are abominable children, and so are they that keepe companie with the vngodly.

6 The inheritance of vngodly children shal perish, & their posteritie shall haue a perpetual shame.
7 The children complaine of an vngodly father, because they are reproched for his sake.

8 Woe be vnto you, O ye vngodly, which haue forsaken the Law of the most high God: for though you increase, yet shall you perish.

9 If ye be borne, ye shall be borne to cursing: if ye die, the curse shalbe your portion.

10 [Note: Chap.40.11. ] All that is of the earth, shal turne to earth againe: so the vngodly go fro the curse to destruction.

11 Though men mourne for their body, yet the wicked name of the vngodly shall be put out.

12 Haue regard to thy name: for that shal continnue, with thee aboue a thousande treasures of golde.

13 A good life hath the dayes nombred: but [Note: A good name. ] a good name endureth euer.

14 My children, keepe wisedome in peace: [Note: Chap.20.29. ] for wisdome that is hid, and a treasure that is not seene, what profite is in them both?

15 A man that hideth his foolishnes, is better then a man that hideth his wisdome.

16 Therefore beare reuerence vnto my wordes: for it is not good in all things to be [Note: Of shamefastnesse. ] ashamed: neither are all things allowed as faithfull in all men.

17 Be ashamed of whoredome before father and mother: bee ashamed of lyes before the prince and men of authoritie:

18 Of sinne before the Iudge and ruler: of offence before the congregation and people: of vnrighteousnes before a companion and friend,

19 And of theft before the place where thou dwellest, and before the trueth of God and his couenant, and to leane with thine elbowes vpon [Note: Or, table. ] the bread, or to be reproued for giuing or taking,

20 And of silence vnto them that salute thee, and to looke vpon an harlot,

21 And to turne away thy face from thy kinseman: or to take away a portion or a gift, or to bee euil minded toward another mans wife,

22 Or to sollicite any mans mayd, or to stand by her bed, or to reproche thy friends with wordes,

23 Or to vpbraide when thou giuest any thing, or to report a matter that thou hast heard, or to reueile secret wordes.

24 Thus mayst thou well be shamefast, and shalt finde fauour with all men.


1 The Law of God must be taught. 9 A daughter. 24 A woman. 18 God knoweth all things, yea, euen the secrets of thine heart.

1 Of these thinges be not thou [Note: In what things we ought not to be ashamed. ] ashamed, neither haue regard to offende for any person:

2 Of the Lawe of the most High and his couenant, and of iudgement to iustifie the godly:

3 Of the cause of thy companion, and of strangers, or of distributing the heritage among friendes:

4 To bee diligent to keepe true balance, and weight, whether thou haue much or litle:

5 To sell marchandise at an indifferent price, and to correct thy children diligently, and to beate an euill seruant to the blood:

6 To set a good locke where an euil wife is, and to locke where many handes are:

7 If thou giue any thing by nomber, & weight, to put all in writing, both that that is giuen out, and that that is receiued againe:

8 To teach the vnlearned & the vnwise, and the aged, that contend against the yong: thus shalt thou be well instructed, and approued of all men liuing.

9 The daughter [Note: Or, is a secret watch to the father. ] maketh the father to watch secretly, and the carefulnesse that he hath for her, taketh away his sleepe in the youth, least shee should passe the flower of her age: and when shee hath an husband, least she should be hated:

10 In her virginitie, least she should bee defiled, or gotten with childe in her fathers house, & when she is with her husband, least she misbehaue herselfe and when she is married, least she cotinue vnfruitful.

11 [Note: Chap.26.10.] If thy daughter bee vnshamefast, keepe her straitely, least she cause thine enemies to laugh thee to scorne, and make thee a common talke in the citie, and defame thee among the people, and bring thee to publike shame.

12 [Note: Chap.25.23. ] Beholde not euery bodies beautie, and companie not among women.

13 For as the moth commeth out of garments [Note: Gen.3.4. ] so doeth wickednes of the woman.

14 The wickednes of a man is better then the good intreatie of a woman, to wit, of a woman that is in shame, and reproche.

15 I will remember the workes of the Lorde, and declare the thing that I haue seene: by the word of the Lord are his workes.

16 The sunne that shineth, looketh vpon all things, and all the worke thereof is full of the glory of the Lord.

17 Hath not the Lord appointed that his Saints should declare all his wonderous workes, which the almightie Lord hath stablished to cofirme all things by in his maiestie?

18 He seeketh out the depth, & the heart, and he knoweth their practises: for the Lorde knoweth all science, and he beholdeth the signes of the world.

19 He declareth the things that are past, and for to come, and discloseth the pathes of things that are secrete.

20 [Note: Iob.41.4 isai.29.15. ] No thought may escape him, neither may any word be hid from him.

21 Hee hath garnished the excellent workes of his wisdome, and hee is from euerlasting to euerlasting, and for euer: vnto him may nothing be added, neither can he be minished: he hath no neede of any counseller.

22 Oh, how delectable are all his workes, and to be considered euen vnto the sparkes of fire!

23 They liue all, and endure for euer: and whensoeuer neede is, they are all obedient.

24 They are all double, one against another: he hath made nothing that hath any fault.

25 The one [Note: Or, stab lisheth ] commendeth the goodnesse of the other, and who can bee satisfied with beholding Gods glorie?


The summe of the creation of the workes of God.

1 This high ornament [Note: The wonderfull workes of God. ] the cleare firmament, the beautie of the heauen so glorious to beholde,

2 The sunne also, a marueilous instrument when it appeareth, declareth, at his going out, the worke of the most High.

3 At noone it burneth the countrey, and who may abide for the heate thereof?

4 The sunne burneth the mountaines three times more then hee that keepeth a fornace with continuall heate: it casteth out the fierie vapours, and with the shining beames blindeth the eyes.

5 Great is the Lorde that made it, and by his commandement he causeth it to runne hastily.

6 [Note: Gene.1.16. ] The moone also hath hee made to appeare according to her season, that it should be a declaration of the time, and a signe for the world.

7 [Note: Exod.12.2. ] The feastes are appointed by the moone: the light thereof diminisheth vnto the ende.

[Page 172]

8 The moneth is called after the name thereof, and groweth wonderously in her changing.

9 It is a campe pitched on high, shining in the firmament of heauen: the beautie of heauen are the glorious starres, and the ornament that shineth in the high places of the Lord.

10 By the comandement of the Holy one they continue in their order, & faile not in their watch.

11 [Note: Gene.9.3, 14. ] Looke vpon the raine bowe, and prayse him that made it: very beautifull is it in the brightnes thereof.

12 [Note: Isa.40.12. ] It compasseth the heauen about with a glorious circle, and the hands of the most High haue bended it.

13 Through his commandement he maketh the snowe to haste, and sendeth swiftly the lightning of his iudgement.

14 Therefore he openeth his treasures, and the cloudes flie forth as the foules.

15 In his power hath he strengthened ye clouds, and broken the hailestones.

16 The mountaines leape at the sight of him: the South winde bloweth according to his will.

17 The sound of his thunder beateth the earth: so doeth the storme of the North: the whirlewinde also, as birds that flie, scattereth the snowe, and the falling downe thereof is as the grashoppers that light downe.

18 The eye marueileth at the beautie of the whitenes thereof, and the heart is astonished at the raine of it.

19 He also powreth out the frost vpon ye earth like salte, and when it is frosen, it sticketh on the tops of pales.

20 When the colde North winde bloweth, an yce is frosen of the water, it abideth vpon all the gatherings together of water, and clotheth the waters as with a brestplate.

21 It deuoureth the mountaines, & burneth the wildernes, & destroyeth that that is greene, like fire.

22 The remedie of all these is when a cloude commeth hastily, and when a dewe commeth vpon the heate, it refresheth it.

23 [By his worde he stilleth the winde:] by his counsell he appeaseth the deepe, & planteth ylands therein.

24 They that saile ouer the sea, tell of the perils thereof, and when we heare it with our eares, we marueile thereat.

25 For there be strange, & wonderous workes, diuers maner of beasts, and the creation of whales.

26 Through him are all things directed to a good end, and are stablished by his worde.

27 And when we haue spoken much, we cannot attaine vnto them: but this is the summe of all, that he is all.

28 What power haue we to prayse him: for he is aboue all his workes?

29 The Lord is terrible, and very [Note: Psal.96.4. ] great, and marueilous is his power.

30 Prayse the Lord, and magnifie him as much as ye can, yet doeth hee farre exceede: exalt him with all your power, and be not wearie, yet can ye not attaine vnto it.

31 [Note: Psal.106.2. iohn 1.18. ] Who hath seene him, that he might tel vs? and who can magnifie him as he is?

32 For there are hid yet greater things then these be, & we haue seene but a fewe of his workes.

33 For the Lord hath made all things, & giuen wisdome to such as feare God.


The prayse of certaine holy men, Enoch, Noe, Abraham, Isaac and Iacob.

1 Let vs now commend the famous men, and our fathers of whome we are begotten.

2 The Lord hath gotten great glory by them, and that through his great power from the beginning.

3 They haue borne rule in their kingdomes, and were renoumed for their power, and were wise in counsell, and declared prophecies.

4 [Note: Exod.18.25. ] They gouerned the people by counsell and by the knowledge of learning meete for the people, in whose doctrine were wise sentences.

5 They inuented the melodie of musike, and expounded the verses that were written.

6 They were rich and mightie in power, and liued quietly at home.

7 All these were honourable men in their generations, and were well reported of in their times.

8 There are of them that haue left a name behinde them, so that their prayse shalbe spoken of.

9 There are some also which haue no memoriall, [Note: Gene.7.22. ] and are perished, as though they had neuer bene, and are become as though they had neuer bene borne, and their children after them.

10 But the former were mercifull men, whose righteousnes hath not bene forgotten.

11 For whose posteritie a good inheritance is reserued, & their seede is conteined in the couenant.

12 Their stocke is conteined in the couenant, and their posteritie after them.

13 Their seede shall remaine for euer, and their prayse shall neuer be taken away.

14 Their bodies are buried in peace, but their name liueth for euermore.

15 [Note: Chap.39.10. ] The people speake of their wisdome, and the congregation talke of their prayse.

16 [Note: Enoch. ] [Note: Gene.5.24. hebr.11.5. ] Enoch pleased the Lorde God: therefore was he translated for an example of repentance to the generations.

17 [Note: Noe. ] [Note: Gene.6.9. and 7.1. heb.11.7. ] Noe was found perfite, and in the time of wrath he had a rewarde: therefore was he left as a remnant vnto the earth, when the flood came.

18 An euerlasting couenant was made with him, that all flesh should [Note: Gene.9.11. ] perish no more by the flood.

19 [Note: Abraham. ] Abraham was a [Note: Gene.12.3. and 15.5. and 17.4. ] great father of many people: in glory was there none like vnto him.

20 He kept the Law of the most High, and was in couenant with him, & he set the couenant [Note: Gene.21.4. ] in his flesh, and in tentation he was found faithfull.

21 Therefore he assured him by an [Note: Gene.21.16, 17, 18. gala.3 8. ] othe, that he would blesse the nations in his seede, and that he would multiplie him as the dust of the earth, and exalt his seede as the starres, and cause them to inherite from sea to sea, and from the Riuer vnto the end of the world.

22 [Note: Gene.26.2, 3. ] With [Note: Isaak. ] Isaac did hee confirme likewise for Abraham his fathers sake, the blessing of all men, and the couenant,

23 And caused it to rest vpon the head of [Note: Iacob. ] Iacob, and [Note: Or, knewe him. ] made himselfe knowen by [Note: Gene.27.28. and 28.1. ] his blessings, and gaue him an heritage and deuided his portions, [Note: Gene.28.14. ] and parted them among the twelue tribes.

24 And hee brought out of him a [Note: Ioseph. ] mercifull man, which found fauour in the sight of all flesh.


The prayse of Moyses, Aaron, and Phinees.

1 And [Note: Moyses. ] Moyses, the [Note: Exod.11.3. actes 7.22. ] beloued of God and men, brought he forth, whose remembrance is blessed.
2 He made him like to the glorious Saints, and magnified him by the feare of his enemies.

3 By his words he caused the wonders to cease, and he made him [Note: Exod. chapters. ] glorious in the sight of Kings, and gaue him commandements for his people, and shewed him his glory.

4 [Note: Nomb.12.3. ] He sanctified him with faithfulnes, and meekenes, and chose him out of all men.

5 He caused him to heare his voyce, & brought him into the darke cloude, [Note: Exod.19.7. ] and there he gaue him the commandements before his face, euen the Law of life and knowledge, that he might teach Iacob the couenant, and Israel his iudgements.

6 He exalted [Note: Aaron. ] Aaron an holy man like vnto him, euen his [Note: Exod.4.28. ] brother of the tribe of Leui.

7 An euerlasting couenant made he with him, and gaue him the Priesthode among ye people, and made him blessed through his comely ornament, and clothed him with the garment of honour.

8 He put perfect ioy vpon him, and girded him with ornaments of strength, as with breeches, and a tunicle, and an ephod.

9 Hee compassed him about with belles of golde, and with many belles round about, [Note: Exod.28.35. ] that when he went in, the sound might be heard, and might make a noyse in the Sanctuarie, for a remembrance to the children of Israel his people,

10 And with an holy garment, with golde also, and blue silke, and purple, and diuers kindes of workes, and with a breastlap of iudgement, & with the [Note: Vrim and Thummim. ] signes of trueth,

11 And with worke of skarlet cunningly wrought, & with precious stones grauen like seales and set in golde by goldsmithes worke for a memoriall, with a writing grauen after the nomber of the tribes of Israel,

12 And with a crowne of golde vpon the mitre, bearing the forme and marke of holines, an ornament of honour, a noble worke garnished, and pleasant to looke vpon.

13 Before him were there no such faire ornaments: there might no strager put them on, but only his children, and his childrens children perpetually.

14 Their sacrifices were wholy consumed euery day twise continually.

15 [Note: Leuit.8.12. ] Moyses filled his hands, and anointed him with holy oyle: this was appointed vnto him by an euerlasting couenant, & to his seede, so long as the heauens should remaine, that hee should minister before him, and also to execute the office of the Priesthood, and blesse his people in his Name.

16 Before all men liuing the Lorde chose him that he should present offerings before him, and a sweete sauour for a remembrance to make reconciliation for his people.

17 [Note: Deut.17.10. and 21.5. ] He gaue him also his commandements and authoritie according to the Lawes appointed, that he should teach Iacob the testimonies, and giue light vnto Israel by his Lawe.

18 [Note: Nomb.16.1, 2. ] Strangers stood vp against him, and enuied him in the wildernes, euen the men that tooke Dathans and Abirams part, and the company of Core in furie and rage.

19 This the Lorde sawe, and it displeased him, and in his wrathfull indignation were they consumed: he did wonders vpon them, and consumed them with the firie flame.

20 [Note: Nomb.17.8. ] But he made Aaron more honourable, and gaue him an heritage, and parted the first fruites of the first borne vnto him: vnto him specially he appointed bread in abundance.

21 For the Priests did eate of ye sacrifices of the Lord, which he gaue vnto him and to his seede.

22 [Note: Deut.12.13. and 18.1. ] Els had he none heritage in the land of his people, neither had he any portion among the people: for the Lord is the portion of his inheritance.

23 The third in glory is [Note: Phinees. ] [Note: Nomb.15.12, 13.1 Isaac.2.54. ] Phinees the sonne of Eleazar, because hee had zeale in the feare of the Lorde, and stood vp with good courage of heart, when the people were turned backe, and made reconciliation for Israel.

24 Therefore was there a couenant of peace made with him, that he should be the chiefe of the Sanctuarie and of his people, and that hee and his posteritie shoulde haue the dignitie of the Priesthood for euer,

25 And according to the couenant made with Dauid, that the inheritance of the kingdome should remaine to his sonne of the tribe of Iuda: so the heritage of Aaron should be to the onely sonne of his sonne, and to his seede. God giue vs wisdome in our heart to iudge his people in righteousnesse, that the good things that they haue, be not abolished, and that their glory may endure for their posteritie.


The prayse of Iosue, Caleb, and Samuel.

1 Iesus [Note: [illeg.]. ] [Note: Iosue.Nomb.27.18. deut.34.9.iosh.1.2. and 12.7.] the sonne of Naue was valiant in the warres, and was the successour of Moyses in prophecies, who according vnto his name, was a great sauiour of the elect of God, to take vengeance of the enemies that rose vp against them, and to set Israel in their inheritance.

2 [Note: Iosh.8.1,2.] What glory gate hee, when hee lift vp his hand, and drewe out his sword against the cities?

3 Who was there before him, like to him? for he fought the battels of the Lord.

4 [Note: Iosh.10.12,13,14. ] Stoode not the sunne still by his meanes, and one day was as long as two?

5 Hee called vnto the most High gouernour when the enemies preassed vpon him on euery side, and the mightie Lorde heard him with the haile stones, and with mightie power.

6 He rushed in vpon the nations in battell, and in the [Note: Iosh.10,11. ] going downe of Bethoron he destroyed the aduersaries, that they might know his weapons, and that he fought [Note: Or, that the Lord favoured his battell. ] in the sight of the Lorde: for hee [Note: Or, pursued the mightie men.] followed the Almightie.

7 [Note: Nomb.14.6. 1.mac.2.55.56. ] In the time of Moyses also hee did a good worke: he and [Note: Caleb. ] Caleb the sonne of Iephune stood against the enemie, and withhelde the people from sinne, and appeased the wicked murmuring.

8 [Note: Caleb.Nomb.26.65. deut.1.35.36. ] And of sixe hundred thousand people of foote, they two were preserued to bring them into the heritage, euen into the land that floweth with milke and hony.

9 [Note: Iosh.14.11. ] The Lord gaue strength also vnto Caleb, which remained with him vnto his olde age, so that he went vp into the hie places of the land, and his seede obteined it for an heritage,

10 That all the children of Israel might see, that it is good to followe the Lord.

11 Concerning the [Note: Iudges. ] Iudges, euery one by name, whose heart went not a whoring, nor departed from the Lord, their memorie be blessed.

12 Let [Note: Chap.49,10. ] their bones flourish out of their place, & their names by succession remaine to them that are most famous of their children.

13 [Note: Samuel. ] Samuel the Prophet of the Lorde, beloued of his Lord, [Note: Sam.10.1.and 16.13. ] ordeined Kings, & anointed the

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princes ouer his people.
14 By the Lawe of the Lord he iudged the congregation, and the Lord had respect vnto Iacob.

15 This Prophet was approued for his faithfulnesse, and he was knowen faithfull in his wordes and visions.

16 [Note: I.sam.7.9,10,11. ] He called vpon the Lord Almightie, when his enemies preassed vpon him on euery side, when he offered the sucking lambe.

17 And the Lorde thundred from heauen, and made his voyce to be heard with a great noyse.

18 So he discomfited the Princes of the Tyrians, and all the rulers of the Philistims.

19 [Note: I.Sam.10.3. ] And before his long sleepe he made protestation in the sight of the Lorde, and his anointed, that he tooke no substance of any man, no, not so much as a shooe, and no man coulde accuse him.

20 [Note: 1.Sam.28.18. ] After his sleepe also he told of ye Kings death, and from the earth lift he vp his voyce, & prophesied that the wickednesse of the people should perish.


The prayse of Nathan, Dauid and Salomon.

1 After him rose vp [Note: Nathan. ] [Note: 1.Sam.12.1. ] Nathan to prophesie in the time of Dauid.

2 For as the fatte is taken away from the peace offering, so was [Note: Dauid. ] Dauid chosen out of the children of Israel.

3 [Note: 1.Sam.17.34. ] He played with the lions, as with kiddes, and with beares, as with lambes.

4 [Note: 1.Sam.17.49, 50,51. ] Slewe he not a gyant when he was yet but yong, and tooke away the rebuke from the people, when he lift vp his hand with the stone in the sling, to beate downe the pride of Goliah?

5 For he called vpon ye most high Lorde, which gaue him strength in his right hand, to slaye that mightie warriour, & that he might set vp the horne of his people againe.

6 [Note: 1.Sam.18.7. ] So [Note: Or, the people. ] he gaue him the praise of ten thousand, and honoured him with [Note: Or, with blessings of the Lord. ] great prayses, and gaue him a crowne of glorie.

7 [Note: 1.Sam.5.7. ] For he destroyed the enemies on euery side, and rooted out the Philistims his aduersaries, and brake their horne in sunder vnto this day.

8 In all his workes he praysed the Holy one, and the most High with honourable wordes, and with his whole heart he sung songs, and loued him that made him.

9 [Note: 1.Chro.16.4. ] He set singers also before the altar, and according to their tune he made sweete songs, that they might prayse God dayly with their songs.

10 He ordeyned to keepe the feast dayes comely, and appointed the times perfitly, that they might prayse the holy Name of God, and make the Temple to sound in the morning.

11 [Note: 1.Sam.12.13. ] The Lord tooke away his sinnes, and exalted his horne for euer: he gaue him the couenant of the kingdome, and the throne of glory in Israel.

12 After him rose vp a wise sonne, who by him dwelt in a large possession.

13 [Note: Salomon. ] [Note: 1.King.4.21, 24. ] Salomon reigned in a peaceable time, and was glorious: for God made all quiet round about, that he might build an house in his Name, and prepare the Sanctuarie for euer.

14 [Note: 1.King.4.29.30. ] Howe wise wast thou in thy youth, and wast filled with vnderstanding as with a flood!

15 Thy mind couered the whole earth, and hath filled it with graue and darke sentences.

16 Thy Name went abrode in the yles, and for thy peace thou wast beloued.

17 [Note: 1.King.4.31, 32. ] The countreis marueiled at thee for thy songs and prouerbes, and similitudes, and interpretations.

18 By the Name of the Lorde God, which is called the God of Israel, thou hast [Note: 1.King.10.27. ] gathered golde as tinne and hast had as much siluer as lead.

19 [Note: 1.King.11.1. ] Thou diddest bowe thy loynes to women, and wast ouercome by thy body.

20 Thou diddest staine thine honour, and hast defiled thy posteritie, and hast brought wrath vpon thy children, and hast felt sorowe for thy folie.

21 [Note: 1.King.12.15, 16, 17. ] So the kingdome was deuided, and Ephraim beganne to be a rebellious kingdome.

22 [Note: 2.Sam.15 16. ] Neuertheles the Lord left not off his mercy, neither was he destroyed for his workes, neither did he abolish the posteritie of his elect, nor tooke away the seede of him that loued him, but he left a remnant vnto Iacob, and a roote of him vnto Dauid.

23 Thus rested Salomon with his fathers, and of his seede he left behinde him [Note: Roboam. ] Roboam, euen [Note: Or, a most euident foole. ] the foolishnesse of the people, and one that had no vnderstanding, [Note: 1.King.12.10, 11, 13, 14. ] who turned away the people through his counsell, and [Note: Ieroboam. ] Ieroboam the sonne of Nabat, [Note: 1.Kin.12.28,30 ] which caused Israel to sinne, and shewed Ephraim the way of sinne,

24 So that their sinnes were so much increased, that they were driuen out of the land.

25 For they sought out all wickednesse, till the vengeance came vpon them.


The prayse of Elias, Eliseus, Ezekias, and Isaias.

1 Then stood vp [Note: Elias. ] [Note: 1.King.17.1. ] Elias the Prophet as a fire, and his worde burnt like a lampe.

2 He brought a famine vpon them, and by his zeale he diminished them: [for they might not away with the commandements of the Lord.]

3 By the word of the Lord he shut the heauen, [Note: 1.King.18.38. and 2.king.1.10, 12. ] and three times brought he the fire from heauen.

4 O Elias, how honorable art thou by thy woderous deedes! who may make his boast to be like thee!

5 [Note: 1.Kin.17.21, 22. ] Which hast raised vp ye dead from death, and by the word of the most High out of the graue:

6 Which hast brought Kings vnto destruction, and the honourable from their seate:

7 Which heardest the rebuke of the Lord in Sina, [Note: 1.King.19.15. ] and in Horeb the iudgement of the vengeance:

8 [Note: 1.King.16 17. ] Which diddest anoint Kings yt they might [Note: The wickednes of Achab and Iezabel. ] recompense, and Prophets to be thy successours:

9 [Note: 2.King.2.11. ] Which wast taken vp in a whirle winde of fire, and in a charet of fierie horses:

10 Which wast appointed [Note: Mala.4.5. ] to reproue in due season, and to pacifie the wrath of the Lordes iudgement before it kindled, and to turne the heartes of the fathers vnto the children, & to set vp the tribes of Iacob.

11 Blessed were they that sawe thee, and slept in loue: for we shall liue.

12 [Note: 2.King.2.11. ] When Elias was couered with the storme, [Note: Eliseus. ] Eliseus was filled with his spirit: while he liued, he was not moued for any prince, neither coulde any bring him into subiection.

13 Nothing could ouercome him, [Note: 2.King.13.21. ] and after his death his body prophesied.

14 He did wonders in his life, and in death were his workes marueilous.

15 For all this the people repented not, neither departed they from their sinnes: [Note: 2.King.18.12. ] till they were caried away prisoners out of their land, and were scattered through all the earth, so that there remained but a very fewe people with the prince vnto ye house of Dauid.
16 Howbeit some of them did right, and some heaped vp sinnes.

17 [Note: Ezekias. ] [Note: 2.King.18.2. ] Ezekias made his citie strong, and conueied water into the middes thereof: he digged thorowe the rocke with yron, & made fountaines for waters.

18 [Note: 2.King.18.13. ] In his time came Sennacherib vp, and sent Rabsaces, & lift vp his hand against Sion, and boasted proudly.

19 Then trembled their heartes and handes, so that they sorowed like a woman in trauell.

20 But they called vpon the Lord, which is mercifull, and lift vp their hands vnto him, and immediatly the Holy one heard them out of heauen.

21 [He thought no more vpon their sinnes, nor gaue them ouer to their enemies,] but deliuered them by the hand of Esai.

22 [Note: 2.King.19.35. isa.37.36. iob.1.21. 2.mac.7.41. 2.mac.8.19. ] He smote the hoste of the Assyrians, and his Angel destroyed them.

23 For Ezekias had done the thing that pleased the Lorde, and remained stedfastly in the wayes of Dauid his father, as [Note: Isaias. ] Esai the great Prophet, and faithfull in his vision had commanded him.

24 [Note: 2.King.20. 10,11. isa.38.8. ] In his time the sunne went backwarde, and he lengthened the Kings life.

25 He sawe by an excellent Spirit what shoulde come to passe at the last, and he comforted them that were sorowfull in Sion.

26 He shewed what shoulde come to passe for euer, and secret things, or euer they came to passe.


Of Iosias, Hezekiah, Dauid, Ieremie, Ezekiel, Zorobabel, Iesus, Nehemias, Enoch, Joseph, Sem and Seth.

1 The remembrance of [Note: Iosias. ] [Note: 2.King.22.1. and 23.2. 2.chro.34.3. ] Iosias is like the composition of the perfume that is made by the art of ye apothecarie: it is sweete as honie in al mouthes, and as musike at a banket of wine.

2 He behaued himselfe vprightly in the reformation of the people, and tooke away all abominations of iniquitie.

3 He [Note: 2.King.23.4. ] directed his heart vnto the Lord, and in the time of the vngodly he established religion.

4 All, except Dauid and Ezekias, and Iosias, committed wickednesse: for euen the Kings of Iuda forsooke the Lawe of the most High, and failed.

5 Therefore he gaue their [Note: Or, power. ] horne vnto other, and their honour to a strange nation.

6 He burnt the elect citie of the Sanctuarie, [Note: 2.King.25.9. ] and destroyed the streetes thereof according to the [Note: Or, hand. ] prophesie of [Note: Ieremias. ] Ieremias.

7 For they [Note: Iere.38.6. iere.1.5. ] intreated him euill, which neuerthelesse was a Prophet, [Note: Iere.38.6. iere.1.5. ] sanctified from his mothers wombe, that he might roote out, and afflict, and destroy, and that he might also builde vp, and plant.

8 [Note: Ezechiel. ] [Note: Ezek.1.3,15. ] Ezechiel sawe the glorious vision, which was shewed him vpon the charet of the Cherubims.

9 [Note: Ezek.13.9. and 38.11,16. ] For he made mention of the enemies vnder the figure of the raine, and directed them that went right.

10 [Note: Chap.46.12. ] And let the bones of the twelue Prophets flourish out of their place, and let their memorie be blessed: for they comforted Iacob, and deliuered them by assured hope.

11 [Note: Hag.1.24. ezra.3.2. ] Howe shall we prayse [Note: Zorobabel. ] Zorobabel, which was as a ring on the right hand!

12 So was [Note: Iesus. ] [Note: Zecha.3.1. ezra.3.2. hag.1.12. and 2.3. ] Iesus also the sonne of Iosedec: these men in their time builded the house, and set vp the Sanctuarie of the Lord againe, which was prepared for an euerlasting worship.

13 [Note: Nehe.7.1. ] And among ye elect was [Note: Nehemias. ] Neemias whose renoume is great, which set vp for vs the walles that were fallen, and set vp the gates and the barres, and layed the foundations of our houses.

14 But vpon the earth was no man created like [Note: Enoch.] [Note: Gene.5.24. Chap 44,16. heb.11.5.] Enoch: for he was taken vp from the earth.

15 Neither was there a like man vnto [Note: Ioseph.] [Note: Gen.41.44 & 42.6. & 45.8.] Ioseph the gouernour of his brethren, and the vpholder of his people, whose bones were kept.

16 [Note: Sem.] [Note: Gen.5.3 and 11.10. ] Sem & [Note: Seth. ] Seth were in great honour among men: and so was [Note: Adam. ] Adam aboue euery liuing thing in the creation.


Of Simon the sonne of Onias. 22 An exhortation to prayse the Lord. 27 The authour of the booke.

1 [Note: Simon. ] Simon [Note: 2.Mac.34. ] the sonne of Onias the hie Priest, which in his life set vp the house againe, & in his dayes established the [Note: Or, people.] Temple,

2 Vnder him was the foundation of the double height layed, and the hie walles that compasseth the Temple.

3 In his dayes the places to receiue water, that were decayed, were restored, and the brasse was about in measure as the sea.

4 He tooke care for his people, that they should not fall, and fortified the citie against the siege.

5 How honorable was his conuersation among the people, and when he came out of the house couered with the vaile!

6 He was as the morning starre in the middes of a cloude, and as the moone when it is full,

7 And as the sunne shining vpon the Temple of the most High, & as the rainebowe that is bright in the faire cloudes,

8 And as the flowre of the roses in the spring of the yeere, and as lilies by the springs of waters, and as the branches of the frankincense tree in the time of sommer,

9 As a fire and incense in the censer, and as a vessell of massie golde, set with all maner of precious stones,

10 And as a faire oliue tree that is fruitfull, and as a cypresse tree, which groweth vp to the cloudes.

11 When he put on the garment of honour and was clothed with all beautie, he went vp to the holy altar, & made the garment of holines honourable.

12 When he tooke the portions out of ye Priests handes, he himselfe stoode by the herth of the altar, compassed with his brethren round about, as ye branches doe the cedar tree in Libanus, and they compassed him as the branches of the palme trees.

13 So were all the sonnes of Aaron in their glorie, and the oblations of the Lord in their hands before all the congregation of Israel.

14 And that he might accomplish his ministerie vpon the altar, and garnish the offering of the most High and Almightie,

15 He stretched out his hand to the drinke offering, and powred of the blood of the grape, and he powred at the foote of the altar a perfume of good sauour vnto the most high King of all.

16 Then showted the sonnes of Aaron, and blowed with brasen trumpets, & made a great noise to be heard, for a remembrance before the most High.

17 Then all the people together hasted, and fell downe to the earth vpon their faces to worship their Lord God almightie, and most high.

18 The singers also sang wt their voyces, so that the sound was great, and the melodie sweete.

19 And the people prayed vnto the Lorde most

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high with praier before him that is merciful, till the honour of the Lorde were performed, and they had accomplished his seruice.
20 Then went he downe, and stretched out his hands ouer the whole congregation of the children of Israel, that they shoulde giue praise with their lippes vnto the Lord, and reioyce in his name.

21 Hee began againe to worship, that he might receiue the blessing of the most High.

22 Nowe therefore giue praise all ye vnto God, that worketh great things euery where, which hath increased our daies from the wombe, and dealt with vs according to his mercie,

23 That he would giue vs ioyfulnesse of heart, and peace in our daies in Israel, as in olde time,

24 That he would confirme his mercie with vs, and deliuer vs at his time.

25 There be two maner of people, that mine heart abhorreth, and the third is no people:

26 They that sit vpon the mountaine of Samaria, the Philistims, and the foolish people that dwell in [Note: Or, Sitchem. ] Sicinus.

27 Iesus the sonne of Sirach, the sonne of Eleazarus, of Ierusalem, hath written the doctrine of vnderstanding and knowledge in this booke, & hath powred out the wisdome of his heart.

28 Blessed is he that exerciseth himselfe therein: and he that laieth vp these in his heart, shalbe wise.

29 For if he doe these things, he shall be strong in all things: for he setteth his steppes in the light of the Lorde, which giueth wisedome to the godly. The Lord be praised for euermore: So be it, so be it.


A praier of Iesus the sonne of Sirach.

1 I wil confesse thee, O Lorde and King, and praise thee, O God my sauiour: I giue thankes vnto thy name.

2 For thou art my defender & helper, and hast preserued my body from destruction, and from the snare of the slanderous tongue, and from the lippes that are occupied with lies: thou hast holpen me against mine aduersaries,

3 And hast deliuered me according to the multitude of thy mercie, and for thy Names sake, from the roaring of them that were readie to deuoure me, and out of the hands of such as sought after my life, and from the manifold afflictions, which I had,

4 And from the fire that choked me round about, & from the mids of ye fire that I burned not,

5 And from the bottome of the bellie of hell, from an vncleane tongue, from lying wordes, from false accusation to the king, and from the slaunder of an vnrighteous tongue.

6 [My soule shal praise the Lord vnto death:] for my soule drewe neere vnto death: my life was neere to the hell beneath.

7 They compassed me on euery side, and there was no man to helpe mee: I looked for the succour of men, but there was none.

8 Then thought I vpon thy mercie, O Lorde, and vpon thine actes of olde, howe thou deliuerest such as waite for thee, and sauest them out of the hands of the [Note: Or, natives.] enemies.

9 Then lifted I vp my praier from the earth, and praied for deliuerance from death.

10 I called vpon the Lorde the Father of my Lord, that he would not leaue me in the day of my trouble, and in the time of ye proude without helpe.

11 I will praise thy name continually, and will sing praise wt thanksgiuing: and my praier was heard.

12 Thou sauedst mee from destruction, and deliueredst mee from the euill time: therefore will I giue thankes, and praise thee, and blesse the Name of the Lorde.

13 When I was yet young, or euer I went abroade, I desired wisedome openly in my praier.

14 I praied for her before the Temple, & sought after her vnto farre countreis, & shee was as a grape that waxeth ripe out of the flower.

15 Mine heart reioyced in her: my foote walked in the right way, & from my youth vp sought I after her.

16 I bowed somewhat downe mine eare, and receiued her, and gate me much wisedome:

17 And I profited by her: therefore wil I ascribe the glory vnto him, that giueth me wisedome.

18 For I am aduised to doe thereafter: I wil be ielous of that that is good: so shall I not bee confounded.

19 My soule hath wrestled with her, and I haue examined my works: I lifted vp mine hands on hie, and considered the ignorances thereof.

20 I directed my soule vnto her, and I founde her in purenesse: I haue had mine heart ioyned with her from the beginning: therefore shall I not bee forsaken.

21 My bowels are troubled in seeking her: therefore haue I gotten a good possession.

22 The Lord hath giuen me a tongue for my reward, wherewith I will praise him.

23 Draw neere vnto me, ye vnlearned, and dwel in the house of learning.

24 Wherefore are yee slowe? and what say you of these things, seeing your soules are very thirstie?

25 I opened my mouth, and saide, [Note: Isa.35.1. ] Bye her for you without money.

26 Bowe downe your necke vnder the yoke, and your soule shall receiue instruction: shee is readie that yee may finde her.

27 Beholde with your eyes, [Note: Chap.6.18. ] howe that I haue had but litle labour, and haue gotten vnto mee much rest.

28 Get learning with a great summe of money: for by her yee shall possesse much golde.

29 Let your soule reioyce in the mercie of the Lord, and be not ashamed of his praise.

30 Doe your duetie betimes, and he wil giue you a reward at his time.