The Printer to the diligent Reader.

Deare Christian Reader, to the intent thou mightest the better enioy the benefite of these notes or expositions vpon the newe Testament: I thought it not amisse to declare vnto thee the vse of the same. And first, for as much as the quotations or citing of places of the Scriptures in the margent which direct to other places, conteining like phrase or sence, haue bene so placed, that none without great labour could finde out the textes alleaged, I haue made these sixe seuerall figures or markes, [Note: [All of these anchors have been captured as *.] ] and haue set them as well in the margent as in the text, so that thou mayest easely finde that which thou desirest: For example, in the first worde of the first Chapter of Matthew is placed this first marke *, looke out the like marke in the margent, and there thou shalt finde, Luke 3.23. which place agreeth to this of Matthewe, and so likewise thou shalt finde in the residue. But if many quotations belong to one place, worde or sentence, the first is onely marked, and those that followe vnmarked appertaine to the same. And if it fall out that there be more then sixe directions in one columne, then is the first repeated againe, & the residue folowing in order as at the beginning: as it appeareth in the first columne of Matthewe, where both in the text and margent also, they are all two times set downe, and the foure first repeated againe.

The Notes which are directed by figures of Arithmeticke, as throughout the Euangelistes and Actes, declare the effect or summe of the doctrine conteined betweene one of the sayd figures, and the next that followeth: as for example, from the figure 1. in the first line and first worde of Matthewe vnto the figure, 2. in the 18. verse of the same Chapter, the doctrine there gathered is set downe in the margent in this sort, 1 Iesus came of Abraham of the tribe of Iuda, and of the stocke of Dauid as God promised.

And in the Epistles in like sort they declare the methode and arte which the Apostles vse, and howe euery argument or reason dependeth one vpon another: these figures are begun againe at the beginning of euery Chapter. Lastly, the Notes which goe by order of the letters of the Alphabet placed in the text, with the like answering vnto them in the margent, serue to expound and lighten the darke wordes and phrases immediatly following them. As in the first line and second worde, the letter, a, being referred vnto a, directly against him in the margent, sheweth that this worde, Booke, signifieth A rehearsall as the Hebrewes vse to speake: as Gene.5.1. The booke of the generations. These letters begin at the beginning of euery Chapter, continuing vnto, z. and so beginning againe with a, if there be so many Notes that they doe exceede in number the letters of one Alphabet. This haue I faithfully done for thy commoditie, reape thou the fruite, and giue the prayse to God.