[Childrens and seruants dueties.]


3 Hauing testified his godly and tender affection towardes the Philippians, 12 he entreateth of himselfe, and his bondes: 22 And pricketh them forward by his owne example, 27 and exhorteth them to vnitie 28 and patience.

1 Paul [Note: [1] The marke whereat he shooteth in this epistle, is to confirme the Philippians by all meanes possible, not onely not to faint, but also to go forward. And first of all he commendeth their former doings, to exhort them to goe forwarde: which thing he saith he hopeth fully they will doe, and that by the testimonie of their liuely charitie, but in the meane season he referreth all things to the grace of God. ] and Timotheus the seruants of Iesvs Christ, to all the Saintes in Christ Iesus which are at Philippi, with the [Note: [a] By the Bishops are meant both the Pastours, which haue the dispensation of the word, and the Elders that gouerne: and by Deacons, are meant those that were stewards of the treasurie of the Church, and had to looke vnto the poore. ] Bishops, and Deacons:

2 Grace be with you, and peace

[Christian armour.]

from God our Father, and from the Lorde Iesus Christ.

3 I thanke my God, hauing you in perfect memorie,

4 (Alwayes in all my praiers for all you, praying with gladnesse)

5 Because of the [Note: [b] Because that you also are made partakers of the Gospel. ] felowship which ye haue in the Gospel, from the [Note: [c] Euer since I knewe you. ] first day vnto nowe.

6 And I am persuaded of this same thing, that he that hath begunne this good worke in you, wil perfourme it vntill the [Note: [d] The Spirit of God will not forsake you vnto the very latter end, vntill your mortall bodies shall appeare before the iudgement of Christ to be glorified. ] day of Iesus Christ,

7 As it becommeth me so to iudge of you all, because I haue you in remembrance that both in my [Note: [e] A true proofe of a true knitting together with Christ. ] bands, and in my defence, & confirmation of the Gospell you all were partakers of my [Note: [f] He calleth his bandes, grace, as though he had receiued some singular benefite. ] grace.

[Christ our gaine.]

8 [Note: [2] He declareth his good will towards them, therewithall shewing by what meanes chiefly they may be confirmed, to wit, by continuall prayer. ] For God is my recorde, howe I long after you all from the very heart roote in Iesus Christ.

9 [Note: [3] He sheweth what thing we ought chiefly desire, to wit, first of all, that we may increase in the true knowledge of God (so that we may be able to discerne things that differ one from another) and also in charitie, that euen to the ende we may giue our selues to good workes in deede, to the glory of God by Iesus Christ. ] And this I pray, that your loue may abound, yet more and more in knowledge, and in all iudgement,

10 That ye may alowe those things which are best, that ye may be pure, and without offence vntill the day of Christ,

11 Filled with the [Note: [g] If righteousnesse be the tree, and good workes the fruites, then must the Papistes needes be deceiued, when they say that workes are the cause of righteousnesse. ] fruites of righteousnesse, which are by Iesus Christ vnto the glorie & praise of God.

12 [Note: [4] He preuenteth the offence that might come by his persecution, whereby diuers tooke occasion to disgrace his Apostleship. To whom he answereth, that God hath blessed his imprisonment in such wise, that hee is by that meanes become more famous, and the dignitie of the Gospel by this occasion is greatly enlarged, although not with like affection in all men, yet in deede. ] I would ye vnderstood, brethren, that the things which haue come vnto me, are turned rather to the furthering of the Gospell,

13 So that my bandes [Note: [h] For Christes sake. ] in Christ are famous throughout all the [Note: [i] In the Emperours court. ] iudgement hall, and in all other places,

14 In so much that many of the brethren in the Lord are boldened through my bandes, and dare more frankely speake the [Note: [k] The Gospel is called the worde, to set foorth the excellencie of it. ] word.

15 Some preache. Christ euen through enuie and strife, and some also of good will.

16 The one part preacheth Christ of contention and not [Note: [l] Not with a pure minde: for otherwise their doctrine was pure. ] purely, supposing to adde more affliction to my bandes.

17 But the others of loue, knowing that I am set for the defence of the Gospell.

18 [Note: [5] He sheweth by setting foorth his owne example, that the ende of our afflictions is true ioye, and that through the vertue of the Spirit of Christ, which he giueth to them that aske it. ] What then? yet Christ is preached all maner wayes, whether it be vnder a [Note: [m] Vnder a goodly colour and shewe: for they made Christ a cloke for their ambition and enuie. ] pretence, or syncerely: and I therein ioye: yea and will ioye.

19 For I knowe that this shall turne to my saluation through your prayer, and by the helpe of the Spirit of Iesus Christ,

20 [Note: [6] We must continue euen to the end, with great confidence, hauing nothing before our eyes, but Christes glory onely, whether we liue or die. ] As I feruently looke for, and hope, that in nothing I shalbe ashamed, but that with all confidence, as alwayes, so nowe Christ shalbe magnified in my body, whether it be by life or by death.

21 For Christ is to me both in life, & in death aduantage.

22 [Note: [7] An example of a true shepheard, who maketh more accompt howe he may profit his sheepe, then he doeth of any commoditie of his owne whatsoeuer. ] And whether to liue in the [Note: [n] To liue in this mortall bodie. ] flesh were profitable for me, and what to chuse I knowe not.

23 For I am distressed betweene both, desiring to be loosed and to be with Christ, which is best of all.

24 Neuerthelesse, to abide in the flesh, is more needefull for you.

25 And this am I sure of, that I shal abide, and with you all continue, for your furtherance and ioy of your faith,

26 That ye may more aboundantly reioyce in Iesvs Christ for me, by my comming to you againe.

27 [Note: [8] Hauing set downe those things before, in maner of a preface, he descendeth nowe to exhortations, warning them first of all, to consent both in doctrine and mind, and afterward, that being thus knit together with those common bandes, they continue through the strength of faith to beare all aduersitie in such sort, that they admit nothing vnworthie the profession of the Gospel. ] Onely let your conuersation be, as it becommeth the Gospel of Christ, that whether I come and see you, or els be absent, I may heare of your matters that ye [Note: [o] The word signifieth to stand fast, and it is proper to wrestlers, that stand fast and shrinke not a foole. ] continue in one Spirit, and in one mind, fighting together through the faith of the Gospel.

[Contention forbidden.]

28 [Note: [9] We ought not to be discouraged but rather encouraged by the persecutions which the enemies of the Gospel imagine and practise against vs: seeing that they are certaine witnesses from God himselfe both of our saluation, and of the destruction of the wicked. ] And in nothing feare your aduersaries, which is to them a token of perdition, and to you of saluation, and that of God.

29 [Note: [10] He proueth that his saying, that persecution is a token of our saluation, because it is a gift of God to suffer for Christ, which gift he bestoweth vpon his owne, as he doeth the gift of faith. ] For vnto you it is giuen for Christ, that not onely ye should beleeue in him, but also suffer for his sake,

30 [Note: [11] Nowe he sheweth for what purpose he made mention of his afflictions. ] Hauing the same fight, which ye sawe in me, and nowe heare to be in me.


1 He exhorteth them aboue all things 3 to humilitie, 6 and that by the example of Christ. 19 He promiseth to send Timotheus shortly vnto them, 26 and excuseth the long tarying of Epaphroditus.

1 If [Note: [1] A most earnest request to remoue all those things, whereby that great and speciall consent and agreement is commonly broken, to wit, contention and pride whereby it commeth to passe that they separate themselues one from an other. ] there be therfore any consolation in [Note: [a] Any Christian comfort. ] Christ, if any comfort of loue, if any felowship of the Spirit, if any [Note: [b] If any feeling of inward loue. ] compassion and mercie,

2 Fulfill my ioye, that ye be like minded, hauing the [Note: [c] Like loue. ] same loue, being of one accorde, and of one iudgement,

3 That nothing be done through contention or vaine glory, but that in meekenesse of minde euery man esteeme other better then himselfe.

4 Looke not euery man on his owne things, but euery man also on the things of other men.

5 [Note: [2] He setteth before them a most perfite example of all modestie and sweete conuersation, Christ Iesus, whom we ought to folowe with all our might: who abased himselfe so farre for our sakes, although he be aboue all, that he tooke vpon him the forme of a seruant, to wit, our flesh, willingly subiect to all infirmities, euen to the death of the crosse. ] Let the same minde be in you that was euen in Christ Iesus,

6 Who being in ye [Note: [d] Such as God him selfe is, and therefore God, for there is none in all partes like to God but God himselfe. ] forme of God, [Note: [e] Christ that glorious and euerlasting God knewe that he might rightfully and lawfully not appeare in the base flesh of man, but remaine with Maiestie meete for God: yet he chose rather to debase himselfe. ] thought it no robberie to be [Note: [f] If the sonne be equall to the Father, then is there of necessitie an equalitie, which Arrius that Heretike denieth: and if the Sonne be compared with the Father, then is there a distinction of persons, which Sabellius that heretike denieth. ] equall with God:

7 But he made himself of [Note: [g] He brought himselfe from all things, as it were to nothing. ] no reputation, & tooke on him ye [Note: [h] By taking our manhood vpon him. ] forme of a seruant, & was made like vnto men, and was founde in shape as a man.

8 He humbled himselfe, and became obedient vnto the death, euen the death of the Crosse.

9 [Note: [3] He sheweth the most glorious euent of Christes submission, to teache vs that modestie is the true way to true praise and glory. ] Wherefore God hath also highly exalted him, and giuen him a [Note: [i] Dignitie and renoume, and the matter with it. ] Name aboue euery name,

10 That at the Name of Iesus shoulde [Note: [k] All creatures shall at length be subiect to Christ. ] euery knee bowe, both of things in heauen, and things in earth, and things vnder the earth,

11 And that [Note: [l] Euery nation. ] euery tongue shoulde confesse that Iesus Christ is the Lord, vnto the glory of God the Father.

12 [Note: [4] The conclusion: We must goe on to saluation with humilitie and submission by the way of our vocation. ] Wherefore my beloued, as ye haue alwayes obeyed me, not as in my presence only, but now much more in mine absence, so [Note: [m] He is said to make an end of his saluation, which runneth in the race of righteousnes. ] make an end of your owne saluation with feare and trembling.

13 [Note: [5] A most sure and grounded argument against pride, for that we haue nothing in vs prayse worthy, but it commeth of the free gift of God, and is without vs, for we haue no abilitie or power, so much as to will well, (much lesse to doe well) but onely of the free mercie of God. ] For it is God which worketh in you, both [Note: [n] Why then, we are not stockes, but yet we doe not will well of nature, but onely because God hath made of our naughtie will a good will. ] the will and the deede, euen of his good pleasure.

14 [Note: [6] He describeth modestie by the contrarie effectes of pride, teaching vs, that it is farre both from all malicious and close or inwarde hatred, and also from open contentions and brawlings. ] Do all things without [Note: 1.Peter 4.9. ] murmuring and reasonings,

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[All seeke their owne.]

15 [Note: [7] To be short, he requireth a life without fault, and pure, that being lightened with the woorde of God, they may shine in the darkenesse of this world. ] That ye may be blamelesse, & pure, and the sonnes of God without rebuke in the middes of a naughtie and crooked nation, among whom yee shine as [Note: Mat. 5.14. ] lights in the world,

16 Holding forth the [Note: [o] The Gospell is called the worde of life, because of the effects which it woorketh. ] worde of life, [Note: [8] Againe he pricketh them forward, setting before them his true Apostolike care that hee had of them: comforting them moreouer, to the ende they should not be sory for the greatnesse of his afflictions, no not although he should die to make perfite their oblation with his blood as it were with a drinke offering. ] that I may reioyce in the day of Christ, that I haue not runne in vaine, neither haue laboured in vaine.

17 Yea, and though I bee offered vp vpon the [Note: [p] As if he sayde, I brought you Philippians to Christ, my desire is that you present your selues a liuely sacrifice to him, & then shall it not grieue me to be offered vp as a drinke offring, to accomplish this your spirituall offering. ] sacrifice, and seruice of your faith, I am glad, and reioyce with you all.

18 For the same cause also be ye glad, and reioyce with me.

19 [Note: [9] Moreouer, he confirmeth their mindes both by sending backe Epaphroditus vnto them, whose fidelitie towardes them, and great paines in helping him, he commendeth: and also promising to send Timothie shortly vnto them, by whose presence they shall receiue great commoditie, and hoping also to come himselfe shortly vnto them, if God will. ] And I trust in the Lorde Iesus, to sende [Note: Actes 16.1. ] Timotheus shortly vnto you, that I also may be of [Note: [q] May bee confirmed in my ioy of minde. ] good comfort, when I knowe your state.

20 For I haue no man like minded, who will faithfully care for your matters.

21 [Note: 1. Corinth. 10.24. ] For [Note: [r] The most part. ] all seeke their owne, and not that which is Iesus Christes.

22 But yee knowe the proofe of him, that as a sonne with the father, hee hath serued with me in the Gospel.

23 Him therefore I hope to send assoone as I knowe howe it will goe with me,

24 And trust in the Lorde, that I also my selfe shall come shortly.

25 But I supposed it necessarie to sende my brother Epaphroditus vnto you, my companion in labour, and fellowe souldier, euen your messenger, and he that ministred vnto me such things as I wanted.

26 For he longed after all you, and was full of heauinesse, because yee had heard that hee had beene sicke.

27 And no doubt he was sicke, very neere vnto death: but God had mercie on him, and not on him onely, but on me also, least I should haue sorowe vpon sorowe.

28 I sent him therefore the more diligently, that when yee shoulde see him againe, yee might reioyce, and I might be the lesse sorowfull.

29 Receiue him therefore in the Lord with all gladnesse, and make much of such:

30 Because that for the [Note: [s] Hee calleth it here the woorke of Christ, to visite Christ being poore and in bands in the person of Paul. ] woorke of Christ he was neere vnto death, and regarded not his life, to fulfill that seruice which was lacking on your part towarde me.


2 He refuteth the vaine boastings of the false Apostles, 7 and setteth Christ against them. 10 Hee setteth out the force and nature of faith, 15 that laying all things aside, they may be partakers of the Crosse of Christ, 18 the enemies whereof he noteth out.

1 Moreouer, [Note: [1] A conclusion of those thinges which haue beene before sayde, to wit, that they goe forwarde cherefully in the Lorde. ] my brethren, reioyce in the Lord. [Note: [2] A preface to the next admonition that followeth, to take good heede and beware of false Apostles, which ioyne circumcision with Christ, (that is to say, iustification by woorkes, with free iustification by faith) and beate into mens heads the ceremonies which are abolished, for true exercises of godlinesse and charitie. And hee calleth them dogges as prophane barkers, and euill woorkemen, because they neglected true workes, and did not teach the true vse of them. To be short, hee calleth them Concision, because in vrging Circumcision, they cutte off themselues and others from the Church. ] It grieueth mee not to write the [Note: [a] Which you haue oftentimes heard of me. ] same things to you, and for you it is a sure thing.

2 Beware of dogges: beware of euil workers: beware of the [Note: [b] Hee alludeth to circumcision, of the name whereof whiles they boasted, they cause asunder the Church. ] concision.

[Righteousnesse by faith.]

3 [Note: [3] Hee sheweth that we ought to vse true circumcision, to wit, the circumcision of the heart, that cutting off all wicked affections by the vertue of Christ, we may serue God in puritie of life. ] For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirite, and reioyce in Christ Iesus, and haue no confidence [Note: [c] In outwarde things, which pertaine nothing to the soule. ] in the flesh:

4 [Note: [4] Hee doubteth not to preferre him selfe euen according to the flesh, before those peruerse hote vrgers of the Lawe, that all men may knowe that hee doeth with good iudgement of minde, lightly esteeme all those outward thinges: for so much as hee lacketh nothing, which hath Christ, nay, the confidence of our workes can not stand with the free iustification in Christ by faith. ] Though I might also haue confidence in the flesh. If any other man thinketh that he hath whereof he might trust in the flesh, much more I,

5 Circumcised the eight day, of the kinred of Israel, of the tribe of Beniamin, [Note: 2. Cor.11.22. ] an Ebrewe of the Ebrewes, [Note: Act.23.6. ] by the Lawe a Pharise.

6 Concerning zeale, I persecuted ye Church: touching the righteousnesse which is in the Law, I was vnrebukeable.

7 But the thinges that were [Note: [d] Which I accompted for vantage. ] vantage vnto me, the same I counted losse for Christes sake.

8 Yea, doubtlesse I thinke [Note: [e] Hee shutteth out all woorkes, as well those that goe before, as those that come after faith. ] all thinges but losse for the excellent knowledge sake of Christ Iesus my Lorde, for whome I haue counted all things losse, and doe iudge them to bee dongue, that I might [Note: [f] That in their place I might get Christ, & of a poore man become rich: so farre off am I from loosing any thing. ] winne Christ,

9 And might bee founde in [Note: [g] In Christ: for they that are found with out Christ, are subiect to condenation. ] him, that is, [Note: [h] That is to be in Christ, to be founde not in a mans owne righteousnes, but clothed with the righteousnesse of Christ imputed to him. ] not hauing mine owne righteousnesse, which is of the Lawe, but that which is through the faith of Christ, euen the righteousnesse which is of God through faith,

10 [Note: [5] This is the ende of righteousnesse by faith touching vs that by the vertue of his resurrection we may scape from death. ] That I may [Note: [i] That I may feele him in deede and haue a triall of him. ] know him, and the vertue of his resurrection, & the [Note: [6] The way to that eternall saluation is to followe Christ his steppes, by afflictions and persecutions, vntill wee come to Christ himselfe who is our marke whereat we shoote, and receiue that rewarde whereunto God calleth vs in him. And the Apostle setteth these true exercises of godlinesse, against those vaine ceremonies of the Lawe, wherein the false Apostles put the summe of godlinesse. ] fellowship of his afflictions, and be made conformable vnto his death,

11 If by any meanes I might attaine vnto the [Note: [k] To life euerlasting, which followeth the resurrection of the Saintes. ] resurrection of the dead:

12 Not as though I had alreadie attained to it, either were alreadie perfect: but I folow, if that I may comprehend that for whose sake also I am [Note: [l] For we runne not but so farre forth as we are laide hold on of Christ, that is, as God giueth vs strength, and sheweth vs the way. ] comprehended of Christ Iesus.

13 Brethren, I count not my selfe, that I haue attained to it, but one thing I doe: I forget that which is behinde, and endeuour my selfe vnto that which is before,

14 And followe hard toward the marke, for the prise of the hie calling of God in Christ Iesus.

15 [Note: [7] The conclusion of this exhortation standing vpo three members: The one is, that such as haue profited in the truth of this doctrine, should cotinue in it. The second is yt if there be any which are yet ignorant & vnderstad not these things & doubt of the abolishing of the Law, they should cause no trouble, and should be gently borne withal, vntil they also be instructed of ye Lord. The third is, that they esteeme the false Apostles, by their fruites: wherein he doubteth not to set forth himselfe for an example. ] Let vs therefore as many as be [Note: [m] He said before that he was not perfect. So that in this place he calleth them perfect, which haue somwhat profited in the knowledge of Christ and the Gospel, whome hee setteth against the rude and ignorant, as he expoundeth him selfe in the next verse following. ] perfect, be thus minded: and if yee be otherwise minded, God shall reueile euen the same vnto you.

16 Neuerthelesse, in that whereunto wee are come, let vs proceede by one rule, that wee may minde one thing.

17 Brethren, bee followers of mee, and looke on them, which walke so, as yee haue vs for an ensample.

18 [Note: [8] He painteth out the false apostles in their colours, not vpon malice or ambition, but wt sorowe and teares, to wit, because yt being enemies of the Gospel (for that it is ioyned wt affliction) they regard nothing els, but ye commodities of this life: that is to say, that, flowing in peace, quietnes, & al worldly pleasures, they may liue in great estimation amongst men: whose miserable end he forewarneth them of. ] [Note: Rom,16.17. ] For many walke, of whom I haue told you often, and nowe tell you weeping, that they are the enemies of the Crosse of Christ:

[Of bellie gods.]

19 Whose [Note: [n] Rewarde. ] ende is damnation, whose God is their bellie, and whose [Note: [o] Which they hunt after at mens handes. ] glorie is to their shame, which minde earthly things.

20 [Note: [9] Hee setteth against these fellowes, true Pastours which neglect earthly things, and aspire to heauen onely, where they knowe, that euen in their bodies they shall bee clothed with that eternall glorie, by the vertue of God. ] But our conuersation is in heauen, from whence also we looke for the [Note: 1.Cor.1.7. titus 2.13. ] Sauiour, euen the Lord Iesus Christ,

21 Who shall change our vile bodie, yt it may be fashioned like vnto his glorious body, according to the working, whereby hee is able euen to subdue all things vnto him selfe.


1 From particular exhortations, 4 hee commeth to generall. 10 Hee saieth that he tooke such ioy in their readinesse to liberalitie, 12 that hee will patiently beare the want.

1 Therefore, [Note: [1] A rehearsall of the conclusion: That they manfully continue, vntil they haue gotten the victorie, trusting to the Lordes strength. ] my brethre, beloued and longed for, my ioy and my [Note: [a] My honour. ] crowne, so continue in the [Note: [b] In that concord, whereof the Lorde is the hand. ] Lorde, yee beloued.

2 [Note: [2] He also calleth on some by name, partly because they needed priuate exhortation, and partly also to stirre vp other, to be more prompt and readie. ] I pray Euodias, and beseech Syntyche, that they be of one accord in the Lord,

3 Yea, and I beseech thee, faithfull yokefellow, helpe those women, which laboured with me in the Gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellowe labourers, whose names are in the [Note: Reuel.3.5. & 10.8.& 21.27. ] [Note: [c] God is said after the maner of men, to haue a booke, wherein the names of his elect are written, to whom he wil giue euerlasting life. Ezechiel calleth it the writing of the house of Israel, & the secrete of the Lord, Chap. 13.9. ] booke of life.

4 [Note: [3] He addeth particular exhortations: and the first is, that the ioy of the Philippians be not hindred by any afflictions that the wicked, imagine and woorke against them. ] Reioyce in the [Note: [d] So is the ioye of the worlde distinguished from our ioy. ] Lorde alway, againe I say, reioyce.

5 [Note: [4] The second is, that taking all things in good part, they behaue themselues moderately with al men. ] Let your [Note: [e] Your quiet and setled minde. ] patient minde be knowen vnto all men. [Note: [5] The taking away of an obiection: Wee must not be disquieted through impatience, seeing that God is at hand to giue vs remedy in time against all our miseries. ] The Lord is at hand.

6 [Note: [6] The third is, yt we be not too careful for any thing, but with sure confidence giue God thankes, and craue of him, whatsoeuer wee haue neede of, that with a quiet conscience we may wholy and with all our hearts submit our selues to him. ] Be nothing carefull, but in all thinges let your requestes be shewed vnto God in praier, and supplication with [Note: [f] So Dauid began very oft with teares, but ended with thanks giuing. ] giuing of thankes.

7 And the [Note: [g] That great quietnesse of minde, which God onely giueth in Christ. ] peace of God which passeth all vnderstanding, shall preserue your [Note: [h] He diuideth the minde into the heart, that is, into that part which is the seate of the will, and affections, and into the higher part, whereby we vnderstande and reason of masters. ] heartes and mindes in Christ Iesus.

8 [Note: [7] A general conclusion, that as they haue bene taught both in word and example, so they frame their liues to the rule of all holines & righteousnesse. ] Furthermore, brethre, whatsoeuer things are true, whatsoeuer things [Note: [i] Whatsoeuer things are such as doe beautifie and set you out with a holy grauitie. ] are honest, whatsoeuer

[Christ strengtheneth vs.]

thinges are iust, whatsoeuer thinges are pure, whatsoeuer thinges are worthie loue, whatsoeuer things are of good report, if there be any vertue, or if there be any praise, thinke on these things,

9 Which yee haue both learned & receiued, and heard, and seene in mee: those things doe, and the God of peace shalbe with you.

10 [Note: [8] Hee witnesseth, that their liberalitie was acceptable to him, wherewith they did helpe him in his extreme pouertie: but yet so moderating his wordes, that hee might declare himselfe void of all suspition of dishonestie, and that he hath a minde contented both with prosperitie and aduersitie, & to be short, that hee reposeth himselfe in the onely wil of God. ] Nowe I reioyce also in the Lord greatly, that nowe at the last your care for mee springeth afresh, wherein notwithstanding ye were careful, but yee lacked opportunitie.

11 I speake not because of [Note: [k] As though I passed for my want. ] want: for I haue learned in whatsoeuer state I am, therewith to bee content.

12 And I can be [Note: [l] Hee vseth a generall worde, and yet he speaketh but of one kinde of crosse, which is pouertie, for commonly pouertie bringeth all kindes of discommoditie with it. ] abased, and I can abounde: euery where in all things I am [Note: [m] This is a metaphore taken from holy things or sacrifices, for our life is like a sacrifice. ] instructed, both to be full, and to be hungrie, and to abounde, and to haue want.

13 I am able to do al things through the helpe of Christ, which strengtheneth me.

14 Notwithstanding yee haue well done, that yee did communicate to mine affliction.

15 [Note: [9] He witnesseth, yt hee remembreth also their former benefites, & againe putteth away finistrous suspition of immoderate desire, in that that hee receiued nought of any els. ] And yee Philippians knowe also that in the [Note: [n] At the beginning, when I preached the Gospel amongest you. ] beginning of the Gospell, when I departed from Macedonia, no Church communicated with me, concerning the matter of giuing and receiuing, but yee onely.

16 For euen when I was in Thessalonica, yee sent once, and afterward againe for my necessitie,

17 [Note: [10] Hee witnesseth againe, that he alloweth well of their benefite, not so much for his owne sake as for theirs, because they gaue it not so much to him, as they offered it to God as a sacrifice, whereof the Lorde himselfe will not be forgetful. ] Not that I desire a gift: but I desire the fruit which may further your reckoning.

18 Now I haue receiued all, and haue plentie: I was euen filled, after that I had receiued of Epaphroditus that which came from you, an [Note: [o] He alludeth to the sweete smelling sauours that were offered in the olde Lawe. ] odour that smelleth sweete, a sacrifice acceptable and pleasant to God.

19 And my God shall fulfill all your necessities through his riches with glorie in Iesus Christ.

20 Vnto God euen our Father be praise for euermore, Amen.

21 Salute all the Saintes in Christ Iesus. The brethren, which are with me, greete you.

22 All the Saintes salute you, and most of all they which are of [Note: [p] Such as belong to the Emperour Nero. ] Cesars houshold.

23 The grace of our Lord Iesus Christ be with you all, Amen.

Written to the Philippians from Rome, and sent by Epaphroditus.