Of the incomparable treasure of the holy Scriptures, with a prayer for the true vse of the same.

Here is the spring where waters flowe,
to quench our heate of sinne: [Note: Esai.12.3. & 49 10. reue.21.16. & 22.17. ]
Here is the tree where trueth doth grow,
to leade our liues therein: [Note: Ierem.33.15. psal.119.160. reu.2.7. & 22.2. psal.119.142, 144. ]
Here is the iudge that stints the strife,
when mens deuices faile:
Here is the bread that feedes the life,
that death cannot assaile. [Note: Ioh.6.35. ]
The tidings of saluation deare,
comes to our eares from hence: [Note: Luke.2.10. ]
The fortresse of our faith is here,
and shielde of our defence. [Note: Ephes.6.16. ]
Then be not like the hogge that hath
a pearle at his desire, [Note: Matth.7.6. ]
And takes more pleasure in the trough
and wallowing in the mire. [Note: 2.Pet.2.22. ]
Reade not this booke in any case,
but with a single eye: [Note: Matth.6.22. ]
Reade not but first desire Gods grace,
to vnderstand thereby. [Note: Psal.119.27, 73. ]
Pray still in faith with this respect,
to fructifie therein, [Note: Iude.20. ]
That knowledge may bring this effect,
to mortifie thy sinne. [Note: Psal.119.11. ]
Then happy thou in all thy life,
what so to thee befalles: [Note: Ioshua.1.8. Psal.1.1,2. ]
Yea, double happie shalt thou be,
when God by death thee calles. [Note: Psal.94.12,13. ]

O gratious God and most mercifull Father, which hast vouchsafed vs the rich and precious iewell of thy holy worde, assist vs with thy spirite, that it may be written in our hearts to our euerlasting comfort, to reforme vs, to renew vs according to thine owne Image, to builde vs vp, and edifie vs into the perfect building of thy Christ, sanctifying and encreasing in vs all heauenly vertues. Graunt this O heauenly Father, for Iesus Christes sake. Amen.